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May, 21 2012


Quiznos, the second biggest sub-chain in the world with over 3,600 restaurants in over 35 countries, is synonymous with uncompromising quality. Mohit Mathur, CEO, Quiznos India, tells Beny Sachdeva about the brand's customisation to suit the Indian palate

What is Quiznos all about?

The little sub- shop that started over 30 years ago in Denver, CO, still has the same bold ideas that we had in the beginning. At Quiznos, you can make your meal. It is a pioneer of the toasted sandwich with premium ingredients, chef-inspired flavours and menu variety.

What is the USP of Quiznos?

Quality food.

How do you see the company's growth in the coming years?

In India in less than six months we have seven restaurants and four more are under construction. We see ourselves touching 150+ restaurants across India in the next two years.

Why do you want to expand via the franchise business model in India?

Quiznos follows the franchise model worldwide; we have systems and operations in place which are designed to make franchises successful. In India we see young generation that has an entrepreneurial instinct, and if provided the right opportunity they are willing to work hard and make their business successful.

Training and support are essential in the franchise business model. What are your comments regarding the same?

We provide four weeks of in-store training with a certification process. In addition, we also provide them access to an online portal where they can log in for ongoing learning. We also have a mandatory weekly call and meeting with all franchisees to make sure we communicate and take care of all their needs. We have a GM franchise operations person on board responsible for all ongoing support activities.

Which are the cities you are looking at to expand?

We are looking at Goa, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Cochin, Vizag and all major cities in north.

What kind of competition do you see for your brand, and what will be your strategies to overcome it?

There are not many sub-chains in India at this time, so the competition is limited. We constantly work on our menu and pricing strategies to stay ahead of our competitors.

What kind of customisation are you planning to do to suit the Indian taste buds?

We have more than 40 per cent of our menu designed for the Indian palate. We offer vegetarian manchurian sub and vegetarian korma curry that are very popular among our customers.

What will be your preferred business models-kiosks, small stores, or big stores?

We would prefer opening a combination of kiosks and small stores. Big stores will be a few in numbers.


Franchising since: 1981

Break-even: 18-24 months


Small Format: Rs 30-35 lakh

Large Format: Rs 45 lakh

Area Required: 325+ sq ft

No. of franchise outlets across the world: 3,600

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