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May, 16 2013


Reaching home after slogging all day at the workplace and then preparing delicious recipes for toddlers, a super mom today can do it all. With a growing number of mothers choosing to become entrepreneurs, smartly tagged as mompreneurs, here is a list of o

DRESSED in pastel shades and formals mompreneurs can now strike a balance between work and home with these pocket-friendly business opportunities. A mother, who is usually a perfect picture of love, has to manage this role reversal at her workplace by being an assertive and hard taskmaster. Though both the jobs are poles apart, a woman has all it takes to play efficiently both the characters in real life. Though both the jobs are poles apart, a woman has all it takes to play efficiently both the characters in real life.  Though both the jobs are poles apart, a woman has all it takes to play efficiently both the characters in real life.

Profiting from Greenery

A highly profitable venture of garden boutiques that suits mompreneurs.

One of the most convenient and interesting businesses for mompreneurs is The Garden Boutique. These boutiques specialise in exotic plants and home gardening accessories required by masses, especially women, who visit grocery stores and malls on a daily basis, shopping for gifting purposes or for their own use as they connect well with plants and home gardening. About the business model being suitable for mompreneurs, Mittesh Gaiwala, Creative Head, Greenlands, Consulting-Contracting-Retail, says: “Out of the five outlets (four in Mumbai and one in Pune), three are owned by mompreneurs. These mompreneurs are single-handedly running them profitably.”

Training & support: Right from shortlisting a location to negotiating the financial terms to setting up the outlet, the Greenlands team is involved in day-to-day activities like providing selling tips and vouchers. It also supplies ready-to-sell products in the outlets; so the partners need not be a professional in horticulture or retailing.

Expansion: Greenlands' target is to open around 150 outlets in India through franchising with a turnover of Rs 20-25 lakh each, that's approximately Rs 36 crore per annum.

Tips for mompreneurs: Mompreneurs should opt for the franchise of tried and tested creative business ventures like Greenlands, as they have to look after their homes and also contribute enough time to their business.

Franchise facts:


  • Investment: Rs 3-5 lakh
  • Area: 150 sq.ft
  • RoI: 40%
  • Break-even:
  • 15-18 months


Fruitful biz bouquets

A unique concept of fruit bouquets that allows mompreneurs to earn huge profits without putting too much pressure on their two precious resources- time and money.

After observing a gradual change in the preference of consumers over the last few years with many becoming conscious about their health and lifestyle, Fruitilicious introduced a unique concept of fruit bouquets to the Indian market where living for the day is the new motto. “This is the perfect opportunity for mompreneurs owing to the fact that it is not very time consuming and doesn't require massive investment,” specifies Reza Kazerooni, Founder & Director, Fruitilicious. The concept was introduced in the Mumbai market in 2010 and since then the response has been immense.

Training & support: The training lasts for approximately 30 days and within this period it is ensured that the staff is equipped with the skills to make each and every bouquet in the menu. Besides, there will be regular training every time a new product is added to the current portfolio of the products.

Expansion: Fruitlicious is looking at tier I and II cities for expansion. The brand is targeting cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Gurgaon, Goa, Jaipur, Hyderabad, Rajkot, Surat, Baroda, Amritsar, Ahmedabad and Calcutta. It is also targeting the Middle East countries like the UAE, Iran and Oman.

Tips for mompreneurs: Fruitilicious offers mompreneurs a fabulous business model which will not hamper their personal commitments. The business model lets a mompreneur put together her strength and helps her reap high profit in an easy manner.

Franchise facts:

  • Investment: Rs 10 lakh
  • Area: 300-500 sq.ft
  • RoI: NA;
  • Break-even: N/A

A pet biz venture

A profitable business venture for mompreneurs who love pets.

All those mothers who have a soft corner for pet dogs, Justdogs is the right destination. Being an entrepreneur opens not only your windows to financial independence but it also gives you an identity. The Proprietor of Justdogs, Purvi Anthony, being herself a mompreneur, finds it an ideal opportunity for mompreneurs. “We are new, and presently, we have only two outlets; we have started franchising only recently. For all mompreneurs and pet lovers Justdogs is the right choice,” she says.

Training & support: Justdogs will start a dog grooming and training institute to enhance training, and additionally, home-office team members will enable superior support to its franchisees.

Expansion: The brand has recently announced its plans to expand to more than 40 locations across India over the next three years.

Tips for mompreneurs: A mother needs to strike a balance between work and home, which is impossible without family support.

Franchise facts:

  • Investment: Rs 15 lakh
  • Area: 1,000 sq.ft
  • RoI: 42%
  • Break-even: 1.5 years

Relying on merchandising profitably

A business opportunity that is committed to ensuring that mompreneurs engage themselves in a profit-making venture and become self-reliant.

Tailored for empowering women, this ideal opportunity is for mompreneurs. Tupperware, a renowned brand, has started a campaign “She Can, You Can”, which intends to promote women so that they can lead a self-reliant lifestyle. Tupperware is one of the world's leading direct selling companies with the largest women network that markets premium food storage, preparation and serving items. “The campaign intends to highlight young women achievers who have the zeal to think out of the box and go the extra mile to realise their dreams,” asserts Asha Gupta, Managing Director, Indian Subcontinent, Tupperware India.

Training & support: With a trained team of experts Tupperware provides training and information about the company to all its associates. Regular training is conducted to educate those newly associated with the company so that they understand the company, its ideology and the product.

Expansion: Presently, Tupperware is enjoying monopoly in kitchenware brand and plans to retain market advantage in the near future by product innovation and upgradation.

Tips for mompreneurs: Generally, women are shy and like to keep their success stories under wraps. Thus, through this campaign the brand wants them to come out and share their experiences showing what fine role models they can be to others.

Franchise facts:


  • Investment: Rs 3-5 lakh
  • Area: 150 sq.ft
  • RoI: 40%
  • Break-even:
  • 15-18 months


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