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May, 16 2013

Live Healthy, Grow Wealthy

Fitness training today has become an industry which is growing fast and attracting people in large numbers. Browse though the article below to know about the opportunities it offers to aspiring entrepreneurs in the fitness industry.

THE fitness industry is one the most interesting and revenue-generating business sectors. Every year new workout regimes, gym concepts and technology come into the fitness industry. Many fitness brands have been successful in expanding their business models through the franchise route and have emerged as potential business concepts to stay healthy and wealthy. Snap Fitness, Curves, Gold’s Gym, Contours, Viva Fit, Sportsfit, Talwalkar's and many others have used franchising to deliver health and wellness to consumers in many different markets.


Market Overview

According to a study of Bharat Book Bureau, a business information facilitator, the Indian fitness & slimming industry constitutes about 8 per cent of the fitness market.  Presently, the fitness industry is at a nascent stage. The industry is fairly fragmented as the majority of the market is dominated by a large number of mom-and-pop gyms. Organised fitness services account for merely 25 per cent of the overall fitness industry.

However, the Indian fitness & slimming industry is set to ride high with growing disposable income of people along with their awareness of the need for a healthy body and the promise made by various fitness brands that they would deliver what people need.


All men fitness centre

Fitness has always been the exclusive domain of men as they feel it epitomises their masculinity. These days' men are seen hitting the gyms and fitness centres to attain a healthy body and a physique similar to their favourite actor. But that's not all these fitness centres have to offer their consumers. They also provide successful and lucrative business opportunities for entrepreneurs interested in running a successful franchise of a reputed fitness brand.


All women fitness centre

The fitness franchise industry is full of competition, while all-women health and fitness centres have come up to offer healthy lifestyle to consumers and business opportunities to potential franchisees. Viva fit, Contours and Curves are some of the big players in the all-women fitness sector that focus on tapping a majority of the industry's segments through their services and business opportunities.

Since the all-women gyms are operated and run by women from home utilising the benefits of franchising, they provide lucrative business opportunities for mompreneurs. “We franchise an international chain of women's health and fitness services with a low investment model that puts less pressure on the franchisee,” says Chandra Gopalan, Director, Contours (India).


Unisex gyms

Unisex gyms and fitness centres are dominating the other categories in the fitness sector. With demands rising among fitness freaks, Unisex gyms are mushrooming in every nook and cranny of the country. Talwalkar's Hi-Fi, Leena Mogre's Fitness Centre, Gold's Gym, Burn, Snap fitness, O2 and others are some of the well known and successful franchises running chains in the fitness sector. Sportsfit is a unisex fitness brand with a different approach, as it offers not only the regular good-to-look-at beautiful body fitness solution, but also offers a fitness regime that breeds athletes. “Our brand champion and partner MS Dhoni has ushered in a new era of super fit Indian cricketers  those who can compete with the traditionally stronger overseas athletes. Sportsfit intends to “Develop Bodies That Perform As Good As They Look,” says Pankaj Guliani, CEO, Sportsfit. Currently, the brand has three gyms successfully operational in Gurgaon, Delhi, and Faridabad, while two more centres in Chandigarh and Chennai are in the pipeline.



With the fast pace of urbanisation and growing disposable incomes in the country, the Indian fitness equipment market is growing rapidly. Hypoxi, Fluid- tech fitness and OTO Bodycare are some of the influential big shots in the field of fitness retail.

OTO Bodycare has over 30 years' experience in creating innovative healthcare products. Avante Wellness has joined hands with OTO International to spread its presence in the Indian market.

Another brand HYPOXI, is a combination of naturopathic treatment with exercise. It has given an impetus to the body shaping sector. It has expanded its presence in over 40 countries across the world and presents a huge opportunity in the health, wellness and beauty sector in India with a large number of centres running in over 65 towns. For its franchise studios, the company is looking for retailers and first time entrepreneurs who believe that the health, beauty and wellness industry is vastly under-penetrated compared to several developed and developing countries in the world.

Fluid-Tech Fitness is a manufacturer of hydraulic cylinders, pneumatic control valves and cylinders for EXER-ROW, the fitness equipment primarily for home gym. It is in the process of opening franchise, i.e. 30 minutes circuit training fitness centres in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, New Delhi, Faridabad, Chennai and Bangalore.

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