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Mar, 11 2013


Increasing urbanisation, rising per capita income, growing population, increasing consciousness and changing preferences of consumers are contributing to the growth of the specialty retail industry. To commemorate the growth, popularity and success of sp

THE Indian retail industry has been witness to a swift revolution over the past few decades. With increasing urbanisation, rising population and growing per capita income, the retail sector is expected to grow even better in the coming years. The organised retail industry in India is all set to grow at a CAGR of 40 per cent. The flourishing retail industry has given a much needed boost to the industry at large thus creating a space for fresh opportunities in specialised retail segments.

Retailers targeting a particular segment of clientele are called specialty retailers. The specialty retailers specifically select the market and then look forward to expanding their brands via varied expansion routes. Franchising is one such business model for expansion. In our endeavour to keep our readers well-informed about the growth prospects and success of various specialty retail concepts and to present lucrative business opportunities in the sector for aspiring entrepreneurs, we are coming up with a special issue on 'Top 35 Specialty Retail Franchises' in India, in the current issue of The Franchising World.

In the 'Issue Focus' section of 'The Franchising World', we have featured brands across various segments. The parameters we have followed for featuring these brands are their performance, brand image, expansion strategy and growth prospects. Also, we have tried to enlighten the aspiring franchisees about the businesses offering rewarding opportunities. All the brands covered under the section have managed to think 'out of the box' to create a specialty out of an ordinary retail concept. The section also features brands that offer opportunity in kiosk formats, especially food and jewellery brands.

A ‘special’ business opportunity

The blooming retail industry has opened fresh avenues for specialised retail segments. Retailers laying emphasis on a particular industry or targeting a specific clientele fall into the category of specialty retailers. Be it jewellery, home furnishings, telecom, footwear, florists, electronic good retailers, fashion accessories, lifestyle and gifting specialists, specialty retail franchising presents a bouquet of opportunities under its portfolio.

Gitanjali, a specialty retail franchise jewellery brand with a list of successful brands, including Asmi, Nakshtra and Diya, has already marked its presence not only in India but also across the globe via the franchise route. Tanishq from the house of Tata is another most successful jewellery brand in India, offering specialty retail concepts. Travel gear brands, including Samsonite, VIP and Safari, have already grabbed maximum share of the travel retail industry with franchising. Footwear specialty retail franchisors like Tresmode, Heatwave, Touristor Shoes, and Liberty are ready to embark on the industry to grab maximum share of the footwear specialty retail industry. Similar is the scenario across other industries, including perfumes, watches, handbags, mom and kids specials that are ready to revolutionise the specialty retail industry via the franchise route.

To showcase various opportunities that  the specialty retail industry puts forth and how franchising caters to the expansion drive of these retail chains, TFW Bureau has dedicated the March issue of 'The Franchising World' to the sector, as one article will not suffice to present the ever-increasing opportunities in this burgeoning sector.

For the last 7-8 years the specialty retail industry has noticed drastic changes in the trends. The catalyst for this change has been the youth and also an increasing people's awareness pertaining to specialty products. The specialty retail industry has experienced explosive growth in India over the past few years, but it is still only the tip of the iceberg. The Indian consumer today is exposed to the best products and services in the world as they desire and deserve the same. This creates opportunities for niche specialty players to address specific needs.

Trumpeting the growth potential

Sharing his opinion about the specialty retail industry S Ravi Kant, CEO, Eyewear Business, Titan Eye Plus, says: “The retail sector has been at the helm of India’s growth story. Specialty retail industry is one of the sunrise sectors with a huge growth potential. According to the Investment Commission of India, the retail sector is expected to grow almost three times its current levels to $660 billion by 2015.

“India's single-category retail chains, known as specialty retail in industry parlance, are scoring over multi-category retail. Rising inflation and an impending economic slowdown have brought down consumption in discretionary categories but specialty retail is poised for a healthy growth in the next few years,” says Darshit Shah, MD, Leonidas.

Highlighting the growth specialty retail industry in India, Alok Mathur, Director/CEO, Gobol, informs: “The Indian organised retail market is expected to exceed to USD 50 billion by 2013, reflecting a fast-growing middle class demanding higher quality shopping environment and stronger brand experience.”

Bottom line

Moving forward from just window shopping to planned purchases with a little advanced info on products to advanced homework done due to availability of info on the net, higher disposable income, increase in nuclear families and dual incomes are leading to a revolution in consumers' buying behaviour.

(Inputs & compilation by Amanpreet Kaur, Swati Mahajan, Yamini Sunwar)

Overall retail sector is expected to rise to USD 833 billion by 2013

Share of organised retail is expected to go up to 10 per cent by 2015

Specialty Retail contributes 50 per cent to the total organised retail

Youth in the age group of 18 to 30 years contributing maximum to the sales in specialty retail


Leading way to fashionable profits

Find out what potential a franchise business of accessories has in the Indian market and explore the opportunity it offers to aspiring entrepreneurs.

SINCE its inception in the year 2007, Addons, a homegrown retail brand, has consistently been regarded as a one-stop store offering a wide range of men's and women's accessories, a complete fashion solution to enhance one's personality. The brand retails fashion jewellery, handbags, footwear, hair accessories, ties, cufflinks, belts, wallets, caps and sunglasses tapping the youth centric Indian market. In a sector dominated by unorganised players, Addons believes it is growing very fast as an organised entity.

Opportunity in store

Ashish Saboo, Managing Director, Addons, says: “Speciality retail is still at a nascent stage, but is growing rapidly. The main reasons for its growth are malls that offer an international experience and rising aspirations and income of the urban middle class.” The brand follows the franchise business model as it helps the business to balance more efficiently and manage effectively. It also believes to be among the top three organised players following company-owned and franchisee-operated, franchisee-owned and franchisee-operated, and company-owned and company-operated models.

The brand offers three days of induction training to its franchisees pertaining to brand, product and retail excellence, initially. Apart from this, regular training is also offered by the company to keep franchisees updated on the latest fashion trends, how to increase business and enhance RoI.

Roll-out plans

Currently, the brand has 70 touch points pan-India, of which 38 are franchise stores. Addons is looking forward to reach 75 stores in the financial year 2013-14 and will open 500 stores by the financial year 2018-19 via the franchise route.

Franchise Facts

  • Investment: Rs 12-14 lakh
  • Area 250-400 sq ft (carpet area)
  • Breakeven: Rs 2-3 lakh depending on carpet area


Packaging a bagful of profits!

RMCL Retail will be strengthening its foothold pan-India by offering its packaging solutions to small, medium and large enterprises via franchising.

RMCL Retail is a brand promoted by RadhaMadhav Corporation Limited, RadhaMadhav Research & Trade PVT Limited and RadhaMadhav Holdings Limited. RadhaMadhav Corporation Limited (RMCL) is a Public Limited company listed on NSE and BSE.

RMCL has been operating in the product packaging domain for more than 20 years and has today built up a formidable knowledge base and an asset size of approximately Rs 320 crore, backed by superior technology and a manufacturing infrastructure with the introduction of about 250 products in the market. RMCL Retail is designed to cater to small and medium enterprises for their industrial needs like packaging, safety and cleaning products. All the products are self manufactured, barring a few which are sourced through dedicated warehouses in China and other global resources.

RMCL is rapidly adapting itself to the national and international demands of the packaging industry and is transforming itself into an R& D-driven polymer and chemical packaging company. With a blue chip, multinational as well as domestic client list, RMCL is now transforming itself from being only the manufacturer of packaging materials and is emerging as a packaging consultant capable of providing customised packaging and printing solutions, as well as cost-effective solutions in a technology intensive business.

Franchisable opportunity

In terms of training and support, Abhishek Agarwal, Joint Managing Director, RMCL Retail, says, “RMCL Retail will train the franchisees for all the products, services and handling of contracts. The company will also provide material to the franchisees at very competitive prices and ensure that the franchisee makes desired profits.” Training is extensive and is imparted as an ongoing process. RMCL Retail offers direct shipments to the franchisees. There is no intermediary. There are two large manufacturing locations. One is in Daman and another is in Rudrapur. Considering the demand, RMCL is planning to open 20 warehouses in one year's time.

Spreading footprints

Presently, the company is operating 30 stores. In the first phase of expansion, the company plans to open 100 stores by the year-end. In terms of tapping the industry's market share, RMCL wishes to have a top line of Rs 800 crore per annum with the existing infrastructure.

Franchise facts:

  • Investment: Rs 20 lakh to Rs 200 lakh
  • Area: 200-1,000 sq ft
  • RoI: 35-60% per annum
  • depending upon product
  • Break-even: 3 months


Fit for best biz returns!

Through its design studios, Hafele India steps ahead by picking the franchise route for offering its complete interior fitting solutions and designs to end consumers.

HÄFELE Germany was founded in Nagold, near Stuttgart, in 1923, to provide quality fittings to local furniture manufacturers. Over the years, Häfele expanded initially all over Germany, then in Europe and ultimately globally. Today, Häfele has 40 subsidiaries globally and generates a turnover in excess of 7,000 crore with 6,500 employees.

Häfele India was founded in 2003 to bring quality fittings in the emerging market.

Headquartered in Mumbai, Häfele India now has a nationwide presence with six branch offices and employees in 18 different locations all over India. Total employee strength exceeded to 300 in 2012. Hafele India caters to all market participants  from the end-user to projects and the furniture industry. With a strong focus on kitchen fittings, Häfele managed to become the leader in offering fitting solutions in India. The franchise concept of opening Häfele Design Studios was pioneered in India.

Franchisable opportunity

Häfele India realised that they wanted to create a chain of uniform, high quality retail outlets across the country, where customers can access the wide range of Häfele products. Therefore, they got into franchising in the year 2008 to provide a touch and feel of the product in its environment.  Häfele recognised that this move would enhance not only their physical presence in the market but would also back the brand's promises which are projected through different advertising media. Häfele has a dedicated training team with training programmes designed to meet basic, specific and intensive learning of Häfele's range of products. This is done to ensure that unaltered, uniform product communication travels across the distribution channel right up to the end users and all the customers are perfectly aligned to the product knowledge base that exists with their employees.

Spreading footprints

Currently, Hafele operates 52 franchise stores across India. Talking about expansion, Jurgen Wolf, MD, Hafele India, says: “Apart from opening all new design centres, Hafele India will also open at least 15 new Häfele franchise shops to further increase their market penetration. Hafele intends to target B and C towns this year.”

Franchise facts:

  • Investment: Rs 20-35 lakh
  • Area: 1,000 3,000 sq ft
  • RoI: 2-3 years
  • Break-even: One year
  • Profit margin: 15%


Building biz on a firm footing

After obtaining success through an MBO franchise, Globalite will now be opening exclusive retail outlets and shop-in-shops.

NEW Delhi based-Globalite Industries Private Limited is a leading sport lifestyle footwear company. The brand offers a globally inspired collection customised for the largest growing consumer segment in the country, the part of the population that aspires to be 'young and fit'.  It encompasses innovative, trendy and lightweight footwear at the right price.

Franchisable opportunity

Globalite wants to become the leading home grown sports brand in the country by virtue of a state of the art distribution system. In a very short span of time, the brand has already penetrated more than 2,500 footwear MBOs pan-India, through a robust distribution network. It is present in over 200 counters of modern wholesale and international hypermarket chains, like Wal-Mart, Metro CC, Carrefour, Reliance, Aditya Birla, TPG and the likes. For Globalite franchising is an integral part of spreading its footprints. The company will be investing on franchising partners that can penetrate the untapped potential of the country's consumption power by believing in Globalite's value proposition emanating the sports culture that the brand is trying to promote. The company wants to achieve the optimised level of network and sales penetration and distribution franchising is the strongest way to find partners in all potential markets of the country.

Talking about the criteria they follow for recruiting franchisees, Lalit Kishore, Promoter, Globalite, says: “We want our partners to be enthused, hungry and ambitious about the brand and motivated enough to drive sales effectively. This is the key thing.  Product and market knowledge can be acquired. The partner should also show the requisite amount of financial commitment to take on the franchising.”

Spreading footprints

Currently, Globalite has presence in about 2, 500 MBOs and 100 points of sale of modern wholesale. It is also planning to launch its exclusive retail stores and shop-in-shops with international chains. Going ahead, the aim is to open 10 company-owned stores by the end of FY 13.  Globalite's target is to penetrate the under-exploited tier II and III cities. These cities are thriving with untapped consumption power, where the mid-segment youth is devoid of the quality of brand choice available in the metros.

Franchise facts:

  • Investment: Rs 10-15 lakh
  • RoI: 30% per annum
  • Profit margin: 10-12% (on the wholesale price)


Fashionable way to riches

Being Human is one of the brands of its kind that retails fashion line with a social commitment. It's now set to expand in tier I, II and III cities of India by tapping franchisees.M ANDHANA Industries Limited is a multi-divisional textile company spread over multiple geographical locations. Mandhana Industries have entered into an exclusive worldwide licensing arrangement with Being Human, a Salman Khan Foundation, to design, manufacture, retail and distribute Being Human fashion apparel. The royalties received on the sale of this fashion line will further support the education and healthcare initiatives of the Foundation.

Six months ago, the Being Human fashion line was successfully launched across 100 stores in the world's fashion capital, Paris, through the shop-in-shop concept. This was followed by a massive launch of 120 stores across the Middle East. Thereafter, the brand was officially launched in India in January 2013 with five stores and 30 shop-in-shops.

Franchisable opportunity

On expressing what really motivated them to get started with franchising, Manish Mandhana, Joint Managing Director, Mandhana Industries Ltd, says: “We wanted everyone to join us in this initiative to change lives for the better. For this it's pertinent that we make our reach wider and reach out to our eager patrons as soon as it is feasible. Franchising will help us achieve this rapidly.”

Spreading footprints

During this fiscal, Being Human will be adding 100 stores, of which 25 will be franchise stores. The brand will be tapping tier I, II and III cities for expansion.

Franchise facts

  • Investment: Rs 80-90 lakh
  • Area: 1,500
  • RoI: 20-30%
  • Break-even: 1-2 years


A maternal touch to growing profits

Mom & Me runs a specialty retail chain for mother and child to address the multiple lacunae in the market for maternity and baby products and services.

MAHINDRA Retail is an extension of the $12 billion Mahindra Group's trading foray into the domestic Indian market. The company runs a specialty retail chain for mother and child under the name of Mom & Me. The store concept was built to address the multiple lacunae in the market for maternity and baby products and services.

The concept of specialty retail has grown over the last few years and has been accepted as a complete one-stop shop destination. The absence of a single retail outlet addressing products for the mother and the child and non-medical advisory needs is the gap that Mom & Me seeks to address with a one-stop store for moms and kids across the country.

Franchisable opportunity

The franchise route is the most successful way as one can reach and cater to a much larger audience. The brand now intends to expand further through its franchise partners in order to create a pan-India network and in the process become the largest retail chain player in the mother and child category.

Spreading footprints

Mom & me plans to add 30-40 company-owned and company-operated and 50-60 franchise-owned and franchise-operated stores in tier I and II cities.

Franchise facts

  • Investment: Rs 30-40
  • lakh; Rs 25-30 lakh in stocks
  • Area: 1,500-2,000 sqft, carpet area
  • RoI: 25-32%


Gift of wonderful business returns

Presto Personalised Wonders, a retail concept which allows the customer to take away his personalised product in just a few minutes, fulfils customer requirements pertaining to personal gifting, corporate gifting and appreciation requirements.

PRESTO Personalised Wonders is a retail concept which allows thecustomer to take away his personalised product in just a few minutes. Presto meets various customer requirements like personal gifting, corporate gifting and appreciation requirements. Over 500 world class products can be personalised in a small space and in just a few minutes.

Personalised gifts are the specialty of Presto. These gifts are made in crystal, wood, glass, upholstery, etc. Each product carries a part of the person gifting it as it has personalised pictures and text on it.

Franchisable opportunity

Franchising is an ideal growth route feels Presto,  as each party brings on the table what the other lacks.

Spreading footprints

Currently, Presto has 135 stores and is targeting 500-plus stores by 2015. Most of these stores will be franchisee-run. With a strong presence in East and South India, Presto is now focusing on Northern and Western part of the country.

Franchise facts

  • Investment: Rs 4-20 lakh
  • Area: 36-400 sq ft
  • RoI: Upwards of 100 %
  • Break-even: 3 months


Perfect timing for huge income

With a fierce commitment to excel Titan strives to deliver world-class products with variety of designs and styles.

TITAN Industries uplifted the face of the Indian watch market by creating brands like Titan, Fastrack, Raga, Sonata and the Swiss made XYLYS. In addition, it also brought Tommy Hilfiger, FCUK and Hugo Boss to India through licensing arrangements.

Franchisable opportunity

The brand has incorporated the franchise business model to strengthen its presence and spread its footprints across India. With an aggressive pan-India expansion plan, Titan is looking for potential franchisees.

Spreading footprints

The company is all set to roll out pan-India adding more store counts to its existing chain in the near future.

Franchise facts

  • Investment: Rs 60-70 lakh
  • Area: 1,000 sq.ft
  • Rol: 18-24 %
  • Break-even: Cash break
  • even in One year


Designing walls profitably

With 30-35% growth rate, Marshalls turns out to be a clear winner in nascent industry of wallpapers.

STARTED in 1975 as a one-man army led by the Marshalls' Chairman, today it stands tall with 32 showrooms, of which 27 are franchise showrooms that are spread across India. The brand's main focus is on wallpapers  a product that beautifies any interior.

Franchisable opportunity

Through franchising Marshalls aims to tie up with dynamic entrepreneurs giving them a ready infrastructure and a brand name so that they are able to make money and grow manifold in future.

Spreading footprints

Marshalls targets to take its store count to 50 showrooms by this year end.

Franchise facts

  • Investment: Rs 10-15 lakh
  • Area: 800-1,000 sq ft
  • RoI: 20-25%
  • Break-even: 2 years


Profits hitting the fast track

Offering lucrative business opportunities is the youth-centric homegrown accessory brand, Fastrack, via franchising.

FASTRACK, was launched in 1998 as a sub-brand of Titan. Later in 2005, the company became an independent entity with the focus on urban youth. The brand's portfolio currently includes five categories- bags, belts, wallets, watches and sunglasses. Since its inception, Fastrack recorded a turnover of close to Rs 780 crore last year.  The brand now expects its sales to jump by 28 per cent to Rs 1,000 crore in 2013.

Franchisable opportunity

The brand has a total number of 137 stores across the country, of which 127 are franchise stores and the rest are company-owned. Fastrack is the most preferred fashion accessories brand for the youth and it is always known to create business opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Spreading footprints

In its commitment to reach out to every city pan-India, the brand seeks franchisees to take ahead its journey through retail stores. The company plans to expand its store count across the country to 250 by 2014.

Franchise facts

  • Investment: Rs 30 lakh
  • Area: 500-700 sq.ft
  • Rol: 18-24 %
  • Break-even: Cash break
  • even in One year


Shining business, glittering profits

With 100 stores in its portfolio, Gitanjali Jewels aims to tap 10 per cent share of India's jewellery market.

GITANJALI Jewels is a pioneering concept of the Gitanjali Group operational since 2007. It showcases a spectrum of shimmering gold and sparkling diamond brands through its 'one shop stop' jewellery brands that span across India.  Today, Gitanjali Jewels caters to the aspirations of millions across the subcontinent and now the number of stores has reached to 100 in 75 cities pan-India, of which 90 per cent are franchise stores.

Franchisable opportunity

Gitanjali Jewels looks at engaging with entrepreneurial energy of local entrepreneurs through the franchise business model and also aims to cover maximum footprints across India. The franchise model has enabled Gitanjali Jewels to establish a strategic presence in almost all jewellery markets pan-India by continuous growth in retail operations and expanding market penetration for branded jewellery.

Spreading footprints

Going ahead brand is eyeing to add 300 stores.

Franchise facts

  • Investment: Rs 1 crore & above
  • Area: 300 sq ft & above
  • RoI: 18-30%
  • Break-even: 8-12 months
  • Profit margin: 8-25% (depends on product category)


Sangeetha Mobiles is all set, to take its store count to 500 by the year end via multi-store franchise model.

HE story of Sangeetha started way back in 1974, when L.P Narayana Reddy partnered with his friends to establish a music shop named Sangeetha in Bangalore, selling gramophone records. From dealing with gramophones to retailing of consumer durables, Sangeetha's focus shifted with the advent of mobile industry and thereafter they focussed only on handsets market. Sangeetha became the first retail chain to offer insurance, EMI and exchange offers, doorstep service and exclusive android-based appliances. Today, Sangeetha Mobiles is constantly growing and in the next fiscal year, it would cross Rs 800 crore.

Franchisable opportunity

Considering the fast growth of mobile industry, Sangeetha Mobiles has decided to mark its expansion through the franchise route in all the states where it does not exist currently. The company is looking for young entrepreneurs with passion for detail from any branch of business.

Spreading footprints

Currently, Sangeetha Mobiles operates 182 company-owned outlets across Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu and the count is growing every day. Talking about the count they plan to mark this fiscal, Subhash Chandra, Managing Director at Sangeetha Mobiles, says: “We plan to close the year 2013 with 500 operational stores. We intend to take our services to customers across the country through the franchise route.”

Franchise facts

  • Investment: Rs 7-9 lakh
  • Area: Min.400 sq.ft
  • RoI: exceeding 60% 


In the business of crafting profits

With 10 stores in its portfolio, Mother Earth now looks at expanding all over India. 

MOTHER Earth Retail, a Future Ventures subsidiary, is a social brand that offers consumers the best of Indian natural handcrafted products while simultaneously providing livelihoods to rural artisans and labourers of India. Post the Future Group Investment, Mother Earth has  grown multiple times and is continuously evolving into a better company in terms of merchandise, customer services, look and feel of the stores as well as a system and process.

Franchisable opportunity

For Mother Earth, the franchise route is one of the best mediums to reach out to a wider customer base, which is why they wish to take it up for expansion.  In terms of training, they provide customer service, IT and product related training to the franchisees.

Spreading footprints

This year, Mother Earth will be adding 5-6 more stores.

Franchise facts

  • Investment: Rs 20-30 lakh
  • Area: 800-1,000 sq ft
  • RoI: 25-30 %
  • Break-even: 3-4 years


Getting animated with golden returns

Being a new entrant in the franchising industry, Green Gold now plans to capture tier II and III markets.

GREEN Gold Animation Pvt Ltd began its journey in 2001 with a single motive to create quality 2D animation and content for the Indian audience. They started franchising of creating and setting up Green Gold stores a perfect route to reach the huge fans of the characters.

Franchisable opportunity

For Green Gold, franchising is the right proposition to pitch and get like-minded individuals who want to grow along with it in promoting the wide range of products and merchandise that the company has introduced in the market. With Green Gold having a monopoly with its characters, it does command a good market share in the kids' retail business.

Spreading footprints

Currently, Green Gold has 26 operational stores. For expanding further, Green Gold is planning to reach 50 stores with a concentration on tier II and tier III markets.

Franchise facts

  • Investment: Rs 10-15 lakh
  • Area: 500 sq ft
  • RoI: 24%
  • Break-even: 2 years
  • Profit-margin: 40%


Healthy food that brings healthy returns

Morarka Organic Foods Ltd, Jaipur, emerges as a brand that fulfils the consumers' need to consume pure food free from chemicals and pesticides, even as it offers a lucrative business option to investors.

CATERING to health conscious consumers, Morarka Organic provides healthy food to consumers. With growing popularity of the concept of specialty retail, the sector is bound to boom in the near future. Specialty retail caters to specific needs of consumers and the brand fulfils the consumers' need to consume pure food free from chemicals and pesticides.

Three years back a standalone organic food store would not have been a viable business option for an investor; neither would it have the acceptance of the consumer in the market. Today the brand has over 60 franchise stores across the country, most of which have already turned profitable.

Franchisable opportunity

The franchise model is the best model as it enables the brand to address the need of the consumer for a complete organic foods solution. As far as training and support is concerned, the brand assists its franchisees by providing product information support, category knowledge support, marketing support, store layout information and logistics support.

Spreading footprints

The brand is planning to open 10 company-owned stores in the financial year 2013-14. It is targeting 120 franchise stores by the end of the same period.

Franchise facts

  • Investment: Rs 3-7 lakh
  • Area: 350-500 sq.ft
  • RoI: 40%-50%
  • Break-even: 3-18 months
  • Profit Margin: 15-20%


Leather power boost to profits

By this year end, Da Milano is aiming to open 15 more exclusive boutiques across pan-India.

HE brand came into business in 1989, with its focus on leather. Da Milano's specialty is leather. The brand offers a variety of leather accessories for both men and women. It has a complete range of ladies' bags, Men's bags, luggage, trolleys and footwear.

Franchisable opportunity

Franchising assists in catering to the customers in places where it becomes difficult for operating company-owned outlets. Therefore, franchising can support the expansion function.

Spreading footprints

Currently, the brand has 38 stores and is aiming to open 15 more exclusive Da Milano boutiques pan-India by the end of this year.

Franchise facts

  • Investment: Rs 10-15 lakh
  • Area: 800-1,000 sq ft
  • RoI: 20-25 %
  • Break-even: 2 years


Cooking up huge profits!

By opening 100 stores this year, TTK Prestige intends to tap 30% market share over a period of time in India's kitchen industry.

TTK Prestige Limited is India's largest kitchenware company with a projected turnover of Rs 1,400 crores for the year 2012-13. They have achieved a compounded growth of over

25 per cent during the last five years. Prestige Smart Kitchen is a retail initiative of TTK Prestige Limited.

Franchisable opportunity

Currently, TTK Prestige is operating 435 stores across India. They opened a chain of exclusive franchise stores which helped the brand to expand its footprints very fast nationally with little or no investment. The company treats the franchisee's business as its own and therefore, it offers a regular training which comprises classroom training every six months with a one-day module on selling skills by a third party trainer and two days product and store initiatives training.

The company is present through various retail formats like traditional mom and pop stores, which are the steel shops and appliance stores. The brand is also present in the market through modern formats like hypermarkets, supermarkets and shop-in-shops.

Spreading footprints

For the year 2013-14, TTK Prestige plans to open 100 franchise stores.

Franchise facts

  • Investment: Rs 15-30 lakh
  • Area: 400-800 sq.ft
  • RoI: 18-30%
  • Break-even: 6-12 months in the non South region.


Making profits within seconds

Pioneering the concept of organised retail in the genuine factory seconds SkyDeelz is looking for expansion via franchising.

SKYDEELZ is India's first and only organised retail organisation in 'genuine factory seconds' of consumer electronics with manufacturer's warranty. The company offers a complete range of consumer electronics, home appliances, small appliances, computers and mobiles.

Franchisable Opportunity

Franchisee is extension of brand, local face and operates with less cost. We have 42 franchisee stores presently across India and looking for expansion.

Spreading footprints

The company plans to open 100 franchise stores in next financial year.

Franchise facts

  • Investment: Rs 25 lakh
  • Area: 1,000-1,500 sq.ft
  • RoI: 40-60%
  • Breakeven:
  • Approx 2 years
  • Profit margin:
  • Upto 10%


Cosy, comfortable, profitable venture

Hush, a brand recognised for super-premium luxury sleep and comfort products, is looking for expansion via franchising.

HUSH was launched in 1995 when there was no specific brand of pillows in the market and people in India used cotton pillows made locally or pillows made from foam. Since the product made was of superior quality and offered great comfort, Hush pillows found their way into the Taj Group as well as Air India. After that there was no looking back. Having recently entered the retail space with the launch of 'Sleep Studio by Hush' concept showrooms, the company encouraged its clients to actually sleep-test its widest range of products in custom-designed mock bedrooms before making a purchase decision.

Franchising opportunity

Hush is now looking to expand its retail footprints with the launch of its unique retail format: Sleep Studio by Hush. Dynamic entrepreneurs with a long-term vision in the Indian retail story, a passion for retail sales and sharp business acumen are invited to apply for a franchise.

Spreading footprints

The company has a retail network that spans over 600 retailers across India and the Middle East. And for over 20 years now, the company's hospitality division has catered to some of the finest business and luxury hotels in India and abroad.

Franchise facts

  • Investment: Rs. 7.5-10 lakh
  • Working capital
  • required: Rs. 3.5 lakh
  • ROI: 30-45%
  • Break-even: 12-18 months
  • Area: 1,000-2,000 sq ft


The foresight of a rewarding biz

To bridge a gap between customer service and optical stores, Foresight Opticals follows the route of innovation and ingenuity via franchising.

SELLERS of spectacle frames, lenses, sunglasses, contact lenses/ solutions and optical accessories, Foresight Opticals boasts of its customer oriented services and offers free-eye-testing with state-of-the- art equipments.

Franchisable opportunity

The company's franchise business model has strong service standards and provides 2.5 days of training every month.

Spreading footprints

Foresight Opticals expects to run about 75-80 stores in another four years as a premium brand.

Franchise facts

  • Investment: Rs 25-35 lakh
  • Area: 400-650 sq.ft
  • RoI: 22-30%
  • Break-even: 12-18 years


Quality, innovation and a distinct customer experience being the hallmark of the success, Titan Eye Plus offers potential business opportunity to investors.

TITAN Eye Plus, a specialty store that offers a complete range of products and services in the eyewear category, aims to provide its customers a world class optical retail experience.

Franchisable opportunity

The success of the franchise model across other businesses of watches and jewellery of Tata had prompted the brand to take up a similar route as well in the eye wear sector.

Spreading footprints

Currently, there are a 216 stores operational in India, of which 63 per cent are franchised. Also, the brand boasts of having presence across 72 cities. The brand plans to add 50 new stores pan-India.

Franchise facts

  • Investment: Rs 25 lakh to 1 crore
  • Area: 700-900 sq.ft
  • Break-even: Within two years


Watching for distinctive biz avenues

Acknowledging the consumer as king, Helios is offering one-stop-shop for premium range of watches seeking franchisees for future expansion.

TITAN Industries Ltd offers India's finest multi-brand watch retail store by the name of Helios. The store provides a premium range of latest national and international brands. The store targets the youth in the age group of 25-30 years belonging to the middle, upper middle and elite classes.

Franchisable opportunity

At present, the brand has 45 stores across India.

About the eligibility criteria for aspiring entrepreneurs, Arun Narayan, General Manager & Business Head Helios & Licensed Brands, Titan Industries Ltd, says: “The aspiring franchisees need to be willing to change according to the brand's ideology. They should be hardworking and realistic in their approach. Success cannot be achieved overnight and the franchisees should be patient enough to wait for profits to start coming in.”

Spreading footprints

Helios is looking for right franchise partners for both its company-owned and company-operated and franchisee-owned and franchisee-operated formats across India.

Franchise facts

  • Area: 800-1,000 sq.ft
  • Break-even: First year
  • USP: A distinctive
  • watch store 


Richness of blooming biz

The flower retail industry in India is worth Rs 3,700 crore and Little Florist comes into the picture as a brand that fulfils customers' needs to send flowers to their loved ones across India, even as the brand offers a lucrative business prospect.

A T Little Florist the customers can buy or order flowers online or at the brand's retail/franchise stores and also have them sent across India. Customers can also send add-ons like chocolates/ cakes/gifts along with flowers to make the order more special. It is the only florist brand in India to start cash-on-delivery services wherein the customers can opt to have the payment collected from them.

Franchisable opportunity

Acknowledging the need to have a local Little Florist outlet where people can just walk in and buy/order flowers as well as have them sent across India, Little Florist has opted for franchising. It  is a viable option to offer the brand's expertise in setting up and running a Little Florist store.

Spreading footprints

The brand plans to open 18 franchise stores across India over the next nine months.

Franchise facts

  • Investment: Rs 3.6-5.6 lakh
  • Area: 50-300 sq ft
  • RoI: 6-8 months
  • Break-even: 2-3 months


Clearly a profit-making opportunity

Kicked off from the voyage of self made RO system, KENT is today a Rs 350 crore-turnover company with 40 per cent market share.

KICKED off from the voyage of self-made RO system, KENT has today stamped its supremacy on all its competitors by inventing and introducing the ultimate technological marvels in the market. The journey which started from a garage, now has carved its own niche. Today, it has become a Rs 350-crore-turnover company.

Franchisable opportunity

Though the company is marketing through multi-brand stores with a widespread distribution network, to give its customers a personalised attention the company thought it apt to take the franchise route. The company has exclusive outlets by the name of KENT SHOPPE where customers can choose from a range of products with the expert's guidance.

Spreading footprints

Currently, KENT has charted its way to be a 350 crore turnover company with 40 per cent market share. The company is looking forward to becoming a 1,000 crore player by 2015. To reach this milestone the company is investing extensively in expanding the distribution network and ramping up manufacturing capabilities. The company is planning to take the franchise route to reach its customers and is coming up with Kent's own Shoppes across India.

Franchise facts

  • Investment: Rs 5-10 lakh
  • Area: 200-500 sq ft
  • RoI: 20% approx
  • Break-even: One year


Petals of business success

With its specialty of flower gifting, Ferns N Petals has definitely made a mark in the Indian retail industry in the last 24 years.

G IFTING designer arrangements and bouquets of fresh flowers is not a necessity but a luxury in gifting space. Therefore, Ferns N Petals retail believes itself to be a brand under specialty retail. The brand has recently introduced concepts like musical delivery, midnight delivery, fixed time delivery and many more.

All the products and services that Ferns N Petals offer fall under specialty retail.

Franchisable opportunity

The brand started franchising in 1999 regarding it the only option to build and grow its chain. The brand has deputed trained and faithful people in the outlets to ensure quality control.

Spreading footprints

Ferns N Petals plans to target extensively and open about 200 outlets by the end of 2013. It is focusing on tier II and III cities.

Franchise facts

  • Investment: Rs 10-12 lakh
  • Area: 200-300 sq ft
  • RoI: 12-18 months
  • Break-even: 3-4 months


Heading for greener pastures

With the fresh and unique concept of garden boutique, Greenlands has left its mark on specialty retail in India.

Greenlands  The Garden Boutique, started in 2009, is a specialty retail concept concentrating on home gardening requirements of the masses. Though there are age-old nurseries which sell outdoor plants, the brand caters to indoor plants and allied accessories like tools, plant food, planters and imported garden-related products. Greenlands holds a good share in the concept as the brand introduced it in malls across Mumbai.

Franchisable opportunity

It was in 2011 that the brand planned to expand through franchising. Through its four outlets in different parts of Mumbai the brand realised that plant lovers require its products in other cities and areas across India.

Spreading footprints

The brand is all set to market its products in metros, mini-metros, tier-I and II cities. The brand's target is to open about 150 outlets in India through franchising.

Franchise facts

  • Investment: Rs 3-5 lakh
  • Area: 150-200 sq ft
  • Break-even:
  • 12-18 months


Mirroring image of a successful venture

The home décor industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the retail sector and Blackberry Overseas is bound to catch your attention as there is immense potential in the high-end housing and home decor industry.

THE retail industry is here to blossom as India's GDP is 8 per cent and most of the clients are high net worth individuals. Subbanshu Jain, Director, Blackberry Overseas, says that people need special goods and customised products which are now easily available in India. Thus, the retail industry has a bright future.

Experts predict that the current Rs 9,300 crore organised home furnishing market will touch Rs. 1,12,000 crore by 2015. These figures indicate that home décor is emerging as one of the fastest growing segments. The market is currently Rs 9,000-crore-plus and is growing at 20-30 per cent every year. Blackberry Overseas offers international brands and designer mirrors for home décor which makes it a niche brand.

Franchisable opportunity

The brand plans to develop via franchising expanding its roots all over India to give an option to aspiring entrepreneurs to partner with it in this venture.

Spreading footprints

Currently, Blackberry Overseas is looking for expansion in India, Nepal and Sri Lanka. The brand is focusing on the Indian market to begin with and is planning to open 12 stores by the end of July 2013 in metro and tier-I cities of India.

Franchise facts

  • Investment: Rs 20-37 lakh
  • Area: 250-400 sq ft
  • Break-even: 2.5 years
  • ROI: - 24% annually


Furnished with guaranteed returns

Godrej Interio is eyeing to take its store count to 80 during this fiscal year.

GODREJ Interio (GI) is one of the largest divisions of Godrej and Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd., a part of the Godrej Group, one of India's largest engineering and consumer product groups. GI is India's premium furniture brand in both home and institutional segments with a strong commitment to sustainability and centres of excellence in design, manufacturing and retail.

Franchisable opportunity

Currently, GI outlets span across India with 50 company-owned and 80 franchise stores with a strong foothold in 20 cities. As a part of their planned expansion, GI is looking ahead to partner with franchisees. They are targeting to associate with franchisees that have an entrepreneurial spirit, willing to run the business and performing day-to-day activities with high involvement.

Spreading footprints

Moving ahead, Godrej Interio is planning to add 80 more stores to its portfolio. 

Franchise facts

  • Investment: Rs 10 lakh
  • Area: 3,000-4,000 sq ft 
  • RoI: 25-30% (approx.)
  • Break-even: 2 years
  • Profit margin:
  • 20% GM (approx.)


Going big on biz earnings

Gobol’s inception was to offer a dedicated and organised channel for selling surplus electronics directly to the end consumer.

THE idea of Gobol came into being in order to offer a dedicated and organised channel for the sales of surplus electronics directly to the end consumer. According to Alok Mathur, Director/CEO, Gobol: “GOBOL means 'Go Big On Life'. It is India's only organised channel for selling surplus and second-hand electronic goods from the manufacturers and distributors directly to the end consumer.”

Franchisable opportunity

The company aims at creating a marketplace where surplus electronics reach right into the homes of the consumer, delivering quality customer experience across the online and offline channel, be the first mover and capture the untapped potential of this market, and the fastest way to achieve this mission is via the franchise route.

Spreading footprints

Gobol's online platform will be promoted and supported with a network of 300 brick and mortar stores over the next three  years.

Franchise facts

  • Investment: Rs 20 lakh
  • Area: 600-1000 sq.ft
  • RoI: approx 50% plus
  • Break-even:
  • Within 6 months
  • Profit margin: Gross
  • Margin of approx 10%


Caring heartily for soothing profits

A suitable option in maternity wear, Me n Moms is targeting 85 cities in India to open  100 stores in the next 2 to 3 years.

SEEING a yawning gap in the market for a one-stop shop for babies and mothers-to-be, when Naresh Khatar, MD, Me n Moms, became a father himself. It was difficult to address his needs from a single shop which he thought was inconvenient for his family. He saw the opportunity and started a small 300 sq.ft Me n Moms store to address baby needs in Juhu in the year 1994 and it was a runaway success.

Me n Moms is everything a mother and an infant needs under one roof like baby apparels, care and wellness, bedroom utilities, bath utilities and feeding utilities, etc. As per estimation, the market-size of infant apparels is about Rs 3,000 crore.

Franchisable opportunity

The brand believes in a win-win business model that it has created with its first few franchise stores, where the location and size of store selected is right. The operational break-even is more or less within the first year.

Spreading footprints

The brand plans to expand in all cities with over Rs 5 lakh population on an all India basis, which attracts lifestyle brands. The brand has created a list of 85 such cities in India and is planning 100 stores in the next two to three years.

Franchise facts

  • Investment: 35-60 lakh
  • Area: 700-1000 sq ft
  • RoI: 30-40 months
  • Break-even:
  • Within a year


Cashing in on a playful biz!

Simba Toys is all geared up to tap tier I and II cities of India.

EXELIXI Management Company Pvt Ltd is a retail franchising and management company launched Germany based Simba Toys, one of the world's leading toymakers, in the Indian market. Simba Toys offers 1,000+ SKUs of toys for all categories of children in the age group of 0-15 years.

Franchisable opportunity

The franchisees of Simba Toys are provided full training for running the store and are empowered with marketing, logistics and IT support. Over a short period, Exelixi has successfully established six Simba stores. The company is looking at opening franchisee-owned and operated stores in all tier I and II cities of the country.

Spreading footprints

Through Exelixi, Simba Toys is currently operating stores in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. In addition, another 10 stores are on the anvil in these cities and  new stores are likely to come up in various tier I and II cities.

Franchise facts

  • Investment: Rs 20 lakh
  • Area: 1,000 sq ft
  • RoI: 15 18%
  • Break-even: 6 months
  • Profit margin: 10 12%


Expression of that sparkling success

Expressions has carved out a niche for itself and is targeting tier I and II cities for expansion.

LAUNCHED in the middle of 2010, Expressions started its first exclusive website in India for speciality retail in the fashion and imitation jewellery. The brand offers an entire range of jewellery which caters to women of all age groups.  The brand has a product basket to suit all pockets starting from Rs 60 to Rs 45,000.

Franchisable opportunity

The brand plans to expand via franchising as it is the best way to expand.

Spreading footprints

The brand plans to open 15 new stores this year and all of them are slated to be franchisee-run.

Franchise facts

  • Investment: Rs 6-18 lakh
  • Area:  70 - 400 sq ft
  • ROI: 38- 46%
  • Break-even: 1.5 years


Nurturing growing business profits

Morph Maternity, a one-stop shop for all your maternity and nursing needs is for sure the most desirable business option.

WHEN Morph Maternity started in 2007 there were no organised players catering to the pregnant Indian women. The Indian consumer today is exposed to the best products and services in the world and also aspires for the same. This creates opportunities for niche specialty players like Morph Maternity to address specific needs.

Franchisable opportunity

Franchising is a good model  and the brand offers an attractive franchise business model for new moms or mompreneurs.

Spreading footprints

The brand plans to expand throughout the country and expecting to roll out 100 stores in the next three to four years.

Franchise facts

  • Investment: Rs 20-25 lakh
  • Area: 500 sq ft
  • RoI: Above 35 %
  • Break-even: Before 2 years


Imitating the shining biz story

Marching ahead, the brand proposes a pocket-friendly proposal with high returns.

LAUNCHED in 2008, Youshine, a specialty retail concept, offers cutting edge fashion jewellery and accessories to young, cosmopolitan Indian women. Youshine is the only 'hybrid' specialty retail brand which has a strong offline and online presence.

Franchisable opportunity

The brand proposes a pocket-friendly proposal with high returns. Also, a complete training package will be provided to the franchisees. Other than training, the franchisees' share the best practices with the brand that has an experience of running their own locations across three major cities.

Spreading footprints

Youshine plans to expand pan-India.

Franchise facts

  • Investment: Rs 8-14 lakh
  • Area: 30-300 sq ft
  • RoI: 30 %
  • Breakeven: Less than one year


The chocolaty taste of profits

Having 1000 successful franchisees in 46 countries, the brand plans to expand in India via franchise route.

L EONIDAS chocolates are made for the purest of traditions: 100% pure cocoa products, 100% taste, 100% quality and 100% freshness. The brand's fresh chocolates are so melt-in-the-mouth, crunchy and delicious. The brand offers a variety of chocolates from dark, milk and white, with fillings of pralines, ganache, house creams, butter creams, fruit centred to name a few.

Franchisable opportunity

Leonidas has over 1,400 stores worldwide in 46 countries, of which over 1,000 are franchise stores. The franchise model has been successful for both, the brand and its franchises and it has helped the brand grow at a very rapid pace. The brand has applied the same model in India and Asia to succeed and be part of the growth story.

Spreading footprints

The company is looking at expanding to priority markets and is currently focusing on New Delhi, Ludhiana, Chandigarh, Gurgaon, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai via the franchise route.

Franchise facts

  • Investment: Rs 27-47 lakh
  • Area: 150-500 sq ft
  • RoI: 40-45%
  • Break-even: 6-8 months


Opening doors to big returns

Having stabilised the production process, the company is all set to opt for franchising.

NATURAL Doors has taken it upon itself to see to it that people's lives are made bright by introducing designer doors. The brand's specialty is designer doors to which the response has been very encouraging. The product has a good market as buyers are curious about it.

Franchisable opportunity

After stabilising the production process and streamlining the manufacturing, treatment and seasoning process, Natural Doors has decided to expand via the franchise mode.

Spreading footprints

The brand is aware of the great market potential

but is in no hurry to compromise with quality. Hence, it will focus on consolidation at every stage and choose the right franchisee for expansion.

Franchise facts

  • Investment: Rs 11 lakh
  • Area: 300 sq ft
  • Break-even: One year
  • ROI: 75 % per annum


The art of making a fortune

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur who wants to own a business in the jewellery sector? Explore the opportunity of making profits in the business of art jewellery, the franchising way.

SINCE its inception in 1995, Sia Art Jewellery, a homegrown retail brand, has consistently accelerated its growth among the players in the organised sector of art jewellery in India. The brand offers a one-stop store offering wide range of women art jewellery and is growing at a great pace. It also boasts of offering unique designer products and complete customer satisfaction serving the diverse needs of all age groups of women.

Franchisable opportunity

Sia believes in the power of the franchise business format, giving all the credit of its rapid growth to its franchisees that have made repeated purchases and recommended the brand to others to benefit from. It assists franchisees in recruiting and training their staff and in marketing of the brand on the national level.

Spreading footprints

Currently, Sia operates 30 stores pan-India, mostly via the franchise model, and 77 shop-in-shops. It is also looking for aggressive pan-India expansion and seeks franchisees that have a passion for customer satisfaction and an ability to penetrate the brand's trail ahead.

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