Start Your Own Restaurant

Cost of book:
  • India: Rs. 495
  • Overseas: USD 50

In the tradition of self-help this book helps you understand how to start your own restaurant business. It answers all the important questions you need to ask before starting: What type of restaurant do you want to start? How to prepare a business plan? How to get finance? How important is location? What are the licenses and permits needed? How to create an attractive menu? How to create 'wow'? How to build a brand that the customers look for? How to promote and market? How to expand the business?

Start Your Own Restaurant will

  • Take you closer to realising your dream and give you a realistic picture of the restaurant industry in India.
  • Give you a clear view of the many challenges you will face as you to start your own restaurant.
  • Address many of the situations that make running a restaurant exciting and yet unpredictable.
    Planning Your Restaurant
    Laying the Foundation
    Launching Your Restaurant
    Becoming Growth Ready
    The Growth Path

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