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A trusted name in every Indian household, Bata is often ‘perceived’ as an Indian brand although it has its roots in Europe. In this interview, Sandeep Kataria, CEO, Bata India, shares details about the company’s ambitious expansion plans
By Francast Report 2019-11-25
With India set to become the third-largest consumer market, consumer spending in India is expected to grow from USD 1.5 trillion at present to nearly USD 6 trillion by 2030. Here are the 10 most active franchise markets in India.
By Francast Report 2019-11-20
While South and West India lead with highest franchise employment and output growth, here is the list of top-10 states leading the franchise scenario in India.
By Francast Report 2019-11-19
With India being home to the world’s largest millennial population, preferences for food, health, fashion and other lifestyle modes are in a state of huge flux, reflected through new sectors that are now emerging on the forefront.
By Francast Report 2019-11-19
Given the current economic downturn that is leading to an acute situation of rising unemployment, an increasing number of people are likely to turn to low-cost franchising opportunities
By Francast Report 2019-11-16
With its majority of population in the young age bracket, many of whom being in favor of entrepreneurship, India is witnessing a surge of franchising deals
By Francast Report 2019-11-16
India is unique in terms of its large consumer base which is open to experiment with new ideas, thus proving to be a fertile ground for the franchising sector
By Francast Report 2019-11-15

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