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Apr, 17 2011



EVERONN, the largest VSAT education network in the world and one of India's largest listed education companies, needs no introduction. It is a premium education brand with pan-India presence and has maintained this top position for over two decades. Listed on both the BSE and NSE, it offers multiple avenues to learn and earn through its diverse divisions and portfolio. From pre-schools to B-schools, Everonn is everywhere, providing innumerable opportunities across a wide spectrum of services.

The Edupreneur initiative, has received a very favourable and enthusiastic response. It has since become a success, due to the goodwill and professionalism associated with Everonn and for the novel purpose behind the project. Edupreneur was launched to identify a committed set of entrepreneurs who will be a new generation of education leaders in India, willing to transform the Indian education space in their chosen geographies.

(R)Evolution in education

Everonn is synonymous with education and has seen historic growth since inception. It started in 1987 in Ooty with a focus on transforming the education scenario in India. Since then, there has been no looking back. Today, the company has a turnover of Rs 294 crore and a network of nearly 10,000 centres across India and works with 16 state governments. Everonn is a leader in using technological breakthroughs to make quality education accessible even in the most remote locations across the country. It is on a continuous quest for conceptualising and pioneering the next technological revolution in learning. Everonn's passion for enabling cutting-edge education delivery has seen it grow dramatically in the past two decades. It has grown quite remarkably in all education-related segments, be it schools, colleges, web products, test-prep segments, retail, skill development, teachers' training, educational resources, e-governance, animation, gaming or formal education segments. With such diversification, it is a leader in the education sector.

Become an Edupreneur

Reaching out to over 8 million students across India makes Everonn a proficient partner for potential investors. Unlike other education providers with just a single franchise opportunity, Everonn's Edupreneur initiative provides a platform to edupreneurs, where they will get an opportunity to offer solutions across a wider spectrum of services. As per P. Kishore, Founder and MD, Everonn Education Ltd, “The company is working to identify 1,000 education entrepreneurs across India's 627 districts. These entrepreneurs known as Edupreneurs, who will essentially be franchisees, will offer a whole range of products and services.”

The brand is seeking committed franchisees, who are willing to be committed to the brand's principles and values and have the ability to learn and understand the business and dynamics of the education business. To become an Everonn's franchisee, an investor must have the potential to finance the project and demonstrate personal involvement in operations and employ the right profile of manpower to manage and operate the business. The potential partner must understand the nuances of the business, how to face the management and take financial risks diligently. The potential partner should also be passionate to transform the socio-economic environment of the territory operations.

To become an edupreneur, a franchisee would need an area of 1,500 to 3,000 sq.ft and an investment of Rs 20-55 lakh. Everonn's centres are usually present in commercial areas, which are easily accessible to students. Everonn's presence is not restricted to tier I cities or metros. It has made a significant mark in tier II and III cities across India and is now looking for entrepreneurs who are ready to magnify this brand's success. Manoj Chawla, President, Edupreneur, says, “We have chalked out plans to strengthen our presence across India. We will initially focus on strengthening our presence in south India. After ensuring a strong foothold down south, we will eventually mark our presence in each district along the length and breadth of the nation.”

Bouquet of benefits

Everonn's franchise model for aspiring edupreneurs has been conceptualised in such a way that the franchisees have complete flexibility in terms of courses, products and services as per their territory. After taking Everonn's franchisee, the partners would be serving four broad product categories, Education Services Centre, Training & Testing, Institutional Programmes and Product Sales.

To ensure standardised services at all its franchise centres, Everonn offers its franchisees a mélange of methods developed at the corporate level to deliver content. V-SAT-based education model addresses the void arising due to crunch of teaching staff and maintains a consistent learning experience by programming the lessons from a single centre to targeted multiple locations. The franchisee would have an advantage of having multiple business models under the same brand and the same franchise initiative. Besides, he would also have an advantage of capacity utilisation. Before actively becoming a part of the knowledge and benefits scheme of functions, all edupreneurs will need to go through an education management programme developed in association with a leading university in South India, to ensure that understanding the customer is at the forefront of operations along with the need to maintain uniformity in implementing the project.

Rock-solid support system

Another significant attribute of the brand is its training and support system, which is very robust and comprehensive. The company takes utmost care of its partners who have to shoulder the new responsibility with élan. The initial training and support begins from site-selection to layout planning, to training on the curriculum, operations, etc. To maintain quality education across all centres, the brand provides quality delivery of training programmes through expert trainers, thereby ensuring consistency and standardisation across all its centres. The partners are also facilitated with recruitment, training and managing trainers for the programmes being offered. The company also offers thorough management support, wherein the edupreneurs are provided assistance in enhancing customer experience ensuring management of operations in an economical format.

As per Susha John, Co-Founder and Director, Everonn Education Ltd, “Being associated with Everonn, the edupreneurs would also be benefitted in ongoing investments in mass advertising, web presence, social media advertising, continuing investments in content development, curriculum designing and upgradation, identification of newer and effective technologies for education delivery and better customer satisfaction, tie-ups with key organisations, etc.”

High on returns

Everonn has already taken the Indian education sector into a new trajectory with Edupreneur, making the impossible look achievable. Edupreneur's scalable and profitable business model offers high returns. In addition, it is a long-term venture with low-risk factor. To join the growing tribe of Edupreneurs, connect with Everonn and write your own success story. The education sector, often referred to as the sunshine sector, is high on growth. To ensure that the growth saga continues, Everonn is leaving no stone unturned.


Recent accolades

4Listed on Forbes “Best under a Billion” Asia List, 2010

4Prometric “Test delivery partner for CAT (Common Admission Test), 2010”

4Microsoft's first academy service partner (MAST), in India

4Microsoft Learning Solution Partner Award, 2010

4Best Franchiseeable Concept of year, 2010, under Education category, from Franchise India

4“Global HR Excellence Award” for “Outstanding contribution to the world of education” at the World HRD Congress, 2011.


Everonn's basket of offerings

A) Education Services Centre Training & Testing

  • 4Training Domain-specific e.g. IT
  • 4Training - Soft Skills
  • 4Business Education
  • 4University Education
  • 4Test Preparation Coaching
  • 4Testing (In collaboration with global leaders)

B) Institutional Programmes

  • 4Kindergarten Schools
  • 4Schools
  • 4Colleges

C) Product Sales (Educational Resources)

Area & investment requisite

Category              Total Investment             Infrastructure    Licensing              Space Required

                Required                             (sq.ft)

Category A          Rs 39-55 lakh      Rs 21-23 lakh      Rs 6-10 lakh        2,500 to 3,000


Category B          Rs 30-41 lakh      Rs 18 -21 lakh     Rs 5-9 lakh           2,000 to 2,500

(Tier 1 Cities)

Category C          Rs 23-31 lakh      Rs 16-18 lakh      Rs 4-8 lakh           1,500 to 2,000

(Tier 2 Cities)

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