Piyush Bhartiya, Co-Founder, AdmitKard
Piyush Bhartiya
Co-Founder, AdmitKard

Piyush Bhartiya, blending his deep engineering expertise from IIT Roorkee with strategic business acumen from IIM Bangalore, stands as a beacon of innovation in the edtech landscape with AdmitKard. His experience at leading firms like Schlumberger and the Boston Consulting Group has equipped him with the ability to tackle diverse challenges, enriching his entrepreneurial journey. At AdmitKard, Piyush harnesses his passion for education and his extensive professional knowledge to streamline the overseas education application process, ensuring students worldwide have easier access to global learning opportunities. His vision and leadership are instrumental in driving AdmitKard's mission to democratize education, making him a key figure in transforming how students plan their educational journeys.

Franchise India Expo 2023
  • 18 | 19 MAY, 2024 YASHOBHOOMI, India International Convention
    and Expo Centre, Delhi, India