Food & Restaurant Pavilion
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Food & Beverage is one of the largest industries in the world. Strike a delicious chord with the best names in the gastronomic industry. Become a proud franchise owner and enjoy the best platter of fortune

    The Quick-Services restaurants QSR) sector in India is currently growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 25%. In the QSR business model, there are no unnecessary investments in making interior decorations, sitting arrangements
  • parking spaces. The business entirely focuses on the quality of food and serving the customers. Getting staff is also cheap and easy, as the chef does not have to be an H-school graduate or well trained.
  • Owning a QSR Franchise in the given conditions is one of the smartest options for investors who can enjoy a rate of return of 4–5x on average.
  • CLOUD KITCHENS & DELIVERY FRANCHISE It started with the metro cities, which saw a paradigm shift with the rise of online food ordering platforms like Swiggy and Zoamto and now it has become a craze in the Indian Heartland. Not only many new brands are emerging in the Cloud Kitchen Space. but also popular restaurants have been opening cloud kitchens and leveraging their deliveries through online delivery partners.
    It was mainly because setting up a cloud kitchen involved less investment and it could be opened at non-prime locations which are substantially rent-saving. With the pandemic enhancing the cloud kitchen sales, taking up a franchise of a wellestablished kitchen brand can be explored at Franchise India 2023
  • Restaurant, QSR’s, Bars & lounge
  • Food & Bevrages brands/FMCG Brands
  • Institutional Suppliers
  • Technology co’s/ restaurant apps/POS Systems/Payments
  • Food delivery co’s
  • Food delivery vehicles
  • Bar Restaurant Design Agency
  • Operation, Cleaning & Maintenance Services
  • Opportunity to meet hundreds of new business buyers for brand franchise
  • Expose your retail concepts to new markets, Multi-unit franchisees & investors
  • Existing retail companies seeking to re-franchise their current stores to expand new stores
  • Retail brands wanting to partner with MBO’s and identifying new distributors
  • Brands looking to identify new locations & new channels of trade
  • Indian retail brands looking for overseas expansion
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  • Franchise Pavilion
    Ignite the boss in you and kick-start your dream career as a franchise owner. Explore the limitless opportunities as the market is hot again with newer, bigger, and brighter opportunities.
    • Mega Brands
    • Beauty, Healthcare & Wellness
    • Education/Edtech
    • Speciality Service
  • Food & Restaurant Pavilion
    Strike a delicious chord with the best names in the gastronomic industry. Become a proud franchise owner and enjoy the best platter of fortune.
    • Restaurant, QSR’s, Bars & lounge
    • Food & Bevrages brands/FMCG Brands
    • Institutional Suppliers
    • Technology co's/ restaurant apps/POS
  • India EV & Auto Pavilion
    The future is EV and you have chosen the right way- EV way. Be known as an EV partner of big names in India and gear up for success.
    • Electric Vehicles Manufacturers
    • Charging solution Provider
    • Battery Management Systems
  • Brand Licensing Pavilion
    Come where the best of licensors and merchandisers meet and explore lucrative business opportunities. Network with reliable business partners and aim for big.
    • Corporate - Fashion and lifestyle, FMCG, Media and Publishing, Automobile, Gaming Brands
    • Character and Entertainment Brands
  • Dealer India Pavilion
    Hit a six with Dealer distributor business opportunity. Make an impact with your business skills in the dealer and distribution segment. Come and supply your products to every nook and corner of the Globe.
    • Food & Agro Products
    • Beauty & Wellness product manufacturers
    • Building & Construction solutions
    • Education Products suppliers
  • Startup India Pavilion
    The road to success is full of entrepreneurial ventures. Behold the glimpses of the best entrepreneurial practices in the country and be inspired.
    • Financial Institutions & Banks for institutional tie-ups & funding
    • Private equity/ venture funds
    • Funding companies which provides financial support to Startups.
  • International Pavilion
    Why settle for home when your business can cross the borders? Network with International Franchise houses and propel your business to newer horizons.
    • Global franchise & retail companies looking for master franchisee or area representatives
    • Product companies looking to find distributors and dealers in India
  • Retail Real Estate
    Take your future to a towering success by partnering with a retail & franchise brands. Get insights on the retail market and best policies right now.
    • International retailers, importers, manufacturers, local manufacturers
    • Retail real estate consulting companies
    • Building & Construction product providers
  • E-commerce & D2C Pavilion
    India’s retail segment is up for a ravishing future. With the flourishing ecom and global retail brands turning the heads of everyone, it is the right moment to become a partner of a prospering retail brand.
    • Mega Brands
    • International retailers, importers, manufacturers, local manufacturers
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Franchise India Expo 2023
  • 15 | 16 JULY, 2023 PRAGATI MAIDAN
    New Delhi, India
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