Abhishek Mitra: Director, Ahoy Bikes
Abhishek Mitra
Director, Ahoy Bikes

Abhishek Mitra is an accomplished entrepreneur, author, and the proud owner of a leading bicycle company called "Ahoy Bikes." With an unwavering passion for cycling and a deep understanding of the industry, Abhishek has successfully built Ahoy into a renowned brand known for its high-quality bicycles and exceptional customer service.

Abhishek Mitra's journey in the bicycle industry began over 5 years ago. Through hard work, dedication, and a desire to create something exceptional, he quickly built the company, gaining valuable experience in all aspects of the business. Over time, he has developed a keen eye for identifying market trends, understanding customer needs, and establishing strong supplier relationships.

Ahoy Bikes was born out of the vision to create a bicycle company that would cater to riders of all levels, from kids to casual commuters or professional athletes. The company specializes in designing, manufacturing, and distributing a wide range of bicycles, including kid’s bikes, road bikes, mountain bikes, and city bikes. Each Ahoy Bikes bicycle is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, using cutting-edge materials and technology to ensure optimal performance, durability, and rider comfort.

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