franchising in beauty industry
Men’s grooming market has been growing large with each passing day due to the increase in awareness and availability of high amount of disposable income.
By Tanvi Jetly 2017-11-29
Being a global beauty brand puts a lot of responsibility of not just providing the best products but also the best for the society.
By Tanvi Jetly 2017-11-03
As time is progressing, the shift and change in the world of beauty is making a lot of significance.
By Tanvi Jetly 2017-10-28
With the booming of the beauty industry, franchising has led to the spread of unisex salons across the nation. In an era where beauty is marked by external features, the concept of unisex salons has..
By Ramanjit Kaur 2010-01-08
Looking gorgeous is no more the exclusive domain of the fairer sex. Men have equally become conscious about their looks. The emergence of organised players and their quick expansion via franchising has led to the evolution of the beauty industry in its ne
By Abha Garyali 2012-02-13

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