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Oct, 01 2006

Offering unparalleled experience in every visit

Lakme Beauty Salon - Franchisor : Offering unparalleled experience in every visit

The Franchising World (TFW): How and when did Lakme Beauty Salons (LBS) originate?

Reena Chhabra (RC): Lakme Beauty Salons were established in Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, and Chennai 30 years ago. The culmination of Lakme's service initiatives is seen in the Lakme Beauty Salons, a chain of beauty salons that offer comprehensive beauty services right from makeup, personal grooming to hair styling. In addition, LBS continuously offers customised and seasonal personal care services in sync with Lakme fashion statements that are launched every season.

TFW: Is franchising a successful model for expansion? How has it helped in the growth of LBSs?\

RC: Yes, definitely. The salon business is estimated at Rs1,550 crore approximately, and is growing at an extremely fast pace. The highest growth has been witnessed in the branded segment at a growth rate of 31 per cent. The business prospects of the market are extremely promising. The franchisee-based LBS chain has met with great success. We are focusing on expanding our business through the franchise model. Lakme Beauty Salon is inviting requests from prospective franchisees.

TFW: How many franchisees does LBS have at present and what is the next one year's projection?

RC: The expansion drive started five years ago and we now have over 91 salons spread over 38 cities across India. The LBSs plan to expand aggressively by the end of the year, adding another 20 salons. Our main focus immediately is on Mumbai, New Delhi, Baroda, Kolkata, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Cochin, Hyderabad, Nagpur, Jodhpur, Agra, Faridabad and Pune.

TFW: What is the USP of your franchising system?

RC: LBS provides brand saliency that customers associate with a trusted brand like Lakme, and promises a high rate of return on investment to all the associated franchisees. LBS not only takes training initiatives to guide the staff on the latest trends and techniques available in the beauty industry, but also introduces Lakme's fashion statement for the season that are showcased at Lakme India Fashion Week.

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