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Jan, 04 2012


Rome was not built in a day, but certain businesses were. We all know that to start a business one needs capital, area and location, but how about capitalising on your skills? The initial investment does not burn a hole in your pocket and you can earn moo

WHY to wait for the right time or opportunity, when the luck is at your side. Dump your job and be your own boss this year. Some entrepreneurs in website designing discuss their success stories and how they are riding high on this business.

Believe it or not 99 per cent entrepreneurs wanted to start something of their own and the reason is obvious- money. Sagar Dilip Karne, Business Partner, 1 Pixel Designs, supports this fact and says: “I always wanted to start something of my own so that I have enough money and time for my family.”

Most businessmen were into jobs before starting their own venture. For example Sirish Kumar Agrawal, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Founder of A1 Future Technologies, says: “I have believed that to enjoy, turn your hobby into a career. This inspired me to start offering Internet services.”

Good things come in small packages holds true for website design business. Though, a small-scale business, it also gives you a chance to be affiliated with big brands, who become your permanent clients.

Funds no problem

The website design business does not require you to take loan or spend your entire savings. Mostly, the website design business is self-funded. The website business can be started with as minimum investment of rupees one lakh. To start this business, one does not have to think twice, as more than money what matters is your IT skills and creativity. Besides, it is low on cost and provides you with huge benefits.

Most entrepreneurs believe that location does not play any role in website design business. So, there is no cost of location.

Branch out...

What attracts customers to your website designing company? It offers same services, then why should a customer choose you? Distinctiveness in services easily finds customers. Some web companies offer services like search engine optimisation (SEO), social media optimisation (SMO), designing logo etc. But many companies have adopted certain key differentiators that make them stand tall.

“A1 Future Technologies has a team of over 120 full-time in-house designers, who can work in any style for any industry,” says Agrawal. Customers of Magnon Solutions Pvt Ltd get a single window service provider for all their digital media needs ranging from e-retailing to robust email solutions and specialised brand sites.

The highly experienced team of CMI Technologies Pvt Ltd, including diversified technical skills, are committed towards quality, flexible client management and on time delivery of project.

Market your biz via website

A good corporate website is like the face of a company and plays an important role in marketing a company by reaching widespread customers. Vineet Bajpai, CEO, Magnon Solutions, believes: “Today, people are buying products and services online with a lot more confidence and security than ever before. Be it a small motel in Agra that gets room bookings online or cinemas selling tickets online; the online marketplace is buzzing like never before and smart small businesses are cashing on this opportunity. Your online store is a virtual sales office that never closes, works tirelessly and efficiently at perhaps the lowest possible operating costs. At Magnon we have assisted over 200 SMEs in creating and promoting online stores.”

Today, website has become a necessity for any business. Whatever service or product you have, a website is a 'MUST' have. According to Akash Pandya, Business Manager of CMI Technologies: “India's Internet population is expected to be around 500 million, 100 million broadband connections and 100 million connected devices by 2012, provided infrastructural bottlenecks are removed and 3G and Wi Max networks are rolled out early. So from that perspective, for any small business sector or a large scale enterprise, a modern and a well presented website is the need of hour, as it explains the products, services, background and the contact information of an organization.”

Karne further elaborates on the significance of having a website: “A website helps in market expansion, has low cost than print or TV advertising, it is convenient for clients, improves the credibility of a company and helps you gain more followers.” As per Anil Mehta, MD, Royalways Technologies:" To make any business technically sound, one needs a website, which is the basic requirement to start with. Too many techniques like SEO, SEM, SMO etc are used to optimise and enhance business potential which is only possible after enabling online global presence of the business through its website."

Reap rich rewards

The rewards boast you to achieve milestones and website design business bestows rich rewards once you have proved your worth. A1 Future Technologies has been ranked as one of the top five logo design companies in the world and has been awarded by various organisations like ICICI Bank, CNBC TV 18, National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM) etc.

Magnon Solutions Pvt. Ltd has recently won Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Award 2011. Their clientele includes government organisations like the Ministry of Finance, NGOs like Helpage India, universities like Jamia Millia Islamia and Delhi University, Indian Army and even individual professionals and artists.

Myriad expansion options

Website designing is the most hassle free business to expand. In this business, sky is the limit for expansion and has no geographical boundaries. With a team of over 300, 1 Pixel Designs will soon be a company with a turnover of over Rs 3 crore annually.

A1 Technologies plans to grow 10 times in the next five years. Similarly, Magnon Solutions Pvt Ltd has grown from a three-member unit to a 160-member strong team in just 10 years. They are now planning growth under the three broad heads of web solutions (domestic), online advertising and outsourcing and are looking to scale up to over 500 people in the next three years.

Franchising fortune

Franchising has found its way in small and medium website design enterprises as well. Many entrepreneurs are actively considering franchising as an option for expansion and companies like 1 Pixel Designs are already into it and plan to open their outlets in New Zealand and Australia too. A1Technologies is also on a look out for franchisees.

Bajpai asserts: “We are looking forward to franchise partners in order to tap huge potential in tier-II and III cities. The need for web-based solutions is growing in small cities like Lucknow, Kanpur, Ludhiana, Bhopal, Coimbatore etc. However, these cities don't have world-class digital solutions providers. Magnon will soon be looking out for franchise partners in these cities and will enable them to build digital businesses through extensive training, technology support and process standardisation.”

Face-off challenges

Challenge is another name of business, but one needs to tackle it with jaunty spirits. Bajpai shares his thoughts: “The biggest challenge in my opinion was the way we entered the digital media business as a three-member company with rented computers in a generator room. However, our willingness to stick to it and our thirst to make a difference enabled us to be soon counted among the largest and most respected digital agencies in the country.”

In this business, one needs to be updated with recent technologies to be able to cope up with constant changes. The market is still unorganised, but the trend is changing slowly.

Grab it…

Though this sector is unorganised, but it's gaining popularity among entrepreneurs. Every small or big businesses find themselves in dire need to create a website that can add value to their business.

Websites provide a complete online marketing solution and that is why this business is already enticing many entrepreneurs and the one reading it is already tempted for hands-on experience!

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