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Dec, 16 2013

Revealing the secrets of innerwear business

The company has built some most powerful brands in lingerie segment like VIP, Frenchie, Eminence, Feelings etc. With an annual turnover of Rs. 275 Cr, Maxwell Industries is growing persistently with constant innovations in its style and products. In a tê

Brief us about inception and growth of Maxwell.

Maxwell Industries Ltd. is engaged in manufacturing and marketing of  innerwear. The business was started in the year 1971 with a vision to give shape to the then unorganised lingerie sector and thus VIP brand was born as a tribute to the discerning Indian customer. The brand is now synonymous with quality undergarments all over India. In the last 40 years the company has built powerful brands like VIP, Frenchie, Frenchie X, Feelings, Leader, BRAT, Eminence and Inners. Since then the brand has constantly innovated itself and grown by leaps and bounds.

What prompted you to take franchise route for expansion?

Our exclusive innerwear store “Inners the innerwear studio” is a significant step in the direction of creating new, unique and holistic product experience for consumers at the retail level. It is a point of sale that also provides an opportunity to offer innovative products based on consumer preference / suggestions / psyche.

Share with us the USP of your brand.

Our store offers latest styles and colours to the customers to take a well informed decision. This store will be a one-stop solution for consumers and will provide exclusivity and uniqueness in terms of range, ambience and visual display. The ambience will be vibrant as well as classy targeting contemporary upwardly mobile consumer segment.

What according to you is the scope for aspiring franchisees in this business?

Innerwear is one of the fastest growing sectors in the country. The consumer perception has also changed towards the product and the point of consumption. The business model is completely intact and has a bright future. Possibly this will be one of the strongest business model that will emerge in India in the future.

While taking the franchise route, your key focus is on which brand out of all?

The focus is on creating 'Inners' as a Place for consuming / purchasing Innerwear and loungewear for the family. For this, the brand will ensure that the franchisee follow the clear guidelines that has been set so that the identity and the imagery of the brand coincides.

Shed light on your expansion plans. Which cities are you tapping for expansion?

We have set out a target to open around 100 stores in the next four years. We look forward to make our presence pan-India.

Franchise facts

  • Area: 300 Sq. ft.
  • Investment: Approx Rs. 10 Lakh
  • RoI: 38%
  • Breakeven: 18 Months
  • Current stores: 7
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