Shivam Rao: Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer, Trinity Gaming India
Shivam Rao
Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer, Trinity Gaming India

They advised him to "Follow your passion," and he did so earnestly. Shivam Rao, a lifelong enthusiast of video games, transformed his hobby into a profession and is now the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer at Trinity Gaming India, a gaming and esports marketing company established in 2019.

Shivam is a graduate of Northcap University, Gurgaon, Haryana. He has five years of expertise in the professional field and has previously worked closely with robotics and process automation for one of the global giants known as Volkswagen. He is an experienced talent manager with a track record of attempting to establish esports and gaming as financially rewarding professions in the new India. He strongly believes in the power of Creativity and works on expanding his imagination to power the young minds who are seeking gaming as a serious profession in this era. He became passionate about fortifying the foundation of the Indian streaming scene.

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