Dr. Yogesh Bhatia: MD & CEO, LML Electric
Dr. Yogesh Bhatia
MD & CEO, LML Emotion

From humble beginnings to leading an electric revolution, the awe-inspiring journey of Dr Yogesh Bhatia, Managing Director & CEO, LML Emotion makes a script for a timeless adulation. A true leader has the inherent ability to continue his path of commitment and achievement irrespective of the challenges which may mar his vision and passion to deliver consistently. The fiery spirit of never giving up has been one of the most remarkable traits of Dr Yogesh Bhatia who has embraced and overcome several hindrances and built successful businesses throughout his journey of being an entrepreneur par excellence.

The year 2021 saw Dr Bhatia take up the mantle of a visionary by acquiring LML, one of India's most loved automobile companies. This is his words was a move that has the potential of ushering in a golden era of sustainable, clean, futuristic mobility solutions. He has a real ambition of redefining the personal mobility category with global innovations and engineering in the Electric Mobility space and given his pedigree and passion, he is already charging ahead by roping in global e-mobility experts, industry veterans, as well as strategic partners in manufacturing and R&D. Which is why he’s fondly referred as an Entrepreneur, Visionary and Doer. As per his foresight, the auto sector is rapidly evolving and transitioning into electric and the time is just right to build new category codes which are based on relevant, innovative and futuristic solutions. His passion to resurrect the LML brand in a new “Electric Avataar” is a bold yet very relevant one. In his words - “The consumer is ready for a revolution which will be led by not just electric vehicles, but Empowered Mobility Solutions”

His amazing ability to identify gaps and turn them into opportunities is something that is not unfamiliar to him. In the year 2015-16, he rightly identified the untapped opportunity of connecting with over 40 crores of Indians who though aspired to but couldn’t afford a mobile mobile phone! Under his visionary leadership, S.G. Group acquired Detel in 2016 and launched the world's most economical feature phone at just Rs 299 which was an astounding success and Detel went on to create history on the global stage, though what was even more celebrated is the sentimental marketing campaign “LO KARLO BAAT” which instantly connected with the market.

Dr Bhatia also holds the unique distinction of launching Escotel Telecom’s first SIM card at an early age of 21 which he swiftly and successfully followed up with the launch of Nokia's first handset at a time where most industry experts thought was much ahead of its time, though his move paid off handsomely within four years in 2003 by capturing over 91 per cent market share in the region. Another classic example of an early mover advantage came in with the launch of Tata's first prepaid handset in 2004, which too was a significant success, no wonder Dr Bhatia was often referred to as the driving force behind the growth of CDMA and GSM markets in India during the time, In his words - he often trusts his intuition which is backed by a true belief of optimism and an undying passion for success.

He feels no action can be successful if you don’t have a vision and will to make it work. His continuous contributions and success in various industries despite all the challenges truly make him a man of all seasons with deep entrepreneurial insights and a fearless attitude which is inspirational for millions across India and the world!

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