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Nov, 01 2008

Military veterans as franchisees

What makes military veterans, in other words, our Ex-Servicemen better franchisees than any other citizen? Truly, military veterans have a better chance of success than non-veterans. Franchisors ought to be offering special discounts to our ex-servicemen

Ok, let us look at this issue dispassionately. As a franchisor, wouldn`t you like your franchisees to follow your standard operating procedures and systems in letter and spirit to succeed? The ones who don`t follow; often fail. We all know that military veterans are used to following strict orders and they do it by the book- in this case, your classified franchise procedure manual or the operating manual. Thus, it makes good business sense to hone seasoned team members in your franchise, who are in it to win- and the military ethos fits in pretty good.

Military veterans understand that failure is never an option, they have to succeed whether fighting a war or anything else, and they are driven inwardly with a resolute integrity to the cause. Can you think of a better franchisee than a military veteran to be on the team?

Military veterans have proven time and again that they are responsible with crores of rupees worth of equipment and that much inbuilt responsibility. The banks that lend money to our franchisees would appreciate that their defaults have dropped drastically when credible and conscientious people are signing for the loan. Credit-worthy franchisees are hard to come by; banks are aware of this and so are franchisors.

Perhaps it makes good sense for ex-servicemen to take advantage of these truths and procure a franchise business of their own. Now this is a win-win situation for all concerned and isn`t that really what franchising is all about? Ponder!!!

As a special initiative from the Indian Franchise Association, I take this opportunity to launch a unique FranForce Program to provide an impetus to the cause of ex-serviceman.

I would appreciate if the franchise companies become active members of our Indian Franchise Association and offer discounts to the military veterans in starting franchise businesses. While the discount in franchise fees saves capital costs, it is the meaning of the gesture which is more significant. And whatever franchise fees they plan to charge the ex-servicemen; it would be befitting to space it conveniently over the entire length of the contract.

Franchisors could very well offer discounts to these veterans as a way of thanking them for serving our motherland. After all, they are the ones who have given our business community a sense of security for running their business successfully.

When the ex-servicemen hang their uniform and join our FranForce Program, the Indian Franchise fraternity must appreciate their sacrifice and recognise that they risk their lives in their journey to superannuation. The gesture of a discount/spaced out graduated franchise fee is noble and well yes, would invariably make good business sense.

The ex-servicemen in our country are a useful talent to be tapped towards self employment. There is an enormous resource going into the training of soldiers and out of that come a skill set, discipline and worldliness that most citizens don`t have at a young age.

I reiterate, because of their military training, successful franchisees operate within a specific system and a set of guidelines created by the franchisor.

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