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Nov, 03 2012

Giving wings to biz dreams

How to spot the gap that is holding a mom back from becoming an entrepreneur? How can a mompreneur have consistent cash flow and a good business? What it takes to build a powerful business that is built to last? The answer to all these questions is taki

Why is franchise business opportunity apt for mompreneurs? Moms, who want to do more, require a path that travels between the pressure hours of a start-up, where everything rests in them, and the long hours of a job, where the boss calls the shots. For most mothers, who do not enjoy being in an ownership position of a mature enterprise, this mid-way solution is a franchise business. As its corporate social responsibility, Franchise India seeks to empower mothers who want to do more with the franchise opportunity of their choice.

From home-maker to money-maker

A health and beauty brand’s franchisee narrates her story thus: “I began to think about multiple opportunities as a career when my boy was five years old. After talking to many entrepreneurs and consultants, I finally wondered if there was a way for moms to care for their families as well as earn a living.  My family being supportive and getting a lucrative franchise opportunity led to the fulfilment of my passion again. Today after choosing to leave the corporate world behind, I have chosen to be an entrepreneurial mom by running a franchise of health and beauty brand.  I am happier than I've ever been. What does that mean? It simply means that I have chosen to maximise my potential and be my own employer. “

It’s just not about her, there are many success stories of mompreneurs  who have been managing their family and business amazingly well, just because they had an option of either running a business from home or choosing a franchise business that only required a few hours.

Priyanka khosla, Director,  Kinderpillar, says:  “ Being a mompreneur myself, I believe its sufficient for a mom to spare 5-6 hours five days a week to be successful, especially if one is running an early education business. Secondly, it is very important for every woman entrepreneur to have a professional team under her who can run the business even in case of her absence because being a mompreneur, one has to fit well in business and family frame at the same time.”

Each mother’s role varies from time to time. Mothers of kids under 12 and over 12 are entirely different. The time devotion pattern of a mompreneur also varies from a mother who is rearing school going children to the one who has grownup kids. After talking to more than 50 mompreneurs, we have realised that if a woman can spare four hours five days a week, she can run most of the franchise business options available. The categories that fall under the most preferred franchise opportunities are education and training, health and beauty, home-based services business and specialty retail.

Homework before picking the right biz

Be it a man or a woman, before finalising or investing in any franchise business, first find your niche. After finalising it, check your pocket and accounts as you need to invest your hard earned money. Then, see what it is you want to achieve in your business and then start.  Keep in mind that this will take time, patience and commitment. It is not easy and the support of family and friends will be needed. Your family must understand the sacrifices that you have chosen to make so that you can make your franchise successful.

Says Lina Ashar, Founder, KKEL: “It is not possible for any mompreneur to run any kind of business without family’s support. Also every mompreneur must keep a Plan B or a substitute ready as she being a home-maker might need her replacement or substitute frequently for smooth functioning of business.”

Also, a woman must not forget that by becoming an entrepreneur she will not have a ‘ get rich’ scheme. Therefore, set realistic goals. Foster your franchise business as you would your child. So before taking that stride towards your entrepreneurial goal, just don’t let everyone make decisions for your financial freedom.

In this issue we have cherry-picked hundreds of franchise business opportunities from across the globe with varied investments and requisites, keeping the multi-tasking mothers in mind. As per your requisite and time frame, invest in the best franchise opportunity and make your dream come true.


Learning early for big biz rewards

With the education sector emerging as the most popular business sector for women, especially mompreneurs, Eurokids leads the way offering unique business avenues in preschool education that suit mompreneurs, helping them to strike a judicious balance between family responsibilities and work.

LAUNCHED in 2001 with modest beginnings, EuroKids International Ltd is India's largest preschool education provider and children's book publishing company. From two  preschools to a staggering network of 880 centres, spread over 300 cities and towns, over a period of a decade, the organisation is rightfully ranked as the largest preschool educator having nurtured more than 2,00,000 children so far. With a vision to become the world's dominant preschool education provider, the group is making successful forays into other markets, such as the Middle East, Asia-Pacific and SAARC countries, including Nepal and Dubai among others.

Opportunities in store for moms

EuroKids provides an ideal opportunity for mompreneurs. The preschools are held in residential areas and if the areas permit (based on the size and clear demarcations), mompreneurs can reside and operate the preschool in the same area.

Franchise facts

  • Investment: Rs 8-12 lakh
  • Area: 1500-2000 sq ft
  • RoI: 18 months


Packaging a profitable venture

In a bid to offer an opportunity to mompreneurs, Shalini Beriwal kick-started the only one of its kind packaging franchise that makes it possible for a mother to balance both her family and business with ease.

MAGNIFICENCE'S Academy of Packaging Professionals is a unit of Magnificence by Shalini Beriwal, which was established in 2002. Magnificence's Academy of Packaging Professionals is a landmark institute that aims at directing enthusiasts wanting to excel in the field of packaging by giving them professional knowledge and practical training while nurturing their creative aptitude.

Opportunities in store for moms

The brand offers a perfect blend of creativity and entrepreneurial skills for mompreneurs who are artistic and such mothers can cash in on the packaging franchise. The Magnificence franchise provides two business models meant mainly for mompreneurs. The first business model is christened Magnificence's Academy of Packaging Professionals (MAPP), a training academy for professional packaging, and the second one is Pretty Packings, a retail store for fashionable quality products and the creation of unique ready- to-use packaging and tailor-made systems. Gift packaging is a tailor-made business opportunity for mompreneurs.

Franchise facts


  • Investment: Rs 5-15 Lakh
  • Area: 400-800 Sq. ft
  • RoI: Within one year
  • Break-even: Within a quarter


Bagging a lucrative business

With an aim to provide excellent world class textile bags and accessories, Adore Me offers mompreneurs a low investment business opportunity that promises high returns.

ADORE Me is a textile bags and accessories brand of fashion house MNR exports Pvt Ltd. The brand is all set to launch its new franchise business model. It aims at fusing the best of design with high production values to acquire stringent quality standards of international fashion to win intercontinental accolades.

Opportunities in store for moms

The brand boasts of being the first organised company to offer textile based designer bags.  Adore Me manufactures, exports and operates in both wholesale as well as retail segments. With the introduction of their franchise model, the brand is looking for franchisees, including mompreneurs, to partner with. The model is apt for mompreneurs as it requires low investment with the promise of a high RoI without needing them to devote fixed and long hours of office work.

Franchise facts



  • Investment: Rs 12-15 lakh
  • Area: 75-100 sq ft

Exclusive Brand Outlets 

  • Investment: Rs 20 lakh
  • Area: 200-300 sq ft

Shop-in- shop

  • Investment: Investment on revenue sharing basis
  • Area: 50-60 sq.ft


‘Selling’ rich biz dreams directly

Capitalising on the merits of direct selling in India, Modicare, a leading player in direct selling, provides great business opportunities to mompreneurs in this sunrise sector.

MODICARE, a name in the sector of direct selling, has benefited many individuals who desire an opportunity to earn an income and build a business of their own. It offers an alternative to traditional employment for those who are looking for a flexible income earning opportunity to supplement their household income, or whose responsibilities or circumstances do not allow regular employment. The strength of the brand lies in its tradition of independence, service to consumers and commitment to entrepreneurial growth. Modicare offers world class products in multiple categories like nutrition, health & wellness, skincare, colour cosmetics, personal care, home care, laundry care, food & beverage, auto care & agriculture.

Opportunities in store for moms

It should be noted that the world over, a majority of direct sellers are homemakers and mompreneurs who work on a part-time basis. Modicare business offers one the freedom and flexibility of doing this business in the comfort of one's home and within one's network of people. It does not require one to really go out and sell and there is no huge cost involved to start the business. All one needs is to organise home meetings and gatherings at one's own place inviting close friends, relatives and neighbours.

Distributor facts


  • Investment: Rs 700 (joining fee)
  • Age criterion: Anyone above 18 years
  • Preferred location: Pan-India


A blooming opportunity

Aiming to provide excellent services in the sector of flower arrangements and gifting solutions, the company is looking for mompreneurs as potential franchisees, offering them high business returns.

IN a predominantly unorganised floral industry, Florista has carved out a niche for itself by maintaining consistency in quality of products and services offered to its customers. The brand has won accolades for its professionalism. Having established itself in the market with a steady customer base, it started franchising in 2008 with all its business systems well set and a dedicated customer care centre to cater to the demands from across the world.

Opportunities in store for moms

The brand provides a great opportunity to mompreneurs for taking up its franchise business that involves very low risk. The brand offers a strong base to start with and tried and tested models to rely on. It also provides training to its franchisees in areas such as flower rates, flower arrang-ement techniques, store essentials and operations, staff management, flower purchase, event décor management and delivery procedure. Training is provided for handling customer orders from local, national and international markets on order management software.

Franchise facts

  • Investment: Rs 8-10 lakh
  • Area: 300 sq.ft (prime residential/ commercial)
  • Location: Tier- I & II cities


Richness of beauty(full) returns

In the beauty & wellness service industry, Mary Kay has paved the way beautifully for the growth of mompreneurs offering them low investment but profitable business avenues.

FOLLOWING the method of distributing cosmetic products through direct selling, Mary Kay has groomed the lives of many women across the world. The brand rewards mompreneurs with an apt business opportunity that allows them to work from home. With the Mary Kay opportunity, one can design one's own idea of success. One can sell products part time and earn extra money to supplement one's income.

The journey of the brand commenced from the year 1963 with a mission to enrich women's lives. Today, it is one of the largest direct sellers of skincare and colour cosmetics in the world and its products are sold in more than 35 markets around the world. In India, the brand began its business in 2007 and received great response and recognition.

Opportunities in store for moms

Mary Kay offers business opportunities to mompreneurs who cannot devote fixed hours of work at the office but can work from home. On joining the business, mompreneurs get unlimited earning opportunities by selling highly efficacious cosmetic products as well as other rewards like diamond rings, international trips and the iconic, Mary Kay Career Car. To help mompreneurs do the business, the company invests a lot in education programmes that address the franchisees' product knowledge and development of their business and customer service skills.

Distributor facts

  • Mary Kay beauty consultant: Any woman above 18 years
  • Investment: Rs 850 joining fee for startup business tools & basic skincare products


Joy of earning profits playfully

If you love kids and want to provide them the best play way method, grab the business opportunity of maintaining a toy library that will also allow you to earn big revenue.

THE idea of profiting from a play way method has given recognition to a unique brand of toy library in Chandigarh. The brand got thumbs up from many parents who buy toys for their kids knowing fully well that their child would play with them only for as long as a week before losing interest in these playthings turning them into junk. Now the toy library will fulfil their child's ever fleeting joy of playing with toys, sparing them the situation of having to junk these toys.

Opportunities in store for moms

The brand has a total of eight franchisees, of which six are mompreneurs. The concept of renting toys via the franchise model has turned out to be a success among mompreneurs as the overhead costs are minimal. A toy library can be started from home without requring dedicated hours of work. The rush is mainly in the evenings, when even a homemaker has finished her daily chores.

To seek the franchise of Rent Me Toy, a franchisee needs to have a basic knowledge of computers to fetch the orders online as well as the capacity to work for 2-3 hours in the evening. Besides, the brand provides for a third party support in case the franchisee is willing to take their services. To avoid relocation hassles, all training is carried out online.

Franchise facts

  • Investment: Rs 3 lakh
  • Area: 400 sq ft
  • Preferred location: Metros, tier I & II cities
  • RoI: 5-7% per month
  • Break-even: 4-5 months


Key to a successful venture

As a unique concept offering services in multiple intelligence testing, genetic and aptitude test, Brain Key is vying for attention of mompreneurs aggressively.

STARTING business from a small location of Mehsana, Gujarat, and reaching a substantial figure of 18 franchise branches in a span of just six months, is worth applause. Brain Key, a brand of One Step Solutions, offering services in multiple intelligence testing, genetic and aptitude test. Presently, the brand is reaching out to people through its 18 franchise branches, of which 15 are based in various cities of Gujarat, one in Mumbai and two in the international market.

Opportunities in store for moms

The brand looks forward to seek mompreneurs as its potential franchisees. This is owing to the fact that the concept of intelligence testing, genetic and aptitude test primarily deals with kids and teenagers and mothers/ women are believed to have a better understanding of these facets of a child's development process. Women, who are homemakers can seek the franchise of Brain Key. The company provides the franchisees all technical and marketing assistance, along with the initial training to run the business.

Franchise facts

  • Investment: Rs 3 lakh
  • Area: 400 sq ft
  • Preferred location: Metros, tier I & II cities
  • RoI: 5-7% per month
  • Break-even: 4-5 months


Polishing for that shiny income

Laundries for your favourite pair of footwear is not uncommon. However, owning the franchise of a shoe laundry is suitable for mompreneurs. Sandeep Gajakas, Founder and Owner of The Shoe Laundry, claims to have the perfect business model for fulfilling the aspirations of mompreneurs.

THE brand, the concept and the service, everything about this brand is unique. The Shoe Laundry is India's first professional international footwear laundry and refurbishing service since 2003. “ShoeVival  The Shoe Laundry” is our franchise brand and we are the final authority in footwear laundry and refurbishing and have thousands of satisfied customers from all walks of life. There is no competition in this sector and the need for this service is never ending.

Opportunities in store for moms

The Shoe Laundry has a workshop-based model and even our store front business model requires the business owner to get the work done by the staff, do scheduling and coordinate things. This does not need them to be tied down to a desk for extended periods. The working hours are also suitable for managing work and domestic responsibilities.


Franchise facts

  • Investment: Rs 6-7.5 lakh
  • Area: 350-400 sq ft
  • Break-even: 10-18 months
  • Profit-margin: 40-50%


Saying hello to profits!

Through a no royalty model, Hello Kids expects to make a strong footprint in the pre-school industry.

FROM a humble start in 2005, Hello Kids began its journey initially in Bengaluru and was running three centres successfully before actually venturing into franchising in 2009. Currently, the brand boasts of 170+ outlets spread across 22+ states of India. They are regarded as the pioneers in launching India's first preschool brand with a concept of ‘No royalty’.  Their concept is reckoned to be the best in the industry with western standards and a mixed curriculum for nursery and Montessori Method.

Opportunities in store For moms

When asked about tapping the mompreneurs for their brand’s franchise, Pritam Agrawal, Director at Hello Kids, said: “Yes, as a preschool franchisor  I can say that preschool is definitely the best business opportunity for a mompreneur. It’s great to associate with moms as they can understand kids' requirements very well, be it related to toys, books, clothing, etc. In terms of criteria they follow for recruiting the mompreneurs, Hello Kids generally scouts for ladies and mompreneurs with interest in education and passion for kids. As it's a service based industry, the brand expects that its mompreneurs would have lots of determination, patience and multi-tasking capability. By partnering with Hello Kids, the mompreneurs can achieve a profit margin of Rs 2.4 lakh per annum (rural) and Rs 3.6Rs 6 lakh (Urban).

Franchise facts

  • Investment: NA
  • Area:  500 sq.ft
  • RoI: 100-300%
  • Break-even: 6 months


Benefits of playful renting  is all set to make a mark in the kids' toy rental industry by offering a low cost opportunity to the mompreneurs.

WAY back in 2012, Neeta Verma started Rentoys, an online toy rental company that provides branded toys on rent for kids. It brings the best in class, internationally recognised toy brands on your t doorsteps at very minimal prices without compromising on quality of toys and safety of the kids.

Opportunities in store for moms

Currently, is running stores in Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Pune and Mumbai and are also looking to expand to other cities of India. Out of five centres, four are being run by mompreneurs. For moms, offers minimal initial set-up pain as processes are well defined, structured and transparent. No overhead of IT support - centrally managed systems. offers online and offline model s which make it convenient for housewives, depending on their availability.

The company offers onsite training and makes it more hassle-free for mompreneurs. So, what makes a preferred opportunity for mothers? Being related to kids and toys, it's easy for mothers to connect with the concept, value and impact. The model can be run from home or store depending on time and space commitment and it gives flexibility. In addition, their systems take away the pain of managing day-to-day operations. On an expansion front, plans to expand pan- India with a target of tapping tier I and II cities.


Franchise facts

  • Investment: Rs 50,000
  • Area: Online (100-150 sq ft)  offline: 250+ sq ft


Big returns of women empowerment

With an endeavour to empower women so that they become self-reliant, the National Textile Corporation has started StreeVijay programme to offer a unique opportunity to women.

NATIONAL Textile Corporation is a modern state-of-the-art organisation that’s fully equipped to handle all needs of the customers. The expects to hit a turnover of Rs 100 crore from 100 store by 2014 and Rs 200-225 crore from 300 stores by 2016. The company would be exploring franchise route for further expansion. Their target of 300 retail showrooms involves a mixture of franchise and company-owned retail outlets.

Opportunities in store for moms

Raasa, their another brand offers a range of home furnishing that’s specially designed for Indian homes. NTC has a programme called ‘StreeVijay’ which allows mothers to utilize their multi-faceted talents in becoming entrepreneurs.  NTC has always believed that consumers in India deserve to get high quality products at a fair and reasonable price. Through the StreeVijay initiative which seeks to empower Indian women, NTC appoints women as StreeVijay Members. As a StreeVijay member, women can buy products directly from NTC as direct agents of the company as well as appoint sub agents under them and earn attractive fees on the sales doe by their sub agents. On an expansion side, StreeVijay in phase 1, the company is targeting to be present across Indian in the top 50 markets. Bulk of the company’s operations for its brand Raasa would be driven by the StreeVijay programme and is going to actively seek out at least 40,000 such mompreneurs across these 50 markets.

Compiled by TFW Bureau.


Franchise facts

  • Investment: Rs 8,000-10,000
  • Area: Can be operated from home
  • RoI: 110%
  • Profit margin: 35 %
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