Anil Nagar, Founder and CEO, Adda247
Anil Nagar
Founder and CEO, Adda247

Anil Nagar is the Founder and CEO of Adda247, an esteemed online vernacular learning platform in India, dedicated to serving the educational needs of over 80 million students and aspirants across the nation. Under his exceptional leadership, Adda247 has evolved into the largest and most rapidly growing multilingual educational technology platform in the country. It specializes in the K-12 segment, government job preparations, NEET/JEE and various other competitive exams.
Anil, at the helm, drives Adda247's mission to make quality education accessible to all by expanding its presence across the diverse linguistic landscape of India, eliminating barriers in learning.
Originating from a rural background with limited access to educational resources and quality learning, Anil's brilliance became evident from the outset. He secured admission to the prestigious IIT-BHU, where he pursued a B.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering. Subsequently, he completed an MBA in Marketing and Finance from the Goa Institute of Management.

Franchise India Expo 2023
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