Ayush Lohia: Chief Executive Officer, Lohia Auto Industries (LAI)
Ayush Lohia
Chief Executive Officer, Lohia Auto Industries

Mr. AyushLohia is the CEO of Lohia Auto Industries (LAI), an automobile company that offers green mobility solutions. Lohia Auto Industries is a part of the diversified business conglomerate, Lohia Global, which has business interests in Manufacturing, Exports, Retail, Real Estate, Energy and Automobiles.

Mr. Lohia has around 23 years of experience and almost 12 years in the Auto sector. Before joining Lohia Auto in August 2008, he spent nearly 9 years in different companies of Lohia Global, leading strategic fronts and fostering engagements with brands like Wal-Mart, Tesco, IKEA, Pottery and Barns, Target and others. The initial Years at Designco, a handicraft—export arm of Lohia Global, were of great importance for Ayush in his learning. With his acumen and hard work, the company became the highest export award winning company in metal decorative trade. He has strategically expanded the portfolio of LohiaGlobal by acquiring the stainless steel manufacturing unit, where he roped in an exposure to the production and development of the raw steel. During his association with the stainless steel unit he developed his perspectives about the production and development science.

As CEO at Lohia Auto Industries, Mr. Ayush is leading the team and provides thought leadership, vision, strategy and roadmap to enable LAI's product and business strategies across national and global markets. He leads a team of strategists, R&D, Sales, services, marketing, and business development managers who work closely with the brand, dealers, vendors and agencies to ensure optimal delivery of consumer experiences across the company’s pallet of offerings. He has built a strong portfolio of products, strategically positioned at different segments, which provides Lohia Auto Industries, an opportunity to touch a larger base of customers.

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