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Jan, 01 2007


BILLIONS of kids go to schools in city classrooms, mountain fields, and desert tents everyday. They go to schools with bright woven bags loaded with books, walking in flip-flops believing that this will change their lives. But every school going child has

BILLIONS of kids go to schools in city classrooms, mountain fields, and desert tents everyday. They go to schools with bright woven bags loaded with books, walking in flip-flops believing that this will change their lives. But every school going child has something or other in their mind that they would like to change about the school if they could. One just needs to ask!

Modern educational aids the need of the hour

Earlier, kids were exposed to different kinds of teaching aids viz. puppet shows to acquaint them about various aspects of life. Over head projectors (OHPs) were used to show them the still photographs of solar system, oceans, mountains etc.

The times have changed, now. Today's child does not want to stick to the same old, traditional tools. He is getting well versed with the modern technology, wants better communication tools, animated views and instant results too. He wants all these modern tools at his work place either at school or at his abode, is aspiring to become a future technocrat, and follow the footsteps of Bill Gates and what not! He wants to be more creative and not a stereotyped one. Latest educational aids like user friendly assembly kits, mind boggling puzzles, animated and educational programmes in the form of CDs and DVDs are the tools of the 21st century child.

Emergence of 'Tech-kidz'

The child takes more interest in his studies if exposed to more real life aspects. All these things prompted young and dynamic 'Parveen Narang' to introduce 'Tech-Kidz' who is the master mind behind an ISO 9001 Co Comp-Point systems (I) Pvt. Ltd.

What is 'Tech-Kidz'?

'Tech-Kidz' is a chain of retail stores spread all over India meant for the kids from 3 to 18 yrs. The products like Robotic Kits, Robots, easy to assemble kits, puzzles, solar kits, educational aids and interactive personality development books are available in these stores. Although the Co. Comp-Point Systems (I) Pvt. Ltd. is a 20 year old Co. but it started its retail stores just two years back and has been instrumental in opening around 100 retail 'Tech-Kidz' stores all over India. The concept has been appreciated by all and sundry as the children and parents now can buy more meaningful and educational gifts. These stores are always flooded with the kids for regular activities related to quiz and various mind boggling competitions.

There is an increasing need for integrating the use of techonology in education making the kids smart and future technocrats of the country.

Why Tech Kidz?

An ISO 9001 Company

  • Already associated with over 1000 Public Schools across India along with over 100 dealers
  • Awarded by Federation of Educational Publishers in India (FEPI)
  • More than 100% return
  • Vast experience and expertise in this field

Two kinds of segments for the investors

  • Retail segment for franchisee fee of one Lakh, and
  • Educational segment for the franchisee fee of one Lakh

If you invest in both the segments, then also franchise fee stands at Rs One lakh. It is at your absolute will whether you want to go in for retail or education segment or both.

For 'Retail segment', there are 3 categories to work in: as a distributor, as a franchisee and as a master franchisee

For 'Education segment', the details are given below:-

Robotics is the future: Tech-Kidz has come up with a novel course on 'Robotics' meant for age 5-18 yrs, Company will provide robotic kits, kids-tools, robots, application software, robotics-accessories, electronic kits, electromechanical kits and magnetic kits.

Apart from this, the franchisor will provide softcopies of the educational subjects like English, Science, Social Studies, Mathematics etc. in form of CD's to augment the studies of the child.

Franchising Facts:

Investment of money

  • Franchise Fee: Rs. 100,000 (technical know-how, billing software etc.)
  • Capital Fee: Rs. 200,000 - 300,000

It Includes:

  • Cost of furniture, interiors & exteriors Rs 75, 000/-
  • (1) Rs. 15,000/-
  • LCD Projector + screen + UPS Rs. 50,000/-
  • Computer + UPS+ Printer Rs. 20,000/-
  • Laptop (1) Rs. 30,000/-
  • Inverter Rs. 10,000/-
  • Educational Robots + Technical Models Rs. 20,000/-
  • Educational Kits which include: Comp games, Computer Books, Kids Personality Books, Animated CDs, CBSE Computer Projects Total Cost Rs. 25,000/-
  • Miscellaneous Items like different kinds of Mouse, Joysticks, Electronic Brands, Electronic Pens etc. Rs 5,000/-
  • Total Cost Rs. 250,000 Approx.

Investment of area: 200-300 sq.ft (in prime location)
Target cities : All ROI

  • Rent of the premises Rs 10,000/-
  • Electricity and telephone Rs 5,000/-
  • Marketing and advertisements Rs. 5,000/-
  • Salaries: Rs 13,000/- : Receptionist, Tech. assistants, office boy
  • On Investment Rs. 2,000/-

Total Expenses (Monthly) Rs 35,000/- approx Location specification:
Can be Residential / commercial. Density of log stations should be good
Royalty Share of the Franchisor 5% in total collection of the retailer

Franchisor support

Training to the franchisee at head office at Janak Puri, New Delhi, 1-2 Days: Computer Professional Training (in case if you are a computer professional), 5-6 Days: Non computer Professional Training (in case if you are not a computer professional), full guidance about the setting up of interiors and exteriors, minimum period of agreement is 5 years, the items for sale will be available from the franchisor @ 50% discount on MRP (on most of the items), in case of any withdrawal the items like A.C., LCD Projector, Computer, Laptop, Inverter and the educational kit, may be taken back @ 50% or less of the invested cost (depending upon the period), our technical executives will be always at the disposal of the franchisee for any queries during office timings i.e. 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM, tips on marketing strategies will be provided to the franchisee from time to time.

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