Sonakshi Singh, Vice President - Product Sales, Me-Grow
Sonakshi Singh
Vice President - Product Sales, Me-Grow

Sonakshi is a market research professional with 16+ years of industry experience. She is highly skilled in decoding consumer insights, quantitative research, business strategy, story-telling & people management. Her expertise lies in areas of strategic research like U&A, segmentation, pricing, communication etc.
At Me-Grow, she will be spearheading the country wide sales of the entire product suite under Avidestal Technologies. She will also be contributing in the further development & finetuning of the products to suit the needs of the Indian market. She has worked extensively across industries like F&B, Personal Care Products, BFSI, Retail, Fashion, Social Research etc.In her previous work stint with Hansa Research, she was heading their business in South India alongside various international assignments. There she also handled various prestigious studies for Niti Ayog & KPMG whose findings got incorporated in the 15th financial commission.
She is the winner of the Best Developmental Research award in MRSI Golden Key Awards in 2020. She has also been one of the finalists for the Best Team & Best Storytelling award in MRSI Golden Key Awards in 2019 &2021 respectively.

Franchise India Expo 2023
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