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Jul, 10 2012


The field of health, wellness and fitness has become more lucrative for entrepreneurs, as the fruit of doing business in the same has proved to be quite 'nutritious.' For professionals specialising in the health, fitness and wellness sector, this means a

AS the saying goes, a healthy body means a healthy mind. At Diet Mantra powered by Namita Jain, takes care of both. Diet Mantra is the first nationwide professionally managed, franchisee run, diet and wellness clinic where dietitians, under the supervision of Namita Jain, provide individual consultancy to clients seeking wellness.

After it, it is the turn of wellness revolution. Wellness is the new buzz. One can compromise on anything but wellness. A 27-year-old Nisha left no stone unturned in a bid to lose weight. After a year of her fight with her body weight, she was diagnosed with hormonal imbalance. She was assailed by worries till she got herself treated at Diet Mantra. Diet Mantra is not like any other clinic; it is a clinic where one's wellness is taken care of. A pioneer in the country, Diet Mantra powered by Namita Jain is the official nutrition partner to Femina Miss India. After training the Miss India contestants Namita's diet mantras are now be available for each and everyone to make them fit and healthy.

According to CNBC reports, weight loss is an annual 55 billion dollar industry globally, and the fact most relevant for us is that in India, the diet and wellness market is estimated to be over 25 billion and interestingly, it is growing at the rate of more than 25% annually, an untapped industry which can greatly contribute to a healthy nation. Looking at the void in an unorganised wellness market in India, Diet Mantra, a nationwide network of diet and wellness clinics, has joined hands with India's top nutritionist and wellness expert Namita Jain to train its dietitians with her years of expertise and equip them with her tried and tested fitness/ wellness mantras.

The USP of the brand is 'no dieting but editing of diet'. The brand believes that this is the mantra that underlies an individual's fitness and wellness. Commenting on the importance of the right kind of food in ensuring good health, Namita Jain says: “The right kind of food is the most important factor in the promotion of health, and the wrong kind of food is the most important factor in the promotion of disease. With Diet mantra clinics, I can reach out to each and everyone across India to promote wellness through proper diet.” Another specialty of the brand is its customised diet plans for everyone and a diet diary, which is mandatory and is maintained for all clients across all clinics.

Besides diet plans, the brand will take care of disease management. Diet Mantra powered by Namita Jain offers special diet plans for ailments like hypertension, diabetes, thyroid-related disease, osteoporosis, which are specially developed by Namita. The brand aims at making Diet Mantra a friendly neighbourhood clinic chain and also associating with top international pharmaceutical companies to work in close tandem for disease management.

Franchise for a fruitful growth

Every business needs an apt platform for growth. There are various ways of achieving vertical growth in a business, but to achieve horizontal growth nothing is better than the franchise business model. The franchise business model has always been a win-win situation for both franchisor and franchisee. For Diet Mantra, the brilliance of its concept and the philosophy of 'no dieting but editing of diet', with low investment and a high ROI business model makes it a unique opportunity for franchise seekers.

When asked about the logic behind choosing the franchise model, Aditi Srivastava, Director, Diet Mantra, said: “The brand aims at strengthening its presence across the length and breadth of the nation via franchising. Also, through the franchise business model Diet Mantra will have an in-depth knowledge of the local market resulting in effective marketing and business control.”

As everyone at Diet Mantra is quiet confident of the concept, they are looking for entrepreneurs or professionals who wish to be a part of the ever-growing diet and wellness industry to share their vision of making India fitter and healthier.

The brand operates through two business franchise models, multi-unit and single-unit franchise. It depends on the geography of the town, population strata and per capita income that decide the capacity of a franchisee to work via single-unit or multi-unit franchises.

On a healthy expansion

While Diet Mantra is all set to launch 50 more clinics this year, the brand aims at taking its count to 300 by 2013. On the brand's strategy for operating the franchisee-run clinics Aditi says: “These clinics are being set up by franchisees. But we will take care that the operations and the quality control remain with the corporate office. All the dietitians will be trained and monitored on a daily basis by a team of professionals led by Namita Jain through specially designed softwares.”

Diet Mantra's model will be a gentle mix of company-owned and franchisee - run clinics. Presently, they have 15 franchisee-owned centres pan-India from Mumbai to Amritsar, with major spread being in North India, and they are shortly coming up with five company-owned clinics. Not just India, the brand is all set to spread its wings across the globe as they already have queries from neighbouring countries. They will target the SAARC countries and the Middle East in the first phase of international expansion.

To make this concept available across India, initially the brand will open clinics in Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Pune, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Chennai, Indore, Bhopal, Baroda, Surat, Lucknow, Kanpur, Nagpur and Goa.

Talking about spreading its wings in the second phase and sharing her business plans Aditi says: “It's a pocket-friendly concept and anyone, who has a strong will to make India healthy, can join our franchise network. The minimum area required for a Diet Mantra clinic is only 500 sq ft and the minimum investment is just Rs 10 -15 lakh.”

Also, as their concept is of a neighbourhood clinic, they prefer locations in the vicinity of the residential areas. But for metros and Tier I cities, Diet Mantra is looking for high-street places.

Guidebook for balanced growth

Business growth without training and support is not feasible. As far as wellness business is concerned, it is about the day- to-day interaction with clients. So it is imperative for the brand to maintain similar standards of service across each clinic. In order to cater to high expectations of clients and for ensuring the brand doesn't get diluted, Diet Mantra has especially designed training programmes in the form of manuals keeping in mind the various business backgrounds of franchisees to make their everyday operations smooth and effective and special diet tools for dieticians.

Training at Diet

Mantra is given by different specialists who are on their panel, and by head of departments, which results in no deviation from the goals envisaged by the training. After a lot of research and consultation they have built a robust training module which supports franchisees in meeting business goals effectively and efficiently. For its clients, all franchisees are also given specially designed Jaldi Fit Dvds for Diet Mantra Clients by Namita Jain.

The brand also organises regular training and refresher training sessions for franchisees and their team on issues pertaining to processes, technology, sales and marketing skills. To ensure high standards of quality and healthy results, Namita Jain herself provides training to dieticians for effective results.

After associating with Diet Mantra, franchisees are also periodically offered training programmes regarding the latest trends in the industry. They are also offered training modules for CRM software which is given by the national head. Training in soft skills, emailing ethics, client handling and processes is done by the head of operations. Besides, the brand organises regular workshops to remove any deficiencies in providing effective services.

In the wellness industry, healthcare and fitness business thrives only on strong client relationships and sustained results in the long run. Therefore, the brand keeps a close check on the quality of service provided to clients, through various processes and audits.They ensure the similarity by giving their franchisee the franchise manual at the very onset, along with the 3D walkthrough layout plans, and through their regular visits, leaving no scope for discrepancies. So once a franchisee is all set for a renowned name as his label, the brand will hand over a specially formulated franchise operations manual which is a Bible for the franchise for ensuring all the standards are met to enhance the overall experience of customers.

Profile of Namita Jain

Namita Jain is undoubtedly India's No 1 wellness expert, who has qualified from the US and is associated with a leading hospital of Mumbai as nutrition expert. She has more than 20 years of experience in healthcare and fitness. She has penned down over six hot selling books, including Jaldi Fit series for Times of India and her famous Book 4 Week Countdown Diet, which changed the life of Bollywood diva Deepika Padukone. She is a regular diet & fitness columnist for Mumbai Times and Mumbai Mirror. She has joined hands with Diet Mantra to share her expertise across the nation. Namita Jain is a highly respected authority in the wellness industry. She holds prestigious international certifications in several fitness-related disciplines and has been actively involved in the wellness space for over 20 years. Namita eats, breathes and lives her fitness mantra by promoting health and fitness as a way of life.

Franchise facts

Investment: Rs 10-15 lakh

ROI: 75-125%

Employee cost per sq ft: Rs 140/ sq. ft

Working Capital: Rs 5 lakh

Payback period: 8-12 months

Marketing cost: 20% of sales

Area: 500 sq. ft

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