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Dec, 12 2012

Rich rewards of holistic education

The current system of education encourages only superficial learning, depriving students of the opportunity to develop their intelligence, talents and skills, to the fullest. Being aware of this yawning gap in the education industry, BRAINOBRAIN has made

IN the current education scenario, educators are mostly using old methods for imparting knowledge to students and tend to 'feed' information into their brains. As a result, unable to grasp the subject, students end up cramming the same. The line between memorising and true learning has blurred. Developing child's intrinsic talents and skills is not much stressed upon. However, today's parents and teachers have begun to realise that education is no longer just a book-bound impression. This realisation has given a much-needed impetus to the development of new age education concepts and their gradual acceptance. As the industry continues to evolve, it is creating a lot of opportunities to build business around out-of-the-box education concepts.

The purpose of BRAINOBRAIN programme is to help children achieve whole brain development i.e., to be able to use both sides of the brain. The ability to use both sides of the brain would enable them to tap their resources to the maximum and allow them to become successful in all spheres of life.

BRAINOBRAIN intends to offer children an experience beyond their textbooks. It aims to provide them an opportunity where skills, including concentration, listening, creativity, imagination, etc., turn out to be a natural talent. It has pioneered the development of an advanced syllabus based on VAK methodology Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic styles of learning. It is the only programme that trains children to perfect the art of multitasking.

Biz opportunities galore
BRAINOBRAIN has been following a franchise business model since its inception. Presently, the company has over 700 BRAINOBRAIN centres in 20 countries with about one lakh children enrolled in its programme. More than 50,000 children have completed the entire program - the 10 Levels. They all have become extraordinary achievers  be it in their academic skills, Leadership skills, artistic abilities or any field for that matter  these children have become exemplars in their own uniqueness! BRAINOBRAIN has master franchisees as well for different States. Currently, the company has 10 country master franchisees, 12 State master franchisees and 700 unit centers in 20 countries. 

Empowering women via franchising
BRAINOBRAIN is a part time business venture and it suits women who want to have a business of their own and still spend time with family. Arul Subramaniam, Director Technical says, “In our Country, our women have enormous potential. They are qualified & have all the requisite skills to make their mark as successful business women. All that they need is an opportunity that will be a win-win!  BRAINOBRAIN has played a significant in setting up 700 successful women entrepreneurs”. It is a dedicated advocator of this cause, along with being one of the world's leading children's self-empowerment institutes. With 95 per cent franchisees being women, BRAINOBRAIN Kids Academy Private Limited, an ISO 9001: 2000 certified institution, takes pride in providing a platform to women, especially homemakers, to become entrepreneurs in the field of education and revolutionise the way young minds are shaped. In fact, not just franchisees, the company's entire teaching faculty comprise women. The company has about 2,000 teachers involved in BRAINOBRAIN programme across the country. “All of them are graduates with good communication skills & basic NLP training'’

Who can own the franchise?
To own a BRAINOBRAIN franchise, the company looks for people who are passionate about children, believe in training, aspire to have a larger perspective in life to contribute to the young generation and can think of nation building.

Training &, support for franchisees
BRAINOBRAIN franchisees and faculty are provided sufficient training and support to make their venture a success. The training does not just pertain to knowledge sharing, rather it is about empowerment. The company believes in empowering teachers so that they could in turn empower children. The training includes the technical part; personal grooming; child psychology; NLP skills, etc. It also lays emphasis on experiential learning.

Besides training, BRAINOBRAIN builds brand awareness by conducting various ‘Live demonstrations’ across the country for parents and the general public. Also, it advertises in various print and visual media. The company also carries out a ceremonial launch for every centre where experts from the Head office visit the town / city. with BRAINOBRAIN children to showcase the skills developed through the BRAINOBRAIN programme.

Expansion plans ahead
BRAINOBRAIN plans to have about 1,200 centres by the end of 2013. The company sees enormous potential in India and feels BRAINOBRAIN skill sets are a prerequisite to embark on the journey of life. Presently, the company is targeting all cities and towns as it wants the children in the country to be BRAINOBRAIN children.

Presently, BRAINOBRAIN operates in 20 countries, including India, the UK, the US, Canada, Australia, Kuwait, New Zealand, Mauritius, Bahrain, Poland, the UAE, Macedonia, Sweden, Kenya, Thailand, Pakistan, Nigeria, Oman, Qatar  and Zambia. It is expected to expand its network to five more countries by 2013.

BRAINOBRAIN is the only Indian organisation in the education sector having franchisees in 20 countries. Currently, it has about 1,00,000 children undergoing BRAINOBRAIN programme. BRAINOBRAIN is the only skill-development programme that focuses on Brain Skills, Life Skills and NLP Skills. The company helps children improve skills like concentration, memory, listening skills, learning ability, creativity, imagination, etc. Another feather on Brainobrain's crown is the launch of our new program 'LITTLE BOBS' - a course for toddlers from 4 to 6 years based on hand-on-learning modules. Little Bobs was launched 2 years ago & has received a huge welcome from parents across the country. With more than 3000 children enrolled in  Little Bobs - is a unique program that nourishes the multiple intelligences of the child. Eminent personalities like Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, Narayana Murthy, Kiran Bedi and Rakesh Sharma have appreciated the company's initiative. The children trained with Brainobrain seem to reap success so effortlessly! They have an urge to excel & perform. Brainobrain visualises them to be the 'Leaders of the Future, we could go on to say that our children are the 'Leaders of the NOW!

High rentals- a hurdle
BRAINOBRAIN is a risk-free, recession-free venture. So, investors do not have to worry about the profit-making potential of this business. However, as is the case with any other business in India, high rentals are a matter of concern for BRAINOBRAIN as well. 

A biz that empowers kids & fair sex

Share with us you entreprene-urial journey so for?
In 2003 my brothers Arul, Ashok and I launched BRAINOBRAIN, as education and children are our areas of interest. Overcoming initial scepticism regarding the idea of launching a skill-development programme, we began our entrepreneurial journey. Initially, BRAINOBRAIN’s operations were only in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala. Subsequently, we decided to set up  Head Office in Delhi. From then on, there was no looking back. Four years ago, when we started our first direct centre in Dubai, we knew this will be another milestone. Today our first centre in Dubai has become our international office.

‘Next to kids’ empowerment, Brainobrain is also a women empowerment programme.’ How do you think Brainobrain has contributed towards women empowerment?
About 95 per cent of our centres are run by women as franchisees and all our teachers are women. This is something we share with pride. Next to kids' empowerment, Brainobrain is also a women empowerment programme.

As Brainobrain is a part-time business venture, it suits women who want to have a business of their own and still spend time with family. As a country we have enormous potential in our homemakers. They are qualified; they have all the skills to soar as successful business women. We give them the platform and then they revolutionise the way young minds are shaped in their locality. We have played a significant role in setting up 700 successful women entrepreneurs. It becomes a huge win-win! Without them we cannot empower our children. And women are born teachers! Teaching is always close to their heart.

Why did you feel the need for an education brand like Brainobrain in India?
In today's world, we are highly obsessed with academic excellence. A lot of emphasis is laid on marks by parents, children and educators. The real joy of learning takes the back seat, while the pressure to learn by rote takes the prime position. Unfortunately, many of our parents think that the child's success in life is directly proportional to his ability to write and remember everything that is in the text book.

In this scenario, our intention was to offer an experience that will provide children a different world altogether beyond their textbooks  an opportunity where skills like concentration, listening, creativity, imagination, etc., become a natural talent  an enriching experience which will help children embody high-quality learning that incorporates learning about themselves.With this mission in the foreground, we launched Brainobrain. Brainobrain comprises a unique combination that includes Brain Skills, Life Skills and NLP Skills a first of its kind!


"The training I took at Brainobrain opened a new chapter in my life. The first thing we were told in our Brainobrain training: 'Impossible itself says I'm possible'. For me this quote made an impact immediately. Our directors are epitomes of inspiration. They bring out the best in us. We have the independence to work on our own terms. We do not work on templates. We set templates for others. This independence allowed us to explore new possibilities and we bring out the best for our kids!"

Anitha Srihari, Brainobrain, Marthahalli Centre, Bangalore

This is my seventh year in Brainobrain. I took the franchise in 2005. The best thing about these seven years is that Brainobrain opportunity has brought out my excellence. And now I am nurturing the excellence of the children. I have trained more than 500 children in my centre. I have a team of teachers now. I have grown a lot, independently. Whether it is my personality or the financial side, I have grown so much that I am proud of myself. I am happy that I took this decision.

Jyothi Sathish, Brainobrain Basaweshwaranagar Centre, Bangalore

I am delighted to be a franchisee of Brainobrain. The joy of children excelling in various spheres; the glow in the eyes of parents - I do not have words to express them. My comm-unity, relatives and friends - they are looking up to me! I manage the business. It is my six teachers who are doing a great job. The syllabus & the training guidance really stand out!

M S Shiva Kumar, Brainobrain Centre, Neyveli


Brainobrain is known for its child-centric innovative methods of imparting value-based skills under the aegis of Brainobrain International. The feedback from parents is what makes this programme different from others. My team of highly qualified and trained staff ensures that they bring out the best in the child. Overall the 'feel good factor' is very strong as you are doing it for a good cause; you are preparing the future generation - fully equipped to become world class leaders.    

Ipsita. D. Pati, Brainobrain Centre, Dubai

I am delighted to share the fact that I was the first franchisee of Brainobrain when it was launched in Delhi. I have three franchisee centres now. About 500 children are currently enrolled with us. I am managing seven teachers now. What makes the journey so special is the joy of working with children. I have developed a sense of pride for what I am doing. I love Brainobrain! I love my children! I am sure they will blossom into wonderful leaders tomorrow!

Deepa Ganesan, Brainobrain, Delhi

Franchise facts

Average staff: Minimum 2,

(a BRAINOBRAIN teacher & a counsellor)

ROI: 150%

Break-even: 6 months

Investment: Rs 1.5 lakh

Area: 250 sq ft

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