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Feb, 01 2009

Women & franchising : A win-win proposition

Women are making their mark in franchising. The number of franchisors looking to specifically recruit women is on the rise, and so is the number of successful women running their own franchise business. The concept of franchising as a tried and tested bu

Compatibility factor

More and more women are realising that starting their own business is not as scary as it sounds; in fact, they have the ideal skill set for the same. This includes:

  • Being good listeners and building lasting relationships
  • Preferring fulfilling work in a pleasant culture to building empires
  • Possessing the ability to prioritise and having an eye for detail
  • Having multitasking skills

Women are genetically programmed to multitask— a skill which is crucial when you are setting up a business by yourself, because at the start, you have to take on a variety of roles.

Franchisor`s support

A franchise network is only as successful as the individual franchisees; franchisors know this and thus, invest heavily in their support and training programme.

This support is particularly sought after by women as it not only gives reassurance and peace of mind, but also, more importantly, the drive and motivation to achieve goals in a business of one`s own. The `illusionary pinnacle` does not exist in franchising; women in franchising can be as successful as they want to be. The harder one works, the greater the rewards.

The great thing about being a franchisee is being your own boss, but it`s great to know you`re getting fantastic support on tap! The support and experience of the franchisor is particularly important for those women who are re-entering the workforce after a length of absence and feel `out of touch` with today`s working environment.

Flexi working hours

With franchising, an opportunity is created for experienced and ambitious women seeking greater job enrichment to continue operating at a high level, whilst also providing the flexibility they require to juggle their home life with work.

Franchising, therefore, offers one the flexibility and creativity of a smaller business with the assurance and efficiency of a larger organisation.

Juggling business and babies

The lack of flexible working arrangements is a major issue for those women with, or planning to have, children. It upsets the requirement for balancing work and family life.

The modern successful business woman faces a dilemma when a baby arrives on the scene, especially if it is unexpected. Can they manage to juggle work and business with babies?

The great thing about modern technology is that most business tasks can now be done online and over the phone. This means that business women can keep working from the office and nearer the time of giving birth, from home, until the last few days before giving birth! In some ways, the arrival of a baby can serve to motivate the mother even further to achieve more in business now that they (the couple) are not just working for themselves.

Some people will argue that it is not possible to juggle a business and still rear a newborn child successfully. Nothing could serve to make an ambitious female entrepreneur unhappy and suffer from post natal depression more than an enforced period of absence from the very business that drives her.

All this adds up to one conclusion…women and franchising make a winning combination.

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