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Hotline: 1800 102 2007
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Education is the most important venture as it directly plunks on the overall development of a child and his upbringing in the society. Here is an insight to run preschools successfully while maintaining high quality standards at multiple locations.
By Prajodh Rajan 2016-04-06
What is underreporting? If you have to ask, being a franchisee, you are probably not doing it. But, then again, maybe you are; unwittingly. In its simplest incarnation, franchisee underreporting occurs when a franchisee reports less income or sales to his
By Jeffrey M. Goldstein 2010-04-16
I believe it is important to have a dream, because that is the starting point. Then go ahead and realise the magic of your dreams through focused determination, a crusader’s zeal and hard work. I never believed in destiny. I believe you can make your ow
By Shahnaz Husain 2010-03-08
Franchising is meant for the people who want to expand and reach to the masses through their business. Though it is quite interesting to share your successful business expertise with other but it needs lot of caution
By Major K V Rajan 2009-09-22

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