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Apr, 01 2007

McDonalds to pump Rs 400 crore in India by 2009

McDonald's India is looking at setting up a food processing plant in West Bengal. The company has earmarked Rs 400 crore investment over the next three years in India, of which 70 per cent would be in expanding the brand's presence and introduction of new

McDonald's has also set up a regional distribution in Kolkata, which would cater to the restaurants in and around Kolkata. The company is investing Rs 100 crore and would be setting up close to 20 restaurants in the next three years.

The company is also looking at setting up restaurants on highways. It would also set up shop inside shopping malls as well as adopt the drive-in model for some of its restaurants.

McDonald's, at present, has 108 restaurants in India, of which 63 are in north and 45 in west. The company also plans to have close to 20 restaurants in south India in another three years. The company is also looking at growing iceberg lettuce in north-east, as importing it is not cost-effective. It is also finding a supplier for potatoes in India instead of importing French fries from New Zealand. The company sources fish from the back waters of Cochin and chicken from Maharashtra. It's suppliers, at present, include Amrit Foods, Cremica, Dynamix Dairies, Trikaya Agriculture, Vista & Kitran Processed Foods, and Radhakrishnan Foodland

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