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‘Technology is fundamental to our growth and expansion’

Parina Sood, TFW Bureau
Parina Sood, TFW Bureau Jul 01, 2024 - 4 min read
‘Technology is fundamental to our growth and expansion’ image
Vaibhav Kaushish, COO, Stellar Concepts (Chili's master franchisee) sheds light on the role of technology in the growth and expansion of the company and how the restaurant industry is undergoing a change.

Q:Tell us a little about Stellar Concepts.
Stellar Concepts Pvt. Ltd. is a leading retail F&B company, managing brands such
as Chili's Grill & Bar, Cinnabon, Auntie Anne's and It's Just Wings under its associate,
Trimex Foods Pvt. Ltd., and PAUL under Cogent Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. The company
boasts over 1400 employees, robust corporate and dedicated operations teams, a
solid vendor base, and an extensive logistics network. Currently, it operates around
50 restaurants across more than 20 cities in India.Stellar made its International
debut with market entry into Sri Lanka, opening the first ever Chilli’s restaurant in
Colombo, in September 2020. Stellar is solely responsible for the growth of Chili’s
across India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.
Trimex Foods Pvt. Ltd. a subsidiary of Stellar Concepts Pvt. Ltd. formed in 2023, is a
merged group which will be responsible in the growth of the company. The company
currently owns and operates 20+ Chili's outlets in India and Sri Lanka, and plans to
add 10 outlets in this financial year.

Q: Does Chili’s sub franchise further? What are the expansion plans of Stellar
Concepts for FY25?
All our outlets are operated by Stellar; we do not offer sub-franchises. By 2024-
25, Stellar plans to open 10 new restaurants across India.

Q: Any plans to raise funds for future expansion?
It's our mission to go public, and we aim to achieve it within the next five years.

Q: How have you integrated technology for your brand’s growth and
Integrating technology into our brand's growth and expansion has been
fundamental to our success in the dynamic F&B industry. Recognizing the
transformative potential of technology, we've strategically employed various digital
tools and platforms across our restaurants to enhance every aspect of our

First and foremost, we've embraced online ordering and delivery platforms,
recognizing the growing trend of customers preferring the convenience of ordering
from the comfort of their homes. By partnering with leading delivery services and
optimizing our online ordering systems, we've expanded our reach and catered to a
wider audience base.
Moreover, we've utilized data analytics to understand customer preferences and
behaviour, enabling us to offer tailored suggestions and enhance customer
experiences. Through sophisticated algorithms, we analyze customer data to identify
trends and optimize our menu offerings accordingly.
In addition to front-end technologies, we've also invested in backend systems to
streamline operations and improve efficiency. From digital billing systems to virtual
menus, our restaurants are equipped with state-of-the-art software solutions that
facilitate smooth transactions and optimize inventory management.

Furthermore, automation plays a pivotal role in our expansion strategy. By
automating repetitive tasks and implementing smart kitchen solutions, we've
minimized manual errors and maximized productivity. Whether it's automating order
processing or optimizing food preparation processes, we've embraced automation to
streamline operations and ensure consistent quality across all our outlets.
As we continue on our growth trajectory, technology remains at the forefront of our
strategy. We regularly evaluate emerging technologies and trends to stay ahead of
the curve and deliver unparalleled experiences to our customers. By integrating
technology seamlessly into our operations, we're not only driving growth but also
setting new standards of excellence in the F&B industry.

Q: How has the F&B industry evolved over the years and how to do think it will
shape up in the future?
The F&B industry is significantly more organized now compared to a few years
ago. It's encouraging to see F&B brands that people love and trust, achieving
successful brand positioning. Many global players have entered international
markets, reflecting a greater acceptance of diverse global palates.

Q: How important has been the business model of franchising in F&B industry?
How do you envisage it in the future?
The franchising model has played a vital role in the F&B industry, facilitating
rapid expansion, risk mitigation, and operational consistency. Looking ahead, it is
poised for further growth and evolution, with technology integration, global
expansion, sustainability focus, and diversification of concepts driving future trends.

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 Most elite F&B brand – Bukhara
 An F&B brand for the masses – Chili’s Grill & Bar

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