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Jul, 11 2013

Beauty of swimming in sea of money

In the age of stiff competition in the ever growing beauty industry, here's a profitable opportunity to invest in offbeat skincare products by Premier Dead Sea, which is a one-stop solution for all skin problems. Oren Shani, CEO, Premier Dead Sea, in a ch

Share with us the details of your brand, Premier Dead Sea.

Premier was established in 1990 after decades of manufacturing skincare products for other companies by a group of experts in dermatology and cosmetics with years of experience and knowledge in the unique components of the Dead Sea. After discovering the sagging effects of space travel to the skin of astronauts, Premier Centre for Research embarked on a mission to address the problem and actually discovered a whole new process for the treatment of skin in day-to-day life. Premier is a skincare company which uses only the most advanced cosmetics technology, in combination with, the famed minerals from the Dead Sea.

What kind of franchise opportunity does Premier Dead Sea offer?

With our set of unique products Premier Dead Sea provides the best opportunity to its franchisees in three formats. Of the three formats first is the Kiosk format; second is the Signature Store, which is located on a high street in very unique areas. The target consumer for signature format is high-end population which is our target audience. Third is the Salt Spa and this format is located on a high street or in a shopping area.

What kind of growth have you achieved so far and what are your expansion plans?

We have recently touched the shores of the Indian market. We have three working kiosks (Pune, Mumbai & Bangalore) and are looking forward to opening five more in Hyderabad, Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai and Bangalore. Also, for all those who have a fetish for spas we will soon be coming up with two Salt Spas  one in Delhi and the other in Mumbai and will be opening a signature store soon too and it is in Mumbai.

Tell us about a strategy which your brand has adopted for franchise development.

We at Premier Dead Sea believe in an active approach! Here we invite the customer to try the products (free of cost) so that they know what they are investing their money in. Also, at the events which we have, our lady trainers demonstrate and introduce our products to the audience.

What challenges have you faced so far?

The biggest challenge that we have faced so far is to find appropriate trainees who would understand the brand and represent it correctly. Since we have a unique technique of selling, this makes it hard to train employees that have already worked in retail and are accustomed to the normal method they have worked with.

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