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franchising in ayurveda sector
The Ayurveda industry is taking all the right steps to stop the every expanding rate of diabetics among the Indian population.
By Ram N. Kumar 2018-01-04
In the Ayurveda industry, gaining the trust of consumers is very crucial.
By Tanvi Jetly 2017-11-01
Today, both slimming and ayurveda industry in India has witnessed a remarkable transformation. In last decade or so, both businesses have emerged as the new growth frontier for beauty business in India.
By Joyshree Saha 2016-05-18
Ayurveda is gaining grounds all over because of its holistic treatment methods. Shathayu Ayurveda promises to give both economic and effective health solutions to the masses through franchising. In..
By Ramanjit Kaur 2010-01-14