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As India Progresses on Its Growth Path, Healthcare Constitutes an Important Aspect of the Country’s Development
By Sneha Santra 2018-08-07
With the advancement in technology, the healthcare industry is experiencing the power of IoMT.
By Rajesh Maurya 2017-11-20
Bringing a change through innovations in the healthcare sector is the need of the hour.
By Chander Shekhar Sibal 2017-10-28
In an exclusive interview with Franchise India, Abhilash K Ramesh, Executive Director, Kairali Ayurvedic Group talks about new emerging markets.
By Joyshree Saha 2016-05-16
When put in the pretext of organised retail, the yoga segment is still fragmented. In an exclusive interview, Yashwant Saran, Founder & M.D, 136.1 Yoga elaborates...
By Utpala Ghosh 2016-05-05
To cater to the rising multi-faceted demands in the healthcare services Sky Healers, a complete OPD service provider recently announced its expansion through franchise route. Dr Chakrapani Bhardwaj,..
By Ramanjit Kaur 2009-11-13
John Keats once said: A thing of beauty is a joy forever. Surely, Ayurveda is bringing both joy and beauty to mankind. As per studies, currently, the ayurveda industry in India has an annual turnover of Rs 10,000 crore.

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