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Mar, 11 2013


At a time when Indians are increasingly becoming quality conscious in buying their pieces of jewellery and traditional jewellers have failed to deliver, the advent of Primmero Jewels, a Jaipur based jewellery brand, comes as a shining beacon of hope in th

THE Indian jewellery industry is undergoing drastic transformation. Traditional jewellers, who have been dominating the Indian jewellery industry so far, may have tougher times ahead. People these days are educated and conscious enough not to compromise on quality of the products. They need quality, quantity and variety. So the time is not ripe for jewellery business owners who used to make irrelevant excuses in not providing quality jewels and jewellery. It is time to offer superior quality jewellery to Indian consumers who have been denied of it so far.

Getting ready to revolutionise the Indian jewellery industry is Primmero Jewels, a one-stop shop for purity of quality, variety and style.

Primmero Jewels is a Jaipur based jewellery brand founded by Ram Mohan Rawat. Rawat belongs to a family of jewellers dealing in gold, diamonds, precious stones and other valuable metals. He has a rich experience of 27 years in jewellery business and an inimitable understanding of business. Rawat has successfully executed his jewellery business in international markets. He is passionate about introducing the specialty and uniqueness of international jewellery into the Indian market.

Indians’ passion for quality jewellery

People's preferences have changed over the years. Today they are aware of their needs and quality of a product. The culture of buying jewellery from traditional jewellers has also undergone a radical transformation. With the alterations in FDI policies, there is an anticipated inflow of foreign brands. To match their standards Indian traditional jewellers need to upgrade them to give Indian consumers a comparable experience as offered by foreign brands.

Primmero Jewels senses that Indian consumers are not given many choices by domestic jewellers in design, quality and style. Recognising the need for superior quality jewellery, Primmero Jewels launched this unique concept of offering a wider range of choices to Indians and launched its first store on October 20, 2012, in Jaipur.

In India, traditional jewellers are dominating the market where there is a trend of family-run-businesses, especially in jewellery business. The sons are succeeding their fathers in jewellery business and are offering age old designs and styles of jewellery. Also, these traditional jewellers are not exploring new styles, designs and methods of making jewellery. Acknowledging the limited choice and restricted reach of Indian consumers to good quality and unique jewellery, Primmero Jewels was launched. The company offers a wide range of excellent quality jewellery. Though still in its initial phase, the brand is getting awesome response from the people.

Elaborating on the international brands that inspired him to launch Primmero Jewels Rawat says: “If there are any jewellery brands in the world that are offering top class jewellery, it is Cartier, Yves Saint Laurent, Bulgari and Tiffany. I am not comparing myself to these brands but yes, the quality and class of these international brands inspired me to provide similar kind of class and quality to Indian consumers. I do not have any competition with any Indian company as my product range and quality is entirely unique and amazing.”

Offering a scintillating collection: ‘UNIQUENESS REDEFINED’

Primmero Jewels offers all kinds of jewellery, including rings, necklaces, ear rings, bracelets, and much more which are made from top class diamonds, gold and other precious stones. Primmero Jewels has always laid emphasis on the quality and focused on being fair to consumers.  For Primmero Jewels consumer is the king, and if a retailer wants his buyers to trust his brand, he is also expected to give the best to his patrons.

Primmero Jewels has cultured the art of jewellery making and designing over the years as a result of long international practice, and during the short span of time Primmero Jewels has managed to gather a huge collection of unique jewellery pieces, which no other Indian jeweller today is offering to its consumers. Another specialty of Primmero Jewels is its widest range of wedding collection. One can explore the entire range of wedding collection from Roka ceremony to engagement cermoney and from wedding to first night jewellery. Primmero Jewels calls its jewellery world class and no one else in India can produce a better quality of jewellery.

Jewel in the crown

Primmero Jewels' single piece of jewellery is sufficient to grab the attention of onlookers in a party. One can wear Primmero Jewels' jewellery in any elite class party in any part of the world. Adorning a single piece of jewellery is more than enough for a world class look.

If we compare the quality of diamonds that Primmero Jewels uses, it is VS-SI 1 in clarity. The colour of Primmero Jewels is of G-H purity. However, the quality of diamonds used by Indian jewellers is I-J purity and shine of SI2 quality.  Also, if there are 400 diamonds in a single piece of jewellery of Primmero Jewels, the quality and purity of each diamond will be the same. Though it is not possible to notice the difference with naked eye, looking at the jewellery piece through an eye glass one can see the difference.

Primmero Jewels guarantees the polish of its products which lasts forever. If Primmero Jewels' jewellery is compared to any of the Indian brands, it can be easily spotted that the polish of their jewellery pieces loses its shine within six months to one year which is not the case with jewellery of Primmero Jewels.

Giving that golden embellishment

The jewellery can be made only from 18 karat gold. Though gold is available in 24 and 22 karat, it is not possible to make jewellery out of 24 and 22 karat. In order to convert 24 and 22 karat gold into 18 karat gold, an alloy is mixed with gold. The alloy that is normally used in India by traditional jewellers is of very poor quality. Alloy is available in various qualities depending upon the price. Indian jewellery at present is normally made by using an alloy which is priced between Rs 20,000 and Rs 40,000 per kg. We are using an alloy which is priced at Rs 1,75,000 to 2,50,000 thousand per kg. So the jewellery that contains good quality alloy is not just good in quality, rather it keeps its shine intact forever.

Price for the priceless

Primmero Jewels' jewellery is targeted for the varying and quality needs of middle, upper-middle and elite classes for their jewellery.

Beckon of a shining future

Primmero Jewels acknowledges India as a highly potential market and feels the country has undergone drastic transformation as Indians are now ready to spend money and do not compromise on quality. “If we are producing something special and good, people will definitely go to buy it. We are having awesome response from the people as they really like our jewellery and appreciate it a lot. We have been participating in various trade shows and exhibitions since June 2012 and getting awesome response. The only problem we are facing is our reach,” says Rawat.

In order to make Primmero Jewels' jewellery available to people staying anywhere in India, the company decided to take up the franchise route. Right now, the company has its only store in Jaipur and is looking for franchise partners across India.

Primmero Jewels has introduced the whole new concept of jewellery making in India and has brought the latest machines, equipment, style, and designs for the Indian market. As far as expansion is concerned, Primmero Jewels is looking forward to opting the franchise model for the expansion of their brand, as franchising is the fastest and successful expansion strategy where the franchisor need not worry about the finances for the expansion of the brand. The franchisees make the investment and the franchisor extends them all his expertise and the brand value in making a franchise outlet a success.

Partnering with success

The franchise partners need not necessarily be from a jewellery background as the brand is sure of its quality, concept and success. So anyone can join the brand. The franchisees need to have that strength, energy and intelligence to make the business a success. Primmero Jewels does not believe that the presence of a brand in big cities like Delhi, Mumbai, and Hyderabad alone can guarantee success. Only the quality and uniqueness of product leads a brand on the route to success. People have money across all Indian cities but they do not have choice. Anyone staying in Delhi has a better choice than people staying in Nagpur. Nowadays every city is important and having started their business in a city like Jaipur, it is amazing to behold the kind of consumer response Primmero Jewels is getting from a single store. It is only after reviewing the response and acceptance of the people that the brand has opted for expansion.

Ready to outshine

The brand is ready to support its franchise partners in every manner. Whatever support, knowledge, jewellery designing and making, marketing, approaching people, sales and initial handholding, Primmero Jewels will offer them all. In fact, it is also the franchisor's moral duty to share its knowledge and expertise with its franchisees.


Eyeing sparkling success ahead

In an interview to Pallavi Majha, Ram Mohan Rawat, Owner and Founder of Primmero Jewels, shares his vast experience in jewellery business and talks about the foundation of the brand and future plans for its expansion.

Elaborate on your entrepreneurial journey.

I started my entrepreneurial journey almost 27 years back. I have stayed in Hong Kong (which is considered to be a jewellery hub) and have learnt the art of making quality jewellery. I have worked on almost every stone. I have done business in emerald and a lot of other precious stones and have knowledge of each and every stone. For the past six years, I am into diamond business and have launched my first outlet by the name of Primmero Jewels on October 20, 2012. Considering the welcoming response and increasing demand for Primmero Jewels' products, I have decided to make my products available across India. I am fortunate to have the infinite support of my family, wife Meena Rawat, daughters Sakshi Rawat and Radhika Rawat and sons Ragahv and Gopal, in making my entrepreneurial venture a huge success.

Share with us your success mantra.

For me there can be no fixed formula or mantra for success. The success cannot be achieved in any fixed tenure. One might achieve success in six months whereas others might not achieve success even in six years. It all depends on individual-to- individual and business-to-business. The gateway to success is honesty, dedication and transparency in your work. Once you have created a space for yourself in people's hearts, the success will definitely be yours without much delay and will spread like wild fire through the word of mouth.

Could you elaborate on Primmero’s expansion plans?

Acknowledging the amazing response to my products from Indians, I have consciously planned to take the franchise route. Though I am still in the initial phase of brand-building, right now I cannot predict the number of franchisees I will have by the end of the year. Once I open and manage to operate four to five stores successfully, then I am sure there will be no looking back. Indian consumers are not getting jewellery worth its price. In fact, there are a lot of gaps in what Indian jewellers are offering to them. I look forward to filling those gaps and providing the Indians what they deserve: the world class jewellery.

Specialty of Primmero Jewels

Product category: Gem-set jewellery, in diamonds set in 14K or 18K and yellow/white gold.

Competitive design: The gem-setting skills and design capability are competitive compared to world-class European manufacturers.

VS quality diamonds: Primmero Jewels is using VS quality diamonds for making jewellery. VS refers to the clarity of the gem: it stands for very slight (VS is a little above middle-of-the-road clarity grade that will not be visible to the naked eye, and will be very slight under a 10-time magnification).

Original stones: The kind of stones that are used by the premium brands are far better than what Indian consumers are getting right now. Presently the kind of coloured stones that traditional jewellers in India are using are synthetic stones. Primmero Jewels is using original coloured stones in their jewellery.

Resale value: Primmero Jewels is offering complete resale value of its jewellery. A piece of Primmero Jewels bought for Rs 1 lakh can be sold at more than the same price. That is the success mantra of the brand.

Money back policy: Primmero Jewels is also offering money back policy at 8 to 10 per cent.  Other jewellers are offering 25 per cent less.

Superior quality of diamonds: The company is using very superior VS quality diamonds and is three times better in quality than what Indian jewellers are offering right now.

Price friendly: The products of Primmero Jewels are not only good in quality but the company is also offering diamonds at a very reasonable cost.

Transparent approach: These days, people are quite conscious of the brands and the quality of the products that are offered to them. Primmero Jewels is quite transparent in their approach.

Attractive: The USP of Primmero Jewels is its attractiveness, design, shine and style. No matter which piece you buy from the store, there is surety of purity, uniqueness and price.

Franchise facts:

  • Investment: Rs 4-5crore
  • Area: 800-1,000 sq. Ft
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