cloud kitchen
Here you would explore why the dark kitchen franchise is viable for someone who wishes to venture into the restaurant industry.
By Vaishnavi Gupta 2020-04-03
A restaurant-model with no storefront, not tables and chairs, no diners at all – dark kitchen is one of a kind business model that is shaking up the entire restaurant industry with its low-investment structure.
By Nikita Arya 2019-08-05
According to industry experts, clouds kitchens are exceedingly successful because they take the brands to where customers are, instead of making customers reach out to brands.
By Shwetha Satyanarayan 2019-07-05
Even existing restaurants and QSR chains are now venturing into having cloud kitchens because of its operational efficiency and low starting up costs.
By Nikita Arya 2019-06-18

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