E-commerce and D2C Pavilion at Franchise India Expo 2023 - Discover Online Business Opportunities
E-Commerce & D2C Pavilion
Exhibit - Partner. Grow. Expand.

E-commerce has been one of the fastest growing industries and is predicted to make it the world’s second biggest market by 2034. E-commerce has transformed the way business is done in India. In 2023, the Indian e-commerce market is predicted to increase by 21.5%, reaching USD 74.8 Billion. India’s e-commerce market is expected to reach USD 111 Billion by 2024 and USD 200 Billion by 2026. Much of the growth for the industry has been triggered by an increase in internet and smartphone penetration.

    Digital Commerce is the gamechanger for Brands. The tectonic shift in the retail landscape is helping Retail and eCommerce brands to strengthen their core and develop new capabilities in omnichannel, data analytics, and personalization. This has created new opportunities in Retail franchising for companies, who are trying to up the game with Micro-Fulfillment by integrating convenience and value across channels with local franchise partners.
  • D2C
    What makes D2C business a preferred Business Model so much so that even established FMCG brands are gravitating towards it? Higher margins and the opportunity to increase sales quickly are not just the big benefits of the D2C strategy, rather it is going from digital to physical channels that change the game. With the onset of Open Network Digital Commerce (ONDC) Small and Medium, D2C Brands will have massive expansion opportunitie

  • Mega Brands
  • International retailers, importers, manufacturers, local manufacturers
  • Brands and local retailers seeking distribution opportunity through Retail, eRetail and D2C
  • Hyper Marts, MBO’s, Retail Real Estate Developers
  • Futuristic Smart Retail and Omni channel technologies
  • Payment Solutions
  • Supply Chain and Logistics Brands
  • Key Decision Makers and Investors
  • Retailers looking for New Brand associations
  • Top Leadership of Big Retail Real Estate Enterprises
  • Retail, eRetail & D2C Startup Founders
  • Retail Community across Management Level
  • Franchise Pavilion
    Ignite the boss in you and kick-start your dream career as a franchise owner. Explore the limitless opportunities as the market is hot again with newer, bigger, and brighter opportunities.
    • Mega Brands
    • Beauty, Healthcare & Wellness
    • Education/Edtech
    • Speciality Service
    • Jewellery Franchise
  • Food & Restaurant Pavilion
    Strike a delicious chord with the best names in the gastronomic industry. Become a proud franchise owner and enjoy the best platter of fortune.
    • Restaurant, QSR’s, Bars & lounge
    • Food & Bevrages brands/FMCG Brands
    • Institutional Suppliers
    • Food delivery co’s
    • Food delivery vehicles
  • India EV & Auto Pavilion
    The future is EV and you have chosen the right way- EV way. Be known as an EV partner of big names in India and gear up for success.
    • Electric Vehicles Manufacturers
    • Charging Solution Provider
    • Battery Management Systems
    • EV component manufacturers
    • Connected mobility solutions
  • Brand Licensing Pavilion
    Come where the best of licensors and merchandisers meet and explore lucrative business opportunities. Network with reliable business partners and aim for big.
    • Corporate - Fashion and lifestyle, FMCG,Media and Publishing, Automobile, Gaming Brands
    • Character and Entertainment Brands
    • Sports - Clubs, Teams, Leagues and Tournaments, Sports celebrity, Sports labels
  • Dealer India Pavilion
    Hit a six with Dealer distributor business opportunity. Make an impact with your business skills in the dealer and distribution segment. Come and supply your products to every nook and corner of the Globe.
    • Food & Agro Products
    • Beauty & Wellness product manufacturers
    • Education Products suppliers
    • Home Supplies
    • Electronic & Electricals Systems
  • Startup India Pavilion
    The road to success is full of entrepreneurial ventures. Behold the glimpses of the best entrepreneurial practices in the country and be inspired.
    • Private equity/ venture funds
    • Financial Institutions & Banks for institutional tie-ups & funding
    • Funding companies which provides financial support to Startups.
    • MARCOM & HR solution providers
    • Trade bodies, Legal & tax consultants
  • International Pavilion
    Why settle for home when your business can cross the borders? Network with International Franchise houses and propel your business to newer horizons.
    • Global franchise & retail companies looking for master franchisee or area representatives
    • Product companies looking to find distributors and dealers in India
    • International master franchisees looking for a multi-unit franchise partners for expansion
    • Consulting companies looking to network with Indian Brands
  • Retail Real Estate
    Take your future to a towering success by partnering with a retail & franchise brands. Get insights on the retail market and best policies right now.
    • Commercial real estate Developers
    • Retail real estate consulting companies
    • Building & Construction product providers
    • Construction & development companies
    • Real estate brokerage firms
  • E-commerce & D2C Pavilion
    India’s retail segment is up for a ravishing future. With the flourishing ecom and global retail brands turning the heads of everyone, it is the right moment to become a partner of a prospering retail brand.
    • Mega Brands
    • International retailers, importers, manufacturers, local manufacturers
    • brands & local retailers seeking distribution opportunity through Retail, eRetail & D2C
    • Payment Solutions
    • Supply chain & Logistics Brands
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Franchise India Expo 2023
  • 15 | 16 JULY, 2023 PRAGATI MAIDAN
    Mumbai, India
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