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Jul, 11 2013

Dealing with a profitable biz

Do you desire to own a business that demands less or no skills and qualification to enter the world of dealer-distribution industry but feel tentative owing to the fact that you are a new entrant into the market? Through this article, let’s have an overvi

ARE you a mother and want to start a business of your own while devoting adequate time to your kids? Or are you a retired army personnel or anyone with basic educational background? Well, if you are somebody falling under these categories, here are some of the low cost business gateways that are offering opportunities as the best choice for you.

With the emerging trend of contemporary lifestyles, various industries in the Indian market have crafted niche position among budding and existing investors. In compliance with the present day scenario, the nascent industry of dealership in coffee vending machine, water purifier and solar energy products has also gone global yielding great demands and profits to both manufacturers and the distributors.

Dealer-distributorship plays a very important role in retailing of products from various sectors. The industry has also developed a huge exclusive commercial product range that is easily available through an exclusive network of dealers and distributors.

With the growing product range and the demands from customers, the industry has developed master distributor business opportunity in the India market. Through master distribution one can avail the license to distribute in a specialised industry in a particular region. It is responsible for business development and servicing all needs of customers and potential customers in a geographical region.

Roll out

Café Desire is currently working on its penetration plan mapped for the complete length and breadth of the country with various strategies in place. The company also has plans to take the brand to the international market. The company has an international division engaged in identifying new markets, apart from the markets like Oman, Dubai and Iran, where the company has already marked its presence. Franchisees and dealers with a passion for the business and who know how to employ the best of the sales skills by doing various cost effective business promotions recommended by the company at regular intervals would be preferred. It provides training to its franchisees to come up to the expectations of the customers pertaining to operations of the franchise business. The company also ensures that its franchisees and sales executives are well equipped with all the required sales tools, sales mechanism and trained via in-house session and field training.

Eureka Forbes is operational in over 145 cities across India and through franchise direct operation in smaller towns.  It has also started using indirect channel to reach out to customers, including 15,000 retail dealers. In addition, there are 60 distributors for industrial products, along with its presence in 39 countries across the globe.

In the last six years, Madhuri Solar has gained a vast experience in designing and manufacturing of solar products, becoming in the process one of the leading manufactures to cater to almost a complete range of customer requirements. It has established a dealer network in almost entire India to take care of marketing, sales and after-sales services of all products. Currently, it has 70 dealers/distributors and is focusing on having 100 dealers / distributors by the end of 2013.

The brand is looking for investors to open Madhuri Solar online shoppe.

Why to choose dealer- distributorship business model?

  • Increases sales & products in existing markets: This is obviously the easiest and most risk-free way to expand as it easily helps to grasp the large market. This tactic may require a bigger location, different pricing strategies and new/improved marketing techniques.
  • Introduce a New Product: Dealer- distributorship is a normal evolution in business, not just an expansion tactic. When positioned as adding value and being responsive to customer needs, this can be a relatively risk-free way to expand.
  • Develop a New Market Segment or Move into New Geography: Both of the areas require cost outlays and uncertainty. Moving the products into new categories or demographic segments requires market research, beta testing and new marketing strategies.
  • High Quality Product: Through dealer-distributorship one can meet high standards of quality (ISO, or the like) and adopt procedures to meet just-in-time delivery. Due diligence and strong contractual arrangements are essential here.

Café Desire

The advantage of dealing with products like coffee and tea in a country like India is great, as Indians are fond of hot beverages. Cafe Desire, a Hyderabad-based coffee vending machine brand, is one of the brands catering to the coffee lovers as well as the investors in the dealer-distributor industry.

The brand started its journey with a vision to become an integral part of everyone's daily lives and success. Today, it has touched thousands of lives daily with its innovative hot beverage solutions. Cafe Desire offers hot beverages, processed in HACCP certified manufacturing plant and dispensed through state-ofthe-art multi-optional vending machines.

The market of vending machines has a great potential as tea and coffee are invariably consumed in India. The use of vending machines in places, including offices, railway stations and airports and even at kiosks has increased a lot and avoids pilferage, retains consistency in quality and hygiene Also, these machines are easy to operate. The industry is estimated to grow at the rate of 25 per annum.

“The brand offers both dealer and franchise models and has a dedicated channel of sales department for company logistics. We are tied up with premium logistics companies to ensure timely supply of products across the country,” says Ghouse Mohiuddin.

Eureka Forbes

The water purifier industry in India is worth Rs. 1,600 crore. The drinking water situation in India is deteriorating every day. Even the quality of water across the country is not the same. There is an increasing demand for more technologically superior purifiers. Not only that, water purifiers once considered as the least important device among other kitchen appliances, is now finding an important place in the luxury interior scheme and aesthetics. People are demanding more stylish and elegant products to go with their home décor. With more and more players entering the market, the industry is poised to grow in 2013 and beyond.

“Eureka Forbes commenced operations with the door-to-door selling business mode. Even today the business model is predominantly direct selling.  Its 7,500-member direct sales force touches 50 million Indian homes, giving 3.5 million demonstrations annually. In fact, Eureka Forbes Limited has pioneered direct selling in India and is now the world's largest direct selling organisation,” says Marzin R. Shroff, CEO, Direct Sales & Senior Vice President (Marketing), Eureka Forbes Limited.

Madhuri Solar

With a vision to providing "Energy for Everyone" using the endless energy from the sun, Madhuri Solar has designed a long-lasting technique that serves a variety of purposes through solar energy. Madhuri Solar is owned by Pearl Enterprises. It has a dedicated technical workforce engaged in the solar energy field for more than a decade and a half. It is a fully vertically integrated solar solution provider with the utmost quality, assurance and reliability.

Madhuri Solar, Pune, is the ultimate result of dedication, a synergy of innovative ideas and commitment. Founded in 2003, with the dedication of committed technical people, it has grown rapidly over the last five years with a diversified product range focusing entirely on solar energy based products. The company is one of the pioneers in dealing with solar photovoltaic (solar lighting) systems.

The dealer-distributorship model makes business easy and enjoyable for both investors and customers to maintain strong relationships. Distributors, whose systems integrate easily with company systems, gain a cost advantage. “Distributors have very competitive markets. For the external customer, the speed of response, the accuracy of information such as lead-time data, and quality care across all contact points affect future orders. Getting customer service right is a “must” for sustained business growth,” says Sanjay Deshpande, Founder, Madhuri Solar.

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