About Us:

Body power Nutrition is a popular Sports & Nutrition brand in India.

Body power Nutrition is a popular Sports & Nutrition brand in India.


We are constantly adding Sports & Nutrition stores in your neighborhood,including stores where you can find ultimate products and heath and fitness services.


We are pleased to introduce our self as a sole brand of an exciting & Innovative line of nutritional products manufactured by worlds most trusted and authenticated nutrition companies with GMP, NSF,and FSSAI certified products.Bodypower Nutrition continually raises the bar in the development of the most powerful,safest-supplements in the India.Bodypower Nutrition is built on a foundation of quality, innovation and value all designed for the benefit and service of the customers. Bodypower Nutrition actually delivers the real products that provide Results!In today’s world every action is judged by a person’s performance.Performance at the workplace, at school, at home and without doubt sports arena.


An athlete is always on a quest for a better performance. But this is not confined to only Olympic athletes. You can see it in children in sports field and a person working out in the gym. Anywhere you look around today, there is someone exercising all over the world the awareness about the need for fitness and exercise is ever increasing. Be it in competition or leisure sports activities, scientists today are recognizing the need for performance nutrition to fuel people during their activities.


Bodypower Nutrition is India’s pioneer in Sports and Performance Nutrition.Since 2012, Bodypower Nutrition is helping Sports players, Endurance athletes, Professional Body Builders and Fitness Enthusiasts, Models to reach their fitness and peak performance goals via diet, and sports nutrition.


We distribute innovative, technology, patented series of nutrition products like proteins, gainers, fat loss products, pre and post workout products, vitamins etc and gym accessories and organizers of training programs workshops on nutrition, fitness, lifestyle, physiotherapy and ergonomics.


Our Goal is to provide world’s best manufactured Nutritional Supplements, sports Fitness accessories, knowledge to Indian people. We don’t Compromise on the Quality of the Products and service yet we distribute the Worlds best brands which meets high Quality Standards directly from the manufacturers house rather than third party manufacturer. One thing that has remained constant in our journey is our love for what we do and our focus on delivering products of

quality at extremely competitive prices.