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Sep, 01 2006

Dr. Maths goes national, to open 100 centres

Developed after rigorous research of the best teaching content, methodologies and tools, and currently running three successful centres in Gurgaon, Noida and Meerut, Dr. Maths is the first after-school learning centre focusing solely on inculcating mathem

The center directors (franchisees) are young educated women, who, while being professional achievers, maintain a balance in their personal lives. The company claims that each of Dr. Maths' centres achieved financial breakthrough within three months of start-up. The business offers attractive financial returns with a full payback of investment in two years and an annual return on investment of 70 to 100 per cent.

In order to replicate its business model, Dr. Maths is now looking for additional franchisees nationwide to open over 100 learning centres in the next two years. The business model is structured to work in metros and smaller towns.

Prospective partners should be educated and enthusiastic women who are interested in working with young children and who share a passion for high quality child education. The project cost for the franchise is under Rs 3 lakh, including franchise fee. Prior to start-up, Dr. Maths provides complete training on all aspects of running a successful learning center, which includes working with the children on the programme, teaching tools, sales and marketing and overall administration of the centre.

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