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Apr, 01 2007


No one understands this better than Clara International Salons (CIS). A pioneer in skin care, Clara International Salons has strived to emphasise the need for clean and healthy skin for last 30 years. Started by Dr. Clara Chee in 1977 in Malaysia, Clara I

"If our eyes reflect our inner most emotions then our skin is the first reflection of our overall wellbeing. Skin care is not seasonal neither is it a fashion trend that will change after a short time. It is a permanent fixture that needs constant nurturing and looking after, especially in a hot and polluted climate like ours."

No one understands this better than Clara International Salons (CIS). A pioneer in skin care, Clara International Salons has strived to emphasise the need for clean and healthy skin for last 30 years. Started by Dr. Clara Chee in 1977 in Malaysia, Clara International Salons are now located in more than 12 countries around the world having more than 100 skin and beauty centres. Like other international consumer businesses, India is one of the biggest emerging markets for Clara International Salons with huge growth prospects and business opportunity.

Today, most international skin and beauty products are readily available in India but very few, if not none, are specifically developed to suit the Asian climatic conditions. Most of the international products are best suited for colder climates rather than the humid and hot climate prevalent here. Clara International products are researched and developed specifically to suit the temperate and tropical climate. These products are exclusively retailed through Clara International Salons and are not available for 'Off the shelf' sales.

These products are synergetically formulated using Selective Nanotechnology, enabling the penetration and increased efficacy only to the second layer of the skin, which is the most effective and safe layer. As these products are widely used for both personal home care usages as well as professional salon treatments and services, CIS takes extra measures to ensure that they meet the international quality standards and their patented formulations strictly adhere to the FDA (Federal Food and Drug Administration) benchmarks containing no banned ingredients, alcohol, animal by-products or hormonal contents.

Being Asia's leading skin and beauty care group, CIS aims to cover all aspects of skin care from the analysis to the treatments for general skin care maintenance as well as aesthetic skin problems. This has been successfully achieved by the Unique Skin Care Treatment System which is a combination of herbal products and its researched application techniques.

With over 30 years of proven track record in helping solve various aesthetic skin problems CIS is the perfect destination for all to nourish and pamper the skin with safe and effective treatments and services rendered with the combination of specially formulated natural skincare products and the immaculate skills of CIS skin technicians.

These treatments are not only non intrusive with no side effects but do not even involve bleaching, laser skin resurfacing or squeezing acne pustule which are painful and leave ugly marks and open pores.

Apart from the regular skin and beauty services, CIS has some exclusive skin treatments which though available presently in the country are not done as proficiently as we do. To name a few are

Specialised Microdermabrasion treatment which lasts for over 2 hours and has the finest quality of crystals to exfoliate uneven skin texture in a very controlled and progressive manner.

Magnetic Wave Therapy to stimulate the regeneration of collagen cells, improve skin pigment cells distribution, balance the skin's hypersensitivity and refine skin complexion by reducing fine lines, wrinkles, scars, stretch marks, etc

Treatments for Aesthetic skin problems such as acne, pigmentation, dull and dehydrated skin, hypersensitive skin, open pores and scars reduction.

Professional Intensive Eye Treatments for calm down puffy and tired eyes, reduce dark circles and eye bags, wrinkles and remove meelia.

They have also introduced Spa services for which the technicians are trained extensively to ensure that you indulge and experience complete relaxation.

Every CIS skin technician is professionally qualified and certified by the Clara International Aesthetic College (CIAC) and its global network. CIAC is the largest internationally recognized beauty academy which has been given the status of Higher Education by the education ministry of Malaysia.

CIAC has also been approved by CIDESCO, the world wide renowned professional beauty therapy and cosmetology evaluation and examination board. Dr Clara has been bestowed the "Medaille Du Merite" award, the only Asian lady to receive this award in the last 50 years for her contribution to the skin and beauty industry while maintaining the international quality and hygiene standards at Clara International Salons.

With the growth in personal income, education and globalisation in the country, it is but natural for people to seek better lifestyles. Beauty is an integral part of self-expression. So the popularity of the beauty industry in India is beginning to take shape in all sectors of beauty, especially in the organised sector. The skin care industry alone is pegged at more than Rs 150 crore and expected to grow at a robust 25 to 30 per cent in the next year. With information available easily about the ill effects of exposing ourselves to non - regularised skin treatments, customers are demanding natural, safe and effective skin care. The quest for high international quality standards, hygiene and professionally trained skin technicians with natural and effective skin care is leading the consumer towards organised and professional skin care salons like Clara International Salons.

In India, Clara International Salons is a venture between Vividha Salons & Spas Pvt Ltd. (VSSPL) and Clara International Malaysia, led by Veena Munganahalli, MD VSSPL with a vision "To educate and provide skin care which is safe and effective for all at affordable prices". Her aim in phase one is to begin the expansion of CIS operations across the country. CIS started its Indian operations on May16, 2006 with its flagship salon in Mumbai at Hiranandani Gardens, Powai.

In today's growth mode and retail boom, it is very easy to think big and have big plans. Franchising and growing seems to be the new trend for all businesses now. But the problem arises when the ideas and plans have to be executed due to lack of systems and infrastructure. That is where the successful global franchising track record of Clara International Salons makes a big difference.

For the first time ever in the skin and beauty industry, a unique opportunity has been proposed by Clara International Salons, where they invite existing salon owners to upgrade their skin section and get involved with an International skin care brand just as they have an option to join hands for international hair brands.

With its established systems, extensively researched products, trained personnel and unique skin care treatment techniques, a Clara International Salon franchisee gets to reap the benefits of expansion at a much faster pace as the franchisee is given support at every step. Having won the "International Franchisor of the Year 2006" award in Malaysia proves it all.

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