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Having the honour of addressing the aspiring franchisors and master franchisees at Franchise India 2009 Knowledge Series conference, I was asked to share my views on the importance of building and maintaining franchise relationship.
By Dawn Stallwood 2009-12-18
Mall Culture is in, but with the fierce competition in the market franchisors and franchisees must do a research on the location, culture, taste and demography before taking up a space in the desired mall. The article enlightens on how malls are one of t
By Pallavi Majha 2009-12-15
Entrepreneurs jump into the franchising business hoping to gain profits. But most of them take this procedure for granted without much evaluation, thus leading to its failure. Below are a few points which a franchisee can keep in mind before investing in
By Abha Garyali 2009-11-18
Limited financial resources can restrict you from fulfilling your entrepreneurial dreams. Making arrangements for finances is not a problem if you are aware of the sources available. Read below to know more
By Ramanjit Kaur 2009-11-14
Having a firm believe that India is going to be one of the biggest markets in franchising. Venus Barak, Vice-President, Francorp enlightens the benefits of taking up a franchise around the festive season as a lucrative idea
By 34 2010-02-05

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