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Indian Salon Report 2014

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'Indian Salon Report 2014' is a pioneer effort of Franchise India to bring forth the industry analysis and trends, consumer perspectives, revenue streams and growth enablers, together contributing to the future of the industry. Every attempt has been made to make this report exhaustive, covering every aspect of the industry.

Salons have become an integral part of Indian consumers, who are regularly visiting Salons for makeover services. As well, the emergence of new concepts, equipment and technology has taken the Indian Salon Industry to new heights, making it an industry worth USD 2.6 Billion. Presently, the industry is growing at 30 per cent and promises to show improvements in its growth rate.

We have conducted an extensive survey for a deeper understanding of the industry. The survey results appear positive and indicate towards growth in consumption in the coming years. The research conducted on the beauty services patterns among the urban Indians reveals that the frequency of visits to their choice of salon has increased over the past year, which is influenced to a greater extent by the 'look-gracious' propaganda. The research also identifies that 61 per cent males and 54 per cent females are visiting a salon on a monthly basis and more than 60 per cent the respondents are spending between INR 1,000-2,000 on beauty services. Another wing of consumers - the brides - spends INR 10,000-15000 (79 per cent) on their pre-bridal and 60 per cent prefer to go to their regular salons.

The key players in the industry are wooing the consumers by providing - Convenience, Effective solutions, Styles and Fashion, Exclusivity and Consumer Delight. Also, the players are introducing different concepts of businesses, where they are setting-up single service salons, integration of services, providing private label products, etc. All these efforts are shaping the overall landscape of the industry.

Glancing towards the business expansion, franchise route continues to be the best. This route helps the brand enter into new markets rapidly. Hundreds of Salon and Spa brands have strategised their growth plan via franchise expansion - a win-win situation for both franchisee and the brand. Therefore, the Indian Salon industry has around 23 per cent franchise salons, which will boom to USD 260 Million mark by 2015.

The report also covers the Indian Spa market, which is worth USD 7.2 Billion. Spas, which were considered to be a luxury earlier, have now become part of people's lifestyle. People are increasingly visiting Spas to rejuvenate their mind, body and soul.

Finally, through the case studies' section the report provides a particular brand's growth story and business strategies.

    The growth curve of the Indian Salon Industry is rising high every year. Thanks to the modern infrastructure which has taken the industry to an international level and an ever increasing urge of consumers to look good, Indian salons have and are still evolving at the rate of 30 per cent - from an unstructured market to a more comprehensive ecosystem.
    The "connect" between the consumer and the industry players plays a key role in the success of any salon or spa. The salon must understand the consumption pattern, consumer's need and demand, price sensitivity, and other factors which determine future strategy - expansion, price and promotion of any brand.
    Brimming with new innovation and valid modification, the two foremost reasons behind the balancing of industry's eco-system, the Salon Industry is advancing toward growth. Few brands are opting for PE funds, many brands are now seeking franchise route for their expansion while a few are seen collaborating with beauty product brands.
    The Indian Spa Industry has transformed from where it was initially and has grown into a visible segment. The industry players are now investing their time and resources to make their Spa division - an Exotic Destination Spa!
    The case study section takes a look at the turnaround stories of the Indian Salon players - covering their growth story, strategies, people policy, challenges, milestones and many more aspects which make them prominent in the industry.
    A business plan is the first step towards becoming an entrepreneur. In this section we have framed the key business and financial aspects required to start a Salon in India.

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