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Indian Salon Report 2012

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'Indian Salon Report 2012', is a pioneering effort on the part of Franchise India Holdings Limited to bring to the forefront the changing consumption pattern, leading to a paradigm shift in the beauty services ecosystem. There has always been a distinct premium attached to looking and feeling good, the desire to be attractive has never seen a recession, keeping the salon and beauty industry recession proof. Consumers are growing affluent and aspiration driven. With more easily disposable income at hand, they are spending more on how they look. Through an elaborate survey of the urban working population, and detailed industry interaction, Franchise India brings to the forefront the latest report on salon business and consumption. The report reveals that 2012 stands as a year that will lead change through the beauty services business. The growth of the organised section is catapulting the industry towards a greater paradigm shift. Driving this growth wave are big national and international cosmetic companies that have ventured into the salon business and expanded their business boundaries to be a part of the beauty services industry.

The salon industry presently is largely unorganised, and will grow at an average rate of 30 per cent over the next decade. But it will more rapidly move towards becoming organised with the entry of international players and national/international cosmetic companies. Thus, the internal growth rate of the industry (from unorganised to organised will be much faster). The few major trends that have come out, as a result of this detailed research, is the advent, adaptability and fast growth seen in the salon franchising. Franchise salons will stand to cover 25 per cent of the overall organised industry by 2020, and grow to be a Rs 4,500 crore industry. The concept of grooming and beauty is only evolving with time, and hence, it is not surprising that both men and women are seeking the services of beauticians and hair stylists for enhancing their appearances. Indian men are getting more beauty conscious than ever.

Of the male respondents, 53 per cent visit a salon once a month and 20 per cent visit a salon twice a month. Males like their female counterparts are experimenting with the newer beauty services. Around 67 per cent of males make use of services like hair massage and spa. The average monthly spend of majority (40%) of respondents is between Rs 500 - 1,000; and they choose service quality over any other factor, as the major reason for staying loyal to a neighbourhood salon.

Overall, the report aims to incorporate trends in the industry, as well as brings forward a study of the overall consumption, as these are factors governing growth and change around the business format of the salon industry.

  • Chapter 1 : Overriding Beauty Industry (09)
    (I) Global Industry Growth Perspective
    (II) Salon Beauty Industry In India
    (III) Just Cut For the Consumer
    (IV) Wedding Consumption Scaling-Up
  • Chapter 2: Salon Operations- Mastering the Art (19)
    (I) Salon Supplies
    (II) Location Aesthetics
    (III) Training opportunity & The Big Gap
    (IV) New Age marketing for Consumption
  • Chapter 3: Growth Accelerators (27)
    (I) Franchise For Business Growth
    (II) Beauty Schools- Expanding Service
    (III) Private Labels Leading Product
    (IV) Integrating Services: Spa, Salon & More
    (V) The Big Ticket Investors: PE Players
  • Chapter 4: Sprawling Spa Business (35)
  • Case Studies(41)
  • Directory (49)

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