Akshit Bansal: Founder, Statiq
Akshit Bansal
Founder, Statiq

As the Co-Founder of Statiq, Akshit brings his knowledge of electrical engineering to the fore and has taken charge of the hardware part of the start-up building chargers for EVs. He is also actively engaged in amplifying the core competence of the start-up as a "tech-first"” start-up. He is experienced in Electrical Engineering, running a business, developing and implementing multiple strategies to enhance the operations of his start-up, including the aspects of information dissemination and human resources.

He has worked with various corporations like Deloitte and during his tenure has intermingled with myriad cultures. This along with his in-depth knowledge of engineering and passion for environmental conservation make him an informed entrepreneur.
He has a degree in Electrical Engineering from Manipal University and his skills for information dissemination, team management, and effective collaboration with stakeholders are assets for Statiq to achieve greater prominence in the EV ecosystem. His inclination for engineering coupled with his dedication to bringing about a swift transition in the Indian Automotive Industry towards EVs has been the driving force behind Statiq which has pushed him to work and strive optimally at all fronts.

Franchise India Expo 2023
  • 15 | 16 JULY, 2023 Hall No. 5, Pragati Maidan
    New Delhi, India