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Jun, 01 2007


CHILDCARE is the science of supervising and nurturing small children. A good childcare is like good parenting. The recent studies have proved that consistency in care,

CHILDCARE is the science of supervising and nurturing small children. A good childcare is like good parenting. The recent studies have proved that consistency in care, approach and discipline improves the chance of a child reaching his/her full potential of physical and mental growth. A quality childcare centre aims at the cognitive, intellectual, social, motor, psychological, emotional, creative and moral development of children. It helps children learn and grow in many ways and is fun as well.

In the traditional Indian society the children are looked after by one or both the parents. The rapid socio-economic changes in the last one or two decades have completely demolished the edifice of traditional joint family system, resulting in nuclear families, with 'two-job households'. This has necessitated the delegation of care and supervision of the child, for at least a part of the time, to the childcare centres.

Due to non availability of proper childcare programmes and the potential business opportunity it offers, Zee Interactive Learning Systems (ZILS) has come up with the concept of the franchised childcare centres 'KIDZCARE', to assure a qualitative program that would look after the children of the working parents and enhance the overall development of the child thereby ensuring the parents a stress free time at work or at home.

Growth of KIDZCARE

The entire concept originated with the launch of Zee Education, about a decade ago and more specifically with the launch of KIDZEE, the household name for providing quality pre-school education through a network of more than 535+ schools, spread over 250 locations in India and UAE, developed in a short span of 42 months.

Pioneering in the domain of pre school education and elevation to the role of a leader in this unorganized sector of pre-school education, ZILS has not only succeeded in addressing the needs of the contemporary society but has also won appreciation. In fact our confidence as the market leader in Pre-school education through KIDZEE has given us the expertise and confidence for backward integration in the sector of caring and nurturing the child.

Childcare is an established industry abroad. Childcare service providers in USA and UK understood the need of working couples earlier and rest of the world took the lead from them. All credit goes to childcare service providers in these countries, who considered childcare as an industry and not as a small-scale business.

For the first time in India ZILS has come up with a State of the Art childcare facility, KIDZCARE, that has benchmarked itself with the best of practices of leading childcare facilities of US and UK.

Currently whatever childcare facilities exist in India are mere crèches or baby-sitting facilities in unorganised sector with poor or minimal infrastructure (space, furniture and fixture), untrained staff, and no developmental activities.

A unique concept

KIDZCARE has been envisaged to provide state-of-the-art childcare programme to cater to the urban markets. It is a premium centre that has world-class facility and infrastructure with regard to care, safety, security, hygiene standards and learning environment.

KIDZCARE programmes are shaped by our proprietary activities, which are dedicated to the development of the child along with the care provided. We focus on meeting each and every child's developmental needs as he/she advances through each programme at his/her own pace. We have programs for every level starting from 6 months to 8 years.

Programme features

KIDZCARE has some of the unique features as quality care providers, staff-child ratio, responsive environment, development programme, parents' involvement, staff development, state-of-the-art infrastructure, safety and security, health and hygiene and nutrition.

To understand KIDZEE one has to look into the vision of a suave, flamboyant dreamer and taskmaster - Arun K. Khetan. A Chartered Accountant of consumable knowledge and profundity, Khetan has always been at his creative best to ensure the proactive management of the brand, he has masterminded with a mission. His objective is truly admirable as it aims not only to transcend child education to the next level by global parameters but also to encourage knowledge entrepren-eurship especially among women

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