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Apr, 06 2012


Do you wish to rake in some extra moolah after your job? Then you have knocked at the right opportunity. You don't have to sacrifice your current job or leave the comfort zone of your home for stuffing some extra bucks into your pocket. We offer you a hou

WHAT to do when there is a sudden financial pinch? Switch to a part-time job at your place.

In order to make ends meet, many people deem it necessary to take on part-time jobs along with their full- time jobs. And for this you don't have to be an entrepreneur; you can be anyone - a student, an employee, etc. Let's see how part-time jobs in franchising can be a harbinger of good luck and wealth.

Part-time jobs for women

A part-time job comes as a saviour for women. It helps them devote full time to both their family and career. There is also a good news for mothers, as it assists them in bringing more money into the household without interrupting their daily life or time with children.

Women can try their hand at a bouquet of home-based opportunities. For instance, the gift-packing segment has gained a strong foothold in the franchise sector. OM INCREDIBLE ARTISTRY that caters to the market of trousseau-packing is on a rapid expansion spree. Upbeat about exploring the potential of women in this sector, its CEO Ankita Jain says: “We are recruiting more and more women, as they have a unique sense of creativity along with their ability to grasp things quickly and easily. OM INCREDIBLE ARTISTRY offers this unique home-based franchise opportunity where even housewives can create their own identity in the field of creativity, and they can have a great source of income as well.”

Buds n Bites offers women another home-based franchise opportunity for making handcrafted flowers and chocolates. According to Jyotsna Kompalli, Owner, Buds n Bites: “Buds n Bites imparts flower-designing and bouquet-making training to women at domestic level and helps them stand on their feet. We also supply raw materials to the franchisee, and I don't think malls are a suitable location, as this concept can get lost in a mall.”

No one can know the secrets of beauty better than the eve herself. Women rule the roost in this industry. Direct selling industry has empowered about 1.22 million women to become a part of this industry. Almost 70 per cent of the distributors in direct-selling comprise women. Many direct-selling companies have marked their presence in India offering an array of products and services. Low investment, high profits and comfy homes have steered growth in this sector. Brands like Mary Kay Cosmetics Pvt Ltd, Avon Beauty Products India Pvt Ltd., Oriflame India Pvt Ltd are some of the eminent brands in direct-selling. According to industry sources, the direct-selling industry in India is anticipated to be about $ 740 million.

Marcus Sandstorm, MD, Oriflame, India, says: “Oriflame gives the opportunity to work from home at any given time. It helps women entrepreneurs to develop their personality skills, business acumen and learn while working. In India, predominantly women between 21 and 60 years are our consultants. From our sales force, about 90 per cent are women.”

Part-time jobs for men

Part-time jobs provide security of income to the breadwinner of the home. And what better way to spend your time than in a productive way by staying at home and earning. Besides earning potential, part time jobs can be done in a balanced way without any stress or pressure. The franchise sector gives myriad opportunities to explore. For instance, Ketan Bheda, an independent brand partner of Vemma USA and the owner of Vemma Team Direct, is offering a home-based online business opportunity. “Vemma Team Direct has specially carved out a home-based franchise model that is called Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM). This constitutes a binary network marketing business by setting up two teams of distribution, operating directly from home,” confirms Bheda.

Sparket, a corporate gift store, is keen to offer home-based franchise run from home. The interesting part is that a Sparket franchisee needs a table space and 1-2 cupboards for keeping samples to commence the business. Some of their exclusive franchisees in Delhi-NCR and Kochi have taken residential apartments which they are using as an office too because they don't belong to these cities.

Part-time jobs for students

A major portion of the part-time job industry is occupied by students. There are several jobs in the franchising sector that are especially scheduled for students who wish to work after school or college. The best option for students is of website designing or working with online portals that can be initiated from home on a computer. Vyapar Hub, a B2B portal exclusively catering to leather, footwear, fashion and allied industries, provides part time prospects for the students. Rishi Mathur, Co-Founder and Head, Technology of Vyapar Hub, affirms: “Students can be a part of Vyapar Hub by joining this business on a part-time basis. Besides, we also provide training by organising workshops and seminars.” (a foray of SANDA group), an online portal in wellness segment, is also looking for franchise partners who can operate from home. Indrajit Dasgupta, Publisher,, says: “There is no office infrastructure required, as the franchisee can operate from home and run their business.”

Bottom line

A part-time job is one of the most viable choices to get some extra earnings. Today, more than full-time jobs, people are increasingly opting for part-time jobs, as they offer supplementary cash. So, count on this home-based, lucrative opportunity that promises you big bucks.

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