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Dec, 10 2012


From succulent strawberries to hearty pineapples and kiwis, there is a demonstration of perfect edible yet creative gifting solutions. Fruit bouquet is a wonderful creation to steal your heart away while offering a lucrative business opportunity at the sa

AN apple a day, keeps the doctor away,’ is medically advised for good health. But have you thought of the same apple that could fetch you great wealth, along with other fruits, in an artistic and more skilful way? The unique concept of selling natural fruits in the form of edible bouquets has just entered the Indian market, transforming the traditional method of selling fruits.

Market potential

Though the concept of fruit bouquet is still nascent in India, the artistic packaging of colourful ripen fruits and the business opportunity it offers have managed to seek attention of many budding investors and entrepreneurs. However, it would be too early to analyse the market size of this niche business concept in the F&B sector. But one thing is for certain, it has open avenues of success, especially for lady entrepreneurs.

Internationally, the concept of edible bouquets is very common and preferred over any other artificial gifting solutions. But here in India, the idea is still in its initial stage of adoption. Usually everyone associates the word 'bouquets' with 'flowers', but this unique concept of edible bouquet has changed the perception totally. Not only this, these bouquets are creatively fresh and have changed the traditional concept of gifting sweets and flowers by introducing an immensely healthy concept in India.

When asked as to what inspired them to launch the concept of fruit bouquets in India via the franchise route, Roopa Sridhar, Founder, Fruit Day, says: “Fruit bouquet is a beautiful arrangement of edible, healthier and nutritious product. Not only does it look good, but it also tastes delicious. The concept specialises in creating fruit designs that are fresh and are available in a variety of styles and sizes. Its packaging is value for money, healthy, innovative and brings satisfaction.”

Opportunity in store

With its highly creative and unique concept of gifting, the business of natural fruit bouquets has also opened boulevards to entrepreneurs with less educational qualification but high creative skills. “I am a homemaker and have good interest in artistic works. Also I love experimenting with food and fruits in the kitchen, which attracted me to take up this concept of creative gifting solutions. I was pretty sure that good marketing on health aspects and pleasing aesthetics would be a hit in the Indian market,” says Roopa.

The concept of fruit bouquets would bring in some difference in the preferences of people and would provide lucrative business opportunities to young entrepreneurs.

Edible Arrangements, an internationally acclaimed brand specialising in making fruit bouquets, also marked its presence in India. They follow a combination of both directly- owned business and the sub- franchise model for the unique and healthy concept of artistically designed fresh fruit arrangements. This business concept provides opportunities to aspiring franchisees as well as satisfaction to its customers with healthy and nutritious products.

Another homegrown brand Fruitilicous has followed the bandwagon of offering healthy and creative gifting with their skills of crafting natural fruits into delightful bouquets. The brand seeks expansion via franchising and provides business opportunities to small investors.

Overcoming challenges

These fruit bouquets are delightfully pleasing to eyes and promote natural fruit consumption to health conscious customers. But its short shelf life due to its perishable nature is the biggest challenge for its business owners. “We are sure that our fruit arrangements are the most striking and impressive in the market. We take utmost care and maintain strict hygiene while cutting of fruits and arranging them in a basket. It is packed in a food grade poly pack. Once everything is done, we ship them in our vehicles under cool temperature so as to maintain apt environment for fruits,” says Roopa.

However, the target customers are the ones who wish for a unique experience and make their loved ones happier. These fruity delights are apt options for gifting on the occasions like birthdays, weddings,  and for thank you gifts, sympathy and business-related uses, such as events, client gifts and employee appreciation.

Expansion & Requisites

While Fruit Day is mulling to roll out aggressively via franchising, the other two brands, Edible Arrangements and Fruitilicious, are already into franchising. A total investment of Rs 8 lakh and above and an area of 200 sq ft are required to seek the franchise of Fruit Day. The brand is looking for metros and tier-I cities, preferring malls and business hubs for expansion.

However, the brand Fruitilicious is looking for pan India expansion requiring the total investment of Rs 5- 12 lakh along with an area of 50-250 sq.ft. The brand is looking for high end streets and malls as locations for its franchised outlets.

While to seek the franchise of Edible Arrangements, a franchisee will have to invest Rs 50-60 lakh along with an area of 800-1,000sq.ft. Metros and tier-I cities are preferred or its location.

People with artistic skills and a passion for creative concepts can make the most of the avenues available in this business. The rest will be taken care of by the training provided in cutting of fruits, making fruit bouquets and their packaging, and such training will be provided by the franchisor to its franchisees as per their business needs.

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