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Sep, 10 2010

Technology tide in education

Two years ago, Mexus Education made an entry into the education industry and soon catapulted the business into a high trajectory growth.

Give a brief introduction of Mexus Education and its history.

Mexus Education is a Bilakhia group company, which was incorporated in 2008 at Vapi. It is an education innovations company that started operations in Maharashtra and Gujarat. Later, it added content and toy development, training services and infrastructure services into its domain. Its key work is to create futuristic technology-based model for education. Mexus has been promoting learning through technology-based platforms like multimedia DVDs, motion films and interactive online tools, which has been the first of its kind in India.


What courses does your company offere?

Mexus Education offers various courses widely categorised into six different heads. They are Study Smart, Brain-e-Kids, Fine Tune, Futuristic Kids, Eureka and Telepathy.


How will the innovative approach benefit your teachers?

The innovative approach will benefit both the teachers and students. Mexus has begun foundation work for formulating state-of-the-art teacher training and diploma programmes that will enable teachers to adopt technology in the knowledge-sharing process. It will facilitate better communication between teachers and parents and will allow multi-faced interactions between students and experts.


What is the striking franchise opportunity provided by your company from which a franchisee is likely to benefit?

Hands-on learning is yet to make its presence felt in the mainstream Indian education system. Practical application of theory learnt in schools, individual attention and methodology of learning have also not matured as a concept yet. These are some of the things that will attract the investors. Apart from this, the franchisee will also get benefits from school tie-ups for conducting similar modules within the school itself.


Why have you opted for franchising to expand your business?

Franchising usually produces a much higher return on investment, yielding more income from a given amount of capital than company-owned operations. Franchisees also require fewer supervisors than company operations, reducing the need to build a costly supervisory organisation. For these reasons, Mexus minimises the number of company-owned units they retain.


Where are your offices? How many franchised outlets are you planning to open?

Our offices are in Mumbai, Vapi, Allahabad, Delhi, Bengaluru and Chennai. The sales team is present in almost 65 different cities across the country. We are planning to open 150 franchised centres in the next one year.


Are you targeting any particular geographical area?

In the beginning, we were targeting Maharashtra and Gujarat. Now we are looking at having 10 centres across all five geographical zones of India. We will gradually adopt dual franchise strategy. Other than Maharashtra and Gujarat, it will be an area franchise and for these two states, Mexus will take up unit franchise.

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