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Nov, 12 2013

Aiding supplements of Success

The journey of Vidyalankar was started by Prof. Chandrashekhar S. Deshpande in the year 1960. Soon after in 1992, Vishwas Deshpande joined his father to further continue the legacy of family business. The father-son duo worked as a team and strategised th

India's education and training industry is one of the recession free businesses to invest into. Backed by a solid academic legacy of 53 years, today Vidyalankar aims at offering best services pan-India. Quality is the hallmark of all Vidyalankar endeavours, and half a century of intricate knowledge of the education segment, ensures that they deliver results.  Enabling students to achieve their true academic potential by providing quality education at the best price is Vidyalankar's USP. As one of the largest Group of Educational Institutes in Mumbai, Educational Activity in Vidyalankar can be broadly classified in two categories such as Test Prep (Training) and Colleges.

Franchising to reach pan-India

Vidyalankar started its expedition through franchising way back in the year 2010 and is currently having 14 franchise units spread all across India. It has time tested systems in place and offers complete training and support to franchisees both before and after the start of full scale operations. Commenting on why franchising is preferable for expanding further, Vishwas Deshpande, Managing Director, Vidyalankar, says: “Franchising has helped us to reach more number of students across India and deliver the best of education to them at locations all across India. Vidyalankar now wants to expand its operations pan India through the franchise format. It is aiming to set up a network of 100 franchise centers pan India in the next five years.” With an endeavour to reach the students residing even in small cities all across the country, Vidyalankar is looking for promising entrepreneurs who can be valuable partners in their ever continuing story of success. The franchisees will essentially be entrepreneurs running the coaching activity as their own venture. They will operate under the guidance of Vidyalankar using Vidyalankar brand name, the Vidyalankar material and the formidable expertise developed by Vidyalankar over a period of 53 years.

Tapping the right talent

Every company looks forward to tap the right franchise partner on board. For this, Vidyalankar offers its partnership to committed professionals who are passionate about providing the best of education to the student community. Key indicators for selecting the right partner are:

  • Passion to provide the best of services to the student community
  • Resident of the city OR should have knowledge of the city/town applied for
  • Actively involved in the centre operations
  • Good managerial and administrative experience

Guidebook to growth

Every enterprise that decides to walk on the boulevard of franchising is supposed to give requisite training and business support to the new business associates. Vidyalankar has time-tested systems in place and offers complete training and support to franchisees both before and after the start of full scale operations. Unlike other franchise opportunities where sourcing faculty is the responsibility of the franchisee, the onus of providing the faculty lies with Vidyalankar. The franchisee will be provided not only with top class faculty, but also well researched study material prepared by Vidyalankar’s in-house team of IIT-ians.Besides first time entrepreneurs, the franchise model offered by the brand is also suitable for existing tutorial centres who want to enter the IIT JEE training segment and schools and junior colleges who intend to start an integrated programme to synchronize IIT JEE and board exam preparation within their premises.

Growing bigger

So far, the brand has disseminated its presence in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane, Pune, Aurangabad, Nagpur, Ratnagiri, Silvassa, Bhopal and Nashik. Through a blend of company-owned and franchise centres, Vidyalankar wants to achieve a combination where the local market knowledge of the franchisee and educational expertise of Vidyalankar combined together, will help students reach their goal. In the words of Vishwas Deshpande, “We see ourselves becoming a major national player, by leveraging our state-level successes. Our aim is to set up a network of 100 franchise centres (pan-India) in the next five years.”

For franchise enquiries please contact: 022 42324232



Coach for best returns

In an interaction with TFW, Vishwas Deshpande, Managing Director, Vidyalankar is geared to make robust expansion by opening 100 centres in the next five years.

What inspired you to opt for the franchise route and why do you think it is apt for your brand?

The purpose of starting the franchise model is to reach out to the students in other cities, and provide them quality education.  We also believe that branding and franchising are two strategic tools for growth.  Through franchising, we want to achieve a fusion where the local market knowledge of a franchisee and the educational expertise of Vidyalankar will help students to realise their cherished dream of admission to top class institutes like IITs.

What kind of franchise audits do you undertake to keep a check on quality?

We have appointed consultants who regularly conduct visits to check the quality. Vidyalankar never compromises on the quality and makes sure that our franchisees also follow the same in terms of delivery to the students.

What does it takes to build a successful franchise relationship?

The success of a franchise relationship is often attributed to communication between the parties. The quality, quantity, timeliness, honesty and relevance of the communication in any relationship will determine how effective communication is as a long-term determinant of franchise success.

What kind of growth have you attained so far?

The brand has been franchising since 2010 and currently has 14 franchise units spread all across India. It has time tested systems in place and offers complete training and support to franchisees both before and after the start of full scale operations.

What is the USP of your brand?

Honesty, integrity, excellence and passion to unlock the doors of affordable quality education for the masses serve as the brand's USP. Quality is the hallmark of all Vidyalankar endeavors. Vidyalankar has over the decades grown to provide quality education at an affordable price to thousands of students.

What was the reason behind getting into education business?

The basic objective of establishing this institute was neither commercial nor merely to earn a livelihood. The endeavour was to satisfy the inner urge of dedicating oneself to sincere academic pursuit and to guide eager young students with a missionary zeal, to enhance their worthiness and imbibe the nobler values of life in their receptive minds.

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