Harry Bajaj: Founder, Mobec Innovation Pvt ltd
Harry Bajaj
Founder, Mobec Innovation Pvt ltd

Harry is a serial entrepreneur passionate about solving complex problems in the digital marketing and EV industry. Initially working as a Director of International Business and Strategies at YeahMobi, he became CEO of Axismobi, a digital marketing firm. Inspired by his growth in the digital marketing field, he floated his second entrepreneurial venture and built Mobec.io, an M-CASS green company.

Being a Scholar, Harry has a Master's in Business Administration from Edinburg School Of Business, Heriot-Watt University. Seeing the need for charging stations in India regarding EV charging infrastructure, Harry initiated the launch of Mobec.io.

Franchise India Expo 2023
  • 18 | 19 MAY, 2024 YASHOBHOOMI, India International Convention
    and Expo Centre, Delhi, India