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Indian Restaurant Report 2012

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  • Overseas: USD 225

'Indian Restaurant Report 2012', is a pioneering effort of FICCI-CIFTI & Franchise India Holdings Limited to bring to the forefront the changing consumption pattern, leading to a paradigm shift in the food services ecosystem. The Indian restaurant industry stands at a staggering Rs 75,000 crore mark, eating-out is growing paramount. It has a feel good factor attached to it making the food service industry recession proof. Consumers are growing affluent and aspiration driven. With more easily disposable income at hand, they are spending more on entertainment and leisure, which are the prime focal point for the organized food service industry.

Through an elaborate survey of the urban working population, and detailed industry interaction; Franchise India, brings to the forefront the latest report on the restaurant business and consumption. The report reveals that in over a year's time, an average Indian has started to eat-out twice as much. The growth of the organised section is catapulting the industry towards a greater paradigm shift. Driving this growth wave are big national and international food service companies that have ventured into the restaurant business and expanded their horizon beyond the metros.

The report delivers deep insight into the consumption pattern highlighting, the eating out trends and spending pattern of an average Indian, including a detailed study on the following aspects:

  • Where, what & when do people eat?
  • Meal at work: Growing need for institutional catering
  • Beverages consumption on a high rise
  • Eating at different establishments
  • How do consumers make their choice?

The restaurant industry presently is largely unorganised, and will grow at an average rate of 17 per cent overall in the next decade. But it will more rapidly move towards becoming organised with the entry of international players and national/international food service brands. Thus the internal growth rate of the industry (from unorganised to organised will be much faster). The few major trends that have come out, as a result of this detailed research, is the advent, adaptability and fast growth seen in the restaurant franchising. Food service franchises remain one of the most appealing business concepts for the aspiring entrepreneurs in India. The franchising sector in India is growing at a swift pace of 35 to 40 per cent per annum. The market size of franchising sector is estimated to be Rs 35,000 crore and is likely to reach Rs 80,000 crore by 2013.

Overall the report aims to incorporate trends in the industry, as well as brings forward a study of the overall consumption, as these are factors governing growth and change around the business format of the restaurant industry.

  • Chapter 1: Indian Food Service Economy (09)
    Growth Drivers & Challenges
    Making a Global Comparison
    Advent of Branded Food Service Providers
    Food Service Licensing and Regulations
  • Chapter 2: Eating Out Trends: Consumer Study (19)
    Where, What and When Do People Eat?
    Meal at Work: Wide Band Width of Institutional Catering
    Brewing Beverage Consumption
    Eating at Different Establishments
    How do Consumers Choose?
  • Chapter 3: Market Segment & Analysis (33)
    Fine Dining Restaurants
    QSR and Fast Casual
    Home Delivery
    Grab and Go (Kiosk)
    Food Court
    Transit Food
    Institutional Catering
  • Chapter 4: Encompassing Eco System (51)
  • Chapter 5: Food Franchising & Beyond (59)
    Business Expansion via Franchising
    Joint Venture
    Recruiting Franchisee
  • Chapter 6: Funding Growth: Investment Avenues (69)
  • Case Studies (74)

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