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Apr, 01 2014

Lessons on building an enterprise

Schooling business offers a plenty of opportunities for edupreneurs. To be on top of other brands, quality education and extensive business support offered to franchisees will surely be the key driver in fetching more returns.

In a discussion with Amanpreet Kaur, Prahar Anjaria, Executive Director of Pratham Educare Pvt. Ltd (PEPL) talks about the company's plans outlined for a robust growth in schooling industry.


Tell us in brief about Rangoli.

Doing a business has always been my passion. I learnt basic business tricks at a very young age by trying several businesses during my school and college days. The idea of turning my vision into reality came into light when I and my wife Anamika Anjaria decided to start Pratham Educare (PEPL) in 2008. We opened our first pre school by name of Rangoli in Vadodara way back in early 2009. We have also expanded our horizon by starting school division and launching Rangoli International School (RIS). The first RIS school will be operational from April 2014 in Gandhinagar, Gujarat. So far, we have opened a mix of 35 franchise and company-owned outlets which are spread across cities like Gujarat (Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar, Surat, Rajkot, Vadodara, Nadiad, Mehsana) and Maharashtra (Navi Mumbai and Thane).

What really motivated you to get into the business of education via franchising?

It is our vision to be among top educational institutions of India by imparting quality education. The vision requires huge amount of capital, large number of people and managing multiple tasks and growth at the same time.

We opted for franchising to achieve the vision. We select franchisee who can share our vision and thus creating a large workforce who has same vision. Rapid growth, high efficiency, less daily operational responsibilities, limited liability, focus efforts on research and development and easy exit policy are also some of the reasons for opting franchising model.

What five things you look at while offering your brand's franchise?

We follow CQSH support matrix (Content, Quality, System and Human Touch) in our franchise model which offers a greater business proposition to the aspiring edupreneurs. We offer extensive support to our franchisees through research based in-house developed course curriculum and give importance to every individual center with focused approach on quality. We also conduct onsite audit and training support at regular intervals.

Where do you see your brand five years down the line?

It is our vision to be among top quality education institutions of India with a goal of 500 plus pre school centers and 30 plus K 12 schools across India by 2020.

Franchise facts

Investment: Rs 6-10 lakh

Area: 800-2, 500 sq.ft

Location: Area surrounded

by residential premises

RoI: 70% (Average for first

42 months)

Break-even: 6 months,

Payback 1.4-1.10 years

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